65 Weird but Genius Gifts That Are Best-Sellers on Amazon

The buyer reviews don’t lie — these items are a win.

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Weird but Genius Gifts That Are Best-Sellers on Amazon
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Giving gifts people will actually appreciate can be challenging. If you’re looking to avoid the uncertainty of finding that just-right present, look no further than these weird and genius gifts perfect for everyone on your shopping list. And you know they’re bound to be a smash, because they’re among some of Amazon’s best-sellers — with immaculate ratings and reviews to boot. They’re so good, in fact, you’ll want to snag some for yourself.


This popular electronic musical instrument that reviewers say is so fun

This electronic musical instrument is a blast to play and a popular gift anyone will enjoy — it has racked up more than 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. You simply squeeze the character’s cheeks to adjust the volume and bass, and run your fingers up the neck to change pitch and sound. “This thing is a lot of fun,” wrote one fan.


The swirling sensory toy that’s totally mesmerizing

Add a little whimsy to your gift giving with this sensory toy that can actually help improve concentration. For those who feel more focused and grounded when they fidget, this toy can be incredibly soothing. Just watch as the tie-dye flower petals swirl together when it spins, and press down on the dimples for a satisfying sensory experience.

  • Available colors: 2


A simple elastic wallet for those who crave minimalism

If chunky accessories have no place on your shopping list, this elastic wallet is an amazing buy. The sturdy elastic wraps around anywhere from two to eight credit cards, with a bonus front pocket for cash. It’s available in tons of colors and patterns, and even features a removable key chain.

  • Available colors: 21


A set of unbreakable glasses in striking jewel tones

Amp up cocktail hour, or just make hydration more fun, with this set of unbreakable drinking glasses. The set includes six 13-ounce glasses made from sturdy BPA-free plastic, all with flat bottoms that help prevent water pooling on tables (genius). For even more convenience, they’re dishwasher safe.


This bonsai tree kit that comes with 3 kinds of seeds

This kit comes with six pots, peat discs, seeds, plant markers, and detailed instructions so you can grow three varieties of bonsai trees (silver birch, red maple, and mountain pine). “As of review, I have two strong sprouts towering towards the sun. [...] The mountain pine has sprouted in about 7 days,” wrote one reviewer.


These backup bulbs that work in a power outage

Snag some of these LED light bulbs that are fully rechargeable and come with backup batteries, so that they operate even in the event of a power outage — perfect for anyone on your list who likes to live by the Boy Scout motto. Not only can you screw them into traditional lamps, but you can also use them as handheld flashlights. Each bulb can run for up to five hours.


A beard soap that exfoliates & hydrates with walnuts

The hair on your face deserves just as much attention as the hair on your head, and this orange walnut beard soap can help deliver that TLC. It uses ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil to condition your beard, while walnut helps to exfoliate away dead skin to prevent flakiness. The calming orange scent is just an added bonus.


The temperature-controlled hand warmer for cold weather

Make cold-weather activities (or just cold offices) a bit more comfortable with this rechargeable hand warmer. Juice up this ergonomically shaped warmer with the included charging cable and you can choose between three temperature settings to warm up your hands for hours at a time. And it even doubles as a portable power bank for your phone, making this one versatile gift.

  • Available colors: 9


These seat gap fillers that keep items from falling through

Whether it’s food bits, loose change, or your phone, this seat gap filler prevents it from falling into the crevice between your seat and center console. Simply feed your seatbelt buckle through the slot, and press the stopper into place to stop spills in their tracks. You get two stoppers per set, so you can ensure both front seat gaps of your car are totally covered.


This cupholder expander that lets you take big water bottles along for the ride

On-the-go beverage enthusiasts will be thrilled to receive this car cupholder expander, whether water or coffee is their drink of choice. It nestles snugly into your existing cupholder and features an elevated holder that can accommodate mugs and tumblers up to 40 ounces, so you won’t ever need to skimp on beverage size again.

