Weird, Clever Things for Your Bathroom & Kitchen That Are Getting Wildly Popular on Amazon

Make these highly-used spaces more functional than ever before.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Sometimes you need a quirky (but super helpful) solution for those overfilled kitchen cabinets or a practical fix to a problem in your bathroom you didn’t even know you had — and that’s exactly where these popular things on Amazon come in. They might seem a bit weird at first, but they’re all so clever that you’ll immediately wonder how you’ve been existing in your home every day without them.

Of course, these clever fixes are getting wildly popular, so it’s a good idea to start scrolling and shopping ASAP.


A Best-Selling Veggie Chopper with Tidy Storage for the Slicers & Graters

This veggie chopper will make you feel like you’re in one of those aesthetic meal prep videos because it slices, chops, and grates everything from tomatoes to Parmesan cheese so quickly. The eight stainless steel blades and graters come with little holders to keep them tidy in your cabinet, and you also get a cleaning fork to handle any veggies that get stuck in this chopper.


This Fan-Favorite Tool to Quickly Cut, Pit & Scoop Your Avocados

This compact avocado slicer might look a bit unique next to your other utensils, but it will be seriously helpful for guac, sandwiches, and avocado toast. This non-slip slicer has three different tools to easily split the fruit, remove the pit, and slice up the inside.


A Waterproof Bath Mat for a Nonslip, Clean & Cushioned Shower Floor

This textured bath mat has a quirky and comfy PVC texture that’s actually waterproof enough to use as a non-slip mat in your shower. This cushioned mat drains easily, and it’s even resistant to soap scum, so it won’t get all gross with dried soap every time you shower.


A Stick-on Toothbrush Holder With a Bunch of Extra Bathroom Storage

This stick-on toothbrush holder will free up a ton of room in your bathroom cabinets because it has a bunch of space for more than just six toothbrushes. It has a secure slot on top for skincare, a hairbrush holder, and even a tidy little drawer on the front. You even get an automatic toothpaste dispenser and magnetic rinsing cups to elevate your brushing routine.


This Foldable Cooling Rack With a Near-Perfect Rating

Despite being 10 inches wide, this cooling rack is great for when that recipe made way more cookies than you planned for, because it has three non-stick tiers — a genius feature that helped it get a 4.8-star rating on Amazon after over 10,000 reviews. When you’re all done with your baking project, you can fold up this cooling rack, so it still only basically take up as much space as one rack.


This Washable Bacon Grease Container That’s so Easy to Use

This grease container holds all of that extra (and super flavorful) bacon grease when you’re done cooking breakfast. It will make cleanup quicker because you can pour hot oil right through the strainer and into the stainless steel container — no need to worry about where you put it after cooking. When you use all of the grease for salad dressings or frying eggs, this container can go in the dishwasher.


A Colorful Clip-on Toilet Night Light With 16,000 Five-Star Reviews

Yes — this is a motion sensor night light that clips onto your toilet, and it’s honestly so much more fun than a boring night light that takes up a bathroom outlet, while being just as functional. It comes with 16 color options (which you can rotate), and because the light only illuminates the bowl, it’s not as bright and harsh as a classic night light.


A Suction Cup Drain Cover for Deeper Bubble Baths

This is the drain cover you need if you love a deep, warm bubble bath moment because it covers up the top drain (the one that prevents you from having a totally full tub). It simply suctions around that annoying drain to give you a few extra inches of warm water in the tub. Of course, there’s a hole on top if you want to refresh your bath with some extra hot water.


A Cat-Shaped Hand Towel to Add Some Pizazz to Your Home

This hand towel is way better than any other decorative kitchen towels because it’s shaped like a cat, and it’s surprisingly absorbent at the same time. The little paws drape right over kitchen or bathroom towel rack, and it even comes with hidden snaps to keep this adorable, hilarious machine-washable towel secure.


These Stick-On Lights to Create an Expensive, Custom-Feeling Mirror

Instead of swapping out your bathroom mirror for an expensive custom LED mirror, grab these stick-on lights. The flexible, 10-foot design makes it easy to outline your mirror, so it looks like these LEDs are built-in. These trimmable lights even have dimmer options to create your perfect getting-ready lighting.


This Silicone Strainer That Snaps on Top of Your Pots, Pans & Bowls

This strainer is made of a flexible silicone material, so you can bend it to fit into your pots, pans, and even mixing bowls. It has two secure clips, so it won’t slide off, all while allowing you to strain with one hand. It has a non-stick finish, so your noodles won’t stick while you drain the pasta water with the no-mess spout.


The Silicone Crab Utensil Holder to Pop on Your Pans or Countertop

This little crab utensil rest won’t take up any space on your counter because it clips on top of your pots and pans, sparing you some mess. The flexible silicone claws will fit all of your favorite cooking utensils — and it doubles as a steam releaser as you simmer sauces and stews. This BPA-free, dishwasher-safe crab is also sturdy enough to stand up on your counter if that’s what you prefer.