  • Available colors: 2


A hands-free reading light that makes settling in with a book so easy

Avid readers everywhere will appreciate this neck reading light. It’s made with two LED bulbs on both ends of the light with flexible arms that sit on either side of your neck. There are three temperature modes depending on how cool or warm you like your light, and three brightness settings.

  • Available colors: 8


This reusable popper that makes popcorn in the microwave

Easier than stovetop popcorn and more eco-friendly than single-use bags, this microwave popcorn popper is the perfect gift for anyone who loves at-home movie nights (or just plain snacking). Made from temperature-safe borosilicate glass, this popper boasts a lid that helps you measure out the precise amount of kernels while also giving you the option to add butter to the melting tray on top. Just toss it in the dishwasher to clean.

  • Available colors: 6


A water flosser that won’t break the bank

If dental hygiene is of the utmost importance, you’ll love this water flosser that’s here to upgrade your oral health. It uses 1,400 pulsations per minute to blast away plaque and food debris for a cleaner mouth. It comes with attachments for flossing, for gum massing, and even for tongue cleaning — that means fresher breath.

  • Available colors: 2


The tabletop Bounce Battle game for hours of entertainment

Give the gift of fun with the Bounce Battle game set. Featuring a wooden base with vertical stakes, the goal is to bounce the table tennis-style balls into the structure in a variety of ways. You can aim to play tic-tac-toe, try to get the ball into a specific quadrant for a trick shot, or any other set of rules that brings out your competitive nature.


These Moscow mule mugs that are perfect for partying

Whether you’re gifting for a host with the most or a cocktail enthusiast, these Moscow mule mugs are sure to please. Featuring a hammered copper exterior and sturdy welded handles, these glasses hold 16 ounces each, providing plenty of space for vodka and ginger beer. The set also comes with several bonus items, like copper straws and a measuring jigger.


This multifunctional veggie chopper for faster meal prep

If you or anyone on your gift list loves cooking, but hates the prep work, add this vegetable chopper to your cart immediately. Not only does it come with large and small chopping plates, but it also includes blade settings for slicing and julienning veggies, too. Store all your cuttings in the bin beneath the chopper for even more convenience.

  • Available colors: 4


A convenient organizer & tester for all your batteries

Give the gift of tidiness with this battery organizer case. Featuring storage for up to 93 batteries, ranging from tiny flats to bulkier D-cells, this case has a clear lid to keep everything in place and clearly visible. And you won’t have to worry about hoarding dead batteries, since this case also comes with a built-in tester.

  • Available colors: 7


The foot peel masks that are like a pedicure in a box

This foot peel mask is an excellent way to slough away dead skin to reveal smoother feet — all with minimal effort (and no trip to the pedicurist). Inside are two sets of booties — simply secure them in place, wait an hour, and in about a week you’ll start to see calluses and dry skin falling away thanks to the exfoliating mix of fruit acids.


This slim can insulator with a near-perfect overall rating

Never suffer through a warm seltzer again, thanks to this can cooler that ensures your beverage stays as cold as it was in the fridge. Not only does it have a nonslip base and a streamlined silhouette, but this double-wall insulated cooler also resists condensation. It works with all slim 12-ounce cans and comes in more than a dozen colors. The best part? It has an incredibly rare 4.9-star overall rating on Amazon.

  • Available colors: 14


A set of ultra-fine pens perfect for any artist or journaler

Whether they like to journal, take color-coded notes, or create artistic masterpieces, any artists on your gift list are sure to love these fine-point markers. The tips of these pens measure just 0.38 millimeter, making them an excellent choice for intricate detail work or just taking notes. And because this best-selling set comes with 18 colors, you’ll have just the right shade for a range of projects or color coding.


These silky satin pillowcases that are a skin & hair luxury

Skin-care aficionados are bound to love this set of fan-favorite satin pillowcases. Boasting simple envelope closures, these pillowcases have more slip than other materials, so they’ll easily glide across skin and hair without pulling or snagging. They also stay cool to the touch, making them a great pick for hot sleepers.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 37


This set of cleverly designed silicone slow cooker liners

Cook several dishes at once with this set of three slow cooker liners that fit together like a puzzle inside six- to eight-quart oval slow cookers. They are made of food-grade silicone that’s BPA-free, heat resistant, and dishwasher safe.


This cult-favorite cuticle oil for refreshed nails & hands

Ensure your hands look and feels their absolute best with this cuticle and nail oil. Packed with moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, this oil not only leaves cuticles feeling softer but nails looking shinier, too. And thanks to the convenient dropper, you’ll be able to apply it exactly where you need it with ease.


A futuristic electric bottle opener to thrill any wine lover

This electric wine opener makes an excellent gift for the aspiring sommelier and occasional drinker alike. Made from sleek stainless steel, this best-selling opener features a clear corkscrew chamber, so you can easily see the cork as it’s being extracted. It’s powered with just the push of a button and comes with a foil cutter, too.


These highly rated packing cubes that help you optimize suitcase space

Travelers and organization obsessives alike are sure to love receiving this set of packing cubes that help tidy up a suitcase. Boasting a 4.8-star overall rating after 20,000 reviews, the set comes with four cubes in varying sizes, each with a mesh cover for transparency and breathability. They allow you to sort like items together, and the compressive quality of the cubes may allow you to fit more than you would without them. There’s even an included laundry bag.

  • Available colors: 10


The highly rated tablet stand that’s angle adjustable

Whether you’re streaming a show or following a recipe, this adjustable tablet stand will keep your device front and center — and it’s earned a sky-high 4.8-star overall rating after 9,000 reviews. Thanks to the silicone grips on both the arms and base of the stand, you can be sure your tablet won’t fall prey to slipping and sliding. And because of the hollow construction, you can charge while you use it, too.

  • Available colors: 7


This insulated lunch tote with a 4.6-star overall rating

This highly rated lunch box looks professional enough to take to work and features an exterior pocket for small essentials, a padded shoulder strap (which is removable), and a slightly larger-than-usual size to carry a hearty meal. “The fabric is perfect; not flimsy and has withstood slinging around. Both hot and cold food items have held up better than expected,” wrote one shopper. Choose from midnight blue and gray in the listing.


A fan-favorite Bluetooth speaker that comes at a wallet-friendly price

Ensure your tech is up to whatever challenges you throw at it with this Bluetooth speaker that’s earned a bona fide cult following. With a 24-hour run time, it features two drivers that deliver rich bass, but even more impressive, it has an IPX5 waterproof rating, so it can stand up to splashes of water and more.

  • Available colors: 3


The best-selling tote with a strap for your yoga mat

A reliable bag is essential, and this best-selling tote bag checks all the boxes and then some. Not only does it have a cavernous interior with a secure zip-top closure, it has a strap on top specifically for securing a rolled-up yoga mat. Add to that the spacious side pockets and you’ve got an everyday tote anyone would appreciate.

  • Available colors: 8


This soft blanket that adds a touch of coziness to any space

Bundle up in this sherpa fleece blanket for some instantly cozy vibes. With fuzzy sherpa on one side and velvety microfleece on the other, it’s mega warm without being bulky. Plus, it comes in sizes ranging from a throw blanket all the way to a king (perfect for outfitting a bed in luxury). It’s no wonder that over 76,000 Amazon reviewers have weighed in to give it an impressive 4.7-star overall rating.

  • Available sizes: throw — king
  • Available colors: 27


A cult-favorite body scrub that smells like vacation in a jar

Give the gift of a spa treatment — while spending way less — with this shea sugar scrub that’s earned the loyalty of fans who have awarded it a 4.8-star overall rating after 19,000 reviews. While the sugar helps to slough away dead skin cells, the shea butter ensures the fresh skin is thoroughly moisturized and soft. Better yet, it has a coco colada scent that’ll instantly transport your recipient to a tropical island.


This genius shaker bottle for lump-free shakes on the go

If you’re shopping for someone who loves a protein shake or smoothie on the go, this shaker bottle is a practical buy. Not only does it have clear measurement markings down the side, but it comes with a stainless steel mixing ball that blends powders and prevents any clumps from forming. It’s also super portable, thanks to the convenient carrying loop on top.