A Stylish Glass Kettle With a Handy Built-in Infuser

This chic glass kettle makes brewing your morning tea a one-step chore because it has a loose-leaf tea infuser built-in. The handle will stay cool while you brew up to four cups at once. The borosilicate glass is also durable enough to use on your stove and stick it right in the dishwasher when you finish your tea.


A Bamboo Bathtub Tray With Secure Spots for Every Relaxing Essential

This extendable bamboo tray acts like a handy table while you’re relaxing in a bubble bath, and it even comes with secure slots to hold onto your phone, snacks, wine glass, and more. It even comes with a waterproof holder to prop up your tablet and finish that Netflix series you’re watching.


This Automatic Dispenser to Stick on Your Cold Brew Bottle

This drink dispenser is obviously a go-to for parties, but it’s also perfect for the everyday drinks in your fridge. Stick it in your cold brew bottle, and the automatic design will make it quicker to grab your coffee in the morning. Plus, it fits on your favorite drink bottles, no matter how big the top is.


This Spinning Utensil Holder That Will Stay Fingerprint-Free

This stainless steel utensil holder spins around, so you won’t have to pull all of your spoons out to find a spatula hidden in the back. It also has a removable divider inside if you want to separate all of your graters, wooden spoons, and more. It’s also resistant to fingerprints — no matter how many times you spin in during dinner prep.


This Egg Separator That Looks Adorable in a Kitchen Drawer

This fish-shaped egg separator makes baking or making omelets so much easier because the adorable shape actually separates egg yolks and whites for you. Simply squeeze the silicone design, and this dishwasher-safe tool will grab and hold onto the yolk, so you can drop it in a separate bowl.


A Citrus Spray That Blocks Gross Toilet Odors & More

This is the deodorizing spray that you’ll want to mist not only in your toilet to block unsavory smells but all over your home because the crisp citrus, lemongrass, tea tree, and clove scent. It doesn’t just cover smells but also eliminates them. Unlike other toilet sprays, this one also works on fabrics, so you can tackle your furniture or even spritz the clothes in your closet.


A Salad Chopper to Quickly & Easily Slice Up Your Favorite Greens

This dishwasher-safe and super unique chopper makes it so easy to chop up a bunch of salad greens because you simply rock it back and forth over your kale, romaine, and other veggies. The stainless steel design has two different blades to speed up the process, and it comes with covers for when you’re not prepping salad.


These Narrow Ice Cube Trays to Always Have Water Bottle Ice On-Hand

With these ice cube trays, you’ll always have long and narrow ice in your freezer to add to cocktails or fit in your water bottle. They’re made of flexible silicone to quickly pop them out when you’re rushing to fill up your water bottle before work. This pack also comes with clear lids, so you can easily carry them to the freezer.


A Cult-Favorite Sponge That’s Resistant to Odors

This popular smile-shaped sponge is gentle on delicate surfaces yet tough on grime, making it suitable for nearly any dirty job. The seriously sturdy material is odor- and stain-resistant, so you can keep one around as your go-to sponge for up to eight weeks. The happy shape isn’t just cute, it’s functional, because you can grab the eyes for better grip and use the mouth for effectively cleaning cutlery.


This Easy-to-Arrange Organizer for Messy Lids

This sleek little organizer is specifically for that pile of annoying storage container lids you try to ignore in your kitchen. It comes with five adjustable dividers, so you can arrange and tuck away all of your food container lids — even the quirky ones. There’s also a handle on the front to quickly pull out all of your lids.


An Automatic, Touch-Free Soap Dispenser That Looks So Expensive

You can adjust how much of your favorite hand soap comes out of this dispenser each time, so you won’t waste any of that pricey scented soap. You won’t have to disinfect the top all the time either because it has a touchless design, which makes the entire thing my hygienic for your bathroom and kitchen. Plus, the clear back will let you know when it’s time to grab more of that soap.


This Bagel Slicer for Super Quick Breakfast Prep

This bagel and pastry slicer is slim enough to hide in a cabinet or tuck next to your toaster, and it’ll come in handy for whatever baked goods you grab that week. It has a protective cover and a handle on top to make your morning bagel prep easier.


These Shower Steamers With a Bunch of Chic Flower Petals

When you want your shower to feel more elevated (like on hair-washing day), this box of shower steamers gives you six different essential oil-scented options to add in. They come with unique scents like watermelon and dried flower petals built-in to make your shower look and feel like an expensive spa.


A Fast-Acting Milk Frother That Also Works as a Mixer

This compact milk frother with a sleek little stand comes in handy for every step of your coffee. It works as a blender to mix up instant coffee or matcha or even to blend in a bit of flavored syrup. Meanwhile, the small whisk at the bottom will whip up whatever creamer or milk is your latte go-to in 15 seconds.