  • Available colors: 18


This large windproof umbrella with a nonslip handle

This 58-inch umbrella is large enough to cove two people and it features a windproof double canopy and nonslip handle for blustery days. Despite its ample size, it weighs just 1.2 pounds and folds down to just 23 inches long. Choose from several colors in the listing.


The heated lunch box that lets you enjoy a warm meal on the go

Gift this electric lunch box to anyone who takes meals away from home seriously. With a 20-ounce capacity, this mini Crock-Pot uses a removable plug to heat up your food once you’re near a wall outlet. The spill-resistant lid ensures it’ll stand up to your commute and keep contents fresh until you’re ready to eat.

  • Available colors: 6


This layered necklace you can personalize with an initial

Give a gift that’s customized to the receiver with this initial necklace. It’s comprised of two paper clip chains in different lengths and features a pendant available in every initial of the alphabet. And because it’s plated in 14-karat gold, it has just the right amount of shine to it. Choose from gold, rose gold, and silver finishes.

  • Available colors: 3


This 3-stage knife sharpener that comes with a safety glove

The home chef on your list can ensure their knives are looking and performing their best with this knife sharpener. It features three slots for sharpening and polishing your blades in seconds. Also included are a couple extra safety features, including a nonslip base and a cut-resistant glove for more confident handling.


This customizable fire escape shelf

Add a touch of New York City to any room with this fire escape shelf. It comes with the screws needed to install it and reviewers say it allows you to create your own layout. “I did not realize until this product came in how customizable it was. What a cool design! Materials are durable and it was very easy to install,” wrote one shopper. This shelf has three tiers but a four-tier version is also available in the listing.


This easy-to-use Bluetooth adapter for seamless streaming

Stream wirelessly and seamlessly with this Bluetooth transmitter adapter that features a simple plug-and-play operation. “I needed an easy way to connect my cell phone that doesn't have an ear phone jack to my car stereo that doesn't have bluetooth but does have an ear phone jack. This bluetooth transmitter/receiver fit the bill perfectly. It was easy to set up and easy to use. One push of a power button and I am listening to my favorite music or podcast instantly,” wrote one reviewer.


The soothing white noise machine for peaceful slumber

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep with this white noise machine. Small enough for travel, this machine features several timer options and volume adjustment. Choose from six natural sound effects, including regular white noise, rain, and the ocean, which — as the manufacturer helpfully indicates — does not include any (admittedly disruptive) seagulls.

  • Available colors: 2


This multi-angle pillow tablet stand with hidden storage

This pillow tablet stand allows you to view your screen at any angle hands-free, making it perfect for use on the couch or in bed. The stand also has a hidden spot for storing small essentials and it folds down flat for compact storage.


A pair of cushy mats to make kitchen chores easy on the joints

Whether you’re washing dishes, chopping vegetables — or even working at a standing desk — these anti-fatigue mats are here to take the strain off your feet and knees. Made from supportive memory foam, these water-resistant mats have a nonslip coating on the back to ensure they won’t move around underfoot. Choose from an array of patterns to fit a variety of styles.

  • Available styles: 15


The cupholder pillow you can use on the sofa or in bed

Enjoy your beverages anywhere without the fear of spills with this pillow cupholder. The cushy pillow creates a sturdy base that will sit upright on flat surfaces like tables or softer ones like couches. Not only are there three holders for drinks and snacks, there’s also a side tab for storing your remote, too.


This reliable cast iron skillet from an heirloom brand

This cast iron skillet from the classic Lodge brand is sure to become a kitchen heirloom that gets frequent use, and for good reason. Not only does it conduct heat more evenly than other materials (hello, consistent results), but it’s incredibly versatile, since it’s safe to use in both the oven and on the stovetop. It comes preseasoned and ready to for use.


This LED collar that keeps your pup easily in view

Dog owners would love receiving this LED dog collar that makes evening walks just a bit safer. It looks like a traditional collar when not powered on, but once you hold down the button, a full ring of LED bulbs lights up your pet in neon colors for maximum visibility. It even boasts blinking settings to further enhance safety.

  • Available colors: 11


The multifunctional support pillow for extra comfort

Turn your bed — or the bed of someone you love — into a comfortable haven with this half-moon bolster pillow. You can use it a variety of ways, like behind your back for extra support in a seated position, underneath your knees or feet for elevation, or between your shins for optimal side-sleeping alignment. And because it’s made from memory foam, it’ll provide plenty of plush comfort.

  • Available colors: 2


This reusable notebook that’s a snap to use

This reusable notebook is eco-friendly and will save you money in the long run, as well as helping to digitize your notes, doodles, and ideas. Simply use the notebook with the included pen, use the included app to scan and upload your work, and wipe the pages clean when you’re done. Choose from lots of colors in the listing.


The quintessential beanie from an iconic brand

This knit beanie is a no-brainer purchase whether you’re looking for warm winter wear or just a timeless statement. Made from a super soft and stretchy knit acrylic, this hat boats a folded cuff and the iconic Carhartt logo. It’s adored by reviewers, over 150,000 of whom have weighed in to give it a stellar 4.8-star overall rating.

  • Available colors: 36


This classic hoodie you’ll want to wear all the time (because it’s so soft)

Whether you’re gifting for friends or just yourself, anyone is bound to love this best-selling fleece sweatshirt that one reviewer called the “perfect basic hoodie.” Made from ring-spun cotton for next-level softness, this pullover features a drawstring hood and a front kangaroo pocket. It has a relaxed fit and also comes available in a front-zip version.

  • Available sizes: Small — 4X-Large
  • Available colors: 16


The adjustable belt bag that keeps your essentials nearby

Perfect for travel, concerts, or running around town, this belt bag is an easy way to keep the must-haves close at hand. The minimalist bag is surprisingly roomy on the inside, and has a security pocket that rests right against your body for valuables. Available in 40 styles, it boasts a nylon-blend shell and has an adjustable strap.

  • Available colors: 40


A reviewer-fave water bottle with sky-high ratings

Whether you’re sweating it out at the gym or just trying to get your ounces of water in as you work, this sports water bottle has something for everyone — and it’s earned an amazing 4.8-star overall rating after racking up 130,000 reviews. Made from a durable stainless steel, double-wall insulated material, this bottle helps keep your water ice cold. Add to that a condensation-resistant construction and three leakproof lids, and you’ve got a recipe for a foolproof gift.

  • Available colors: 31


This air-dry clay for the creative one in your life

If you’re gifting for anyone artistic on your shopping list, consider this air-dry clay from Crayola. It’s incredibly simple to use since it doesn’t need to be fired: Just mold it into your desired shape and let it dry. The container includes 5 pounds of clay that can be painted when dry for a final artistic touch — perfect for kids and kids at heart alike.


This compact blender for the smoothie drinker

Whether your recipient likes a protein shake after a workout or is just trying to get more fruits and veggies into their diet, this portable blender set is here to help. It comes with multiple cups, including one with a handle, plus multiple lid varieties as well as the 250-watt motorized base. When you’re done, just toss the cups in the dishwasher.

  • Available colors: 2


An absorbent microfiber towel that’s perfectly portable

If you’re shopping for avid hikers or dedicated gym rats, this microfiber towel will certainly be appreciated. Not only can it soak up more than five times its weight in water, it also dries quickly, making it great for those on the go. Available in a range of sizes (for wiping sweat or drying off after a shower), it comes in a convenient mesh travel case to help keep air circulating too.

  • Available sizes: 6
  • Available colors: 11


These colorful LED lights that add accent lighting anywhere

Give the gift of mood lighting with these LED strip lights. This roll boasts 100 feet of lights that can be applied anywhere with 3M adhesive (think: under bookshelves and kitchen cabinets or behind bed frames). It also comes with a remote control that allows you to choose the color, brightness, and more. The power cord comes included.