A Fun Mini Garlic Crusher That Fits a Bunch of Cloves

If you’re going to add a garlic crusher to your kitchen, this vampire-shaped one is obviously the right choice. Not only is it fun and compact enough to display on your counter, but it’s also super effective. You can also pop in multiple cloves at once to peel and mince them up.


This Spinning Peeler to Quickly Tackle All of Your Veggies & Fruit

Pop potatoes and all kinds of fruit (like apples) on this electric peeler, and it will spin it around and peel them to speed up your dinner prep. It only has one button, so this unique gadget is super simple to use. Plus, you get a backup blade, so you’re always ready to peel fruit and veggies.


An In-Drawer Knife Organizer With Tidy & Safe Slots

This tidy in-drawer knife block has 16 slots for your matching kitchen knife set, and they keep all of the blades neatly (and safely) tucked away. There’s plenty of space in the middle of this bamboo organizer for your sharpener, too. When you get all of your kitchen knives organized, you can slide the entire bamboo piece in a drawer.


A Waterproof Speaker for Those Long Podcast-Listening Showers

Go ahead and finish that episode of your podcast while you take a bubble bath or a long shower with this suction cup Bluetooth speaker in your tub. The rechargeable design works for up to 12 hours with quality sound — especially considering the price. You can even strap this waterproof speaker to your beach bag and answer calls with the built-in mic.


This Electric Wine Opener With a Sleek Charging Base

This electric wine opener is a seriously sleek addition to your wine storage with its stainless steel finish, LED light, and glossy black charging base. This chic base also has a spot for the included foil cutter. The actual opener opens up to 30 bottles between charges, and it comes with a button to spin the corks into the trash.


This Versatile Little Egg Rug That’s Easy to Keep Clean

This adorable bath mat is absorbent enough for your bathroom (of course), but the egg shape is also the perfect fit for your kitchen. It has a non-slip back, so it will work with tile in the bathroom or your kitchen floor. You can also wash and dry it — a must no matter where you stick this quirky rug.


A Glass Herb Keeper That Looks Super Tidy in Your Fridge

This herb keeper looks so much tidier in your fridge than any DIY herb-saving trick. It’s slim enough to tuck next to your juice, and the transparent cover lets you easily check in on your parsley, dill, kale, or other greens to see how they’re holding up. Meanwhile, the ventilation holes and built-in water bowl in the bottom will keep everything fresher for longer, saving you tons in the long run.


This Potato Masher That Can Honestly Replace Tons of Cooking Utensils

Not only will this unique masher be your new go-to for creamy mashed potatoes, but it’s also the perfect tool when you’re browning ground meat. It’s heat-resistant up to 450 degrees, so you can even use it to mash and stir things on the stove — even if you’re using a non-stick pan. However you cook with this masher, it can go in the dishwasher with all of your other utensils.


A Quirky Snail-Shaped Soap Dispenser That Also Works for Lotion & More

This soap dispenser looks like a quirky snail-shaped decor piece next to your sink instead of a boring soap bottle. The adorable shell keeps the soap dispenser, and you simply press down on it to grab your soap. Plus, this unique dispenser works for lotion or even your go-to products in your shower.


This Aesthetic Bread-Proofing Basket With the Handy Tools You Need

This bread-proofing basket is made of natural rattan that’s honestly neutral and aesthetic enough to leave out as countertop decor when you’re not making crusty, fresh bread. This splinter-free basket also comes with the linen liner, dough scraper, and bread lame you’ll need for all of your sourdough projects.


These Low-Profile Non-Slip Shower Stickers That Are so Easy to Arrange

These grippy shower stickers can be arranged to work with your unique tiles or tub. They’re completely waterproof, so the extra-strong adhesive will seriously stay put for all of your showers and baths, all while keeping your floor skid-proof. You also get a little tool to make arranging them on your shower floor super easy.


A Hanging Basket That Helps Make the Most of Your Cabinet Space

Sometimes you just need more space in a cabinet (no matter how much you organize), and this hanging basket gives you some extra storage room on the back of your cabinet door. It’s lined with a bunch of padding to protect your cabinet, so go ahead and stack heavy cutting boards in this basket without worrying. You can also mount it to your pantry wall if your shelves are overwhelming.


This Super Slim Towel Rack to Organize up to 4 Towels

This unique towel rack will fit in your bathroom, no matter what kind of wall space you’re working with, because it has slim vertical design. It gives you four swiveling arms, so you can stack four towels on top of each other and still give them space to air dry. Plus, this sleek matte-black holder comes with a hook on the bottom to air dry loofas or washcloths.


A Microwave Popcorn Popper That’s Large Enough to Toss in Your Seasonings

You only need a jar of popcorn kernels and this budget-friendly bowl to microwave a bunch of homemade popcorn at once. After the microwave, this bowl doubles as a serving bowl, and it’s the perfect size for tossing cheese, butter, and other toppings. This dishwasher-safe bowl is also made of collapsible silicone, so you can tuck it right next to your popcorn kernels in the pantry.

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