A pair of no-tie laces for outdoor adventuring

Streamline shoes and cut down on bow-tying with these elastic shoe laces — an ideal gift for the jogger in your life (or just anyone who can’t be bothered to retie their laces when they come undone). They come in an array of colors and feature an adjustable toggle that secures the elastic at the top so it stays firmly in place. Better yet, they’re made to fit a variety of sneaker types.

  • Available colors: 13


These waterproof earbuds with 250K+ ratings

You don’t have to drop hundreds on good quality headphones, and these wireless earbuds prove it. Coming in at a wallet-friendly price point, these earbuds have an IPX8 waterproof rating so they’re sure to stand up to sweat and more. They’re easy to pair with your phone and you can tap them to play your next song, answer a call, and adjust volume.

  • Available colors: 6


A variety pack of highly rated hair clips with a nonslip surface

Beauty aficionados — and anyone with long hair — will appreciate this pack of hair claws. The oversize claws have a nonslip matte finish and open a full 180 degrees, ensuring no hair strand gets left behind. This pack of tan tones features an array of earth-tone colors, so you can match them to your hair, but they’re also available in a range of other shades.

  • Available colors: 7


The lightweight sleeping bag that’s a best-seller

Slip into this sleeping bag for comfort in the great outdoors — it’s earned solid ratings yet rings up at a budget-friendly price point. It’s lightweight, weighing just 2.9 pounds, and can keep you warm in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a built-in headrest with a zipper closure, and it fits easily into the included traveling case.

  • Available colors: 6


The hot air brush that’s a perennial cult favorite

There’s no need to go to the salon when you can get a high-quality hairstyle right at home with this blow dry brush that’s become a true cult favorite in the hair world. Because it’s a blow dryer and a brush all in one, it creates volume, shine, and style with minimal effort. Choose between four different heat settings.

  • Available colors: 6


This handheld label maker for extra organization

Delight all of the neat obsessives in your life with this Bluetooth label maker. Use the accompanying app to create custom labels with existing templates and print them out in seconds. It comes preloaded with tape, and the portable size makes it incredibly easy to take on the go.

  • Available colors: 6


A protective iPad case that doubles as a stand

This slim iPad case is an excellent way to protect your device without feeling encumbered. It fits a variety of iPad models and boasts a semi-transparent backing so that the Apple logo is still visible. It doesn’t obscure the volume buttons or camera lens and also folds backward to create a tablet stand as well. Choose from shades like sky blue, midnight green, and wine.

  • Available colors: 24


The reusable pet hair remover animal lovers will adore

If there’s someone on your gifting list who has pets, chances are they’ll appreciate this pet hair remover that’s racked up more than 150,000 reviews and consistently great ratings. It uses static cling to attract the hair: Just run the fabric roller across your desired surface to trap fur, and when you’re done, open the chamber, dispose of the hair, and use it again as needed.

  • Available colors: 2


These cut-resistant gloves for chefs, woodworkers & gardeners

Your recipient can suit up in these cut-resistant gloves to protect their hands, whether they’re spending time in the kitchen, the yard, or out in the garage. They’re constructed from spandex for stretch and treated with fiberglass to create a barrier that blades and other sharp objects can’t easily penetrate. They’re food safe, easy to launder in the washing machine, and breathable, too. Snag them in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large.

  • Available sizes: 5


The laptop stand that reviewers are obsessed with

Available in a range of metallic hues, this laptop stand can help increase comfort at your desk by raising your machine to eye level, thereby helping reduce neck strain — and it’s earned a 4.8-star overall rating after 49,000 reviews. It fits a variety of laptop brands and models and boasts a clever hollow design to allow for airflow so your machine won’t overheat. And thanks to the nonslip pads, the whole setup is super stable and secure.

  • Available colors: 10


A pair of best-selling baking mats with a legion of fans

If you’re looking to cut down on single-use baking supplies like parchment paper, consider these baking mats. Made from nonslip silicone, these mats are heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit and are easily cleaned with soap in the sink. They fit easily on most standard-size baking sheets, too.

  • Available colors: 2

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