These 50 Home Upgrades Are So Clever & So Cheap, They're Selling Like Hotcakes on Amazon

Shoppers are buying these home goods in droves, and it’s easy to see why.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Home goods are honestly some of the best finds on Amazon because they’re usually budget-friendly, and they’re always super clever. No matter how great I think my house setup may be, I oftentimes stumble across a genius home upgrade that I need to elevate my kitchen or fix up my organization.

So, that’s why this list is packed with 50 clever, cheap home upgrades that Amazon shoppers are obsessed with and buying en masse. No matter how much you love your home, there’s something on this list that will make your space even better.


A detergent holder for easy pouring on laundry day

Give those bulky, heavy laundry detergent bottles a tidy spot with this sleek little non-slip detergent holder. It has a strap to secure on those annoying-to-use bottles at the perfect angle, so you can easily pour out your go-to soap on laundry day. It’s even topped off with a holder for the detergent cup.


These color-coded labels to stick on chargers & cords

Wrap these colorful labels around all of the chargers and cords in your home, so you can easily identify which one you want to plug or relocate. The nylon fabric is easy to write on, and you can even color-code all of the different cords with this rainbow-colored multipack. Plus, their small design won’t stand out on your desk or behind your TV stand.


This adjustable organizer to stack up bulky kitchen wrap boxes

This adjustable organizer gives you a spot to stack up all of those awkward-to-store boxes in your kitchen (think: plastic wrap and foil). You can change up the height of each wire shelf to fit bulk boxes of your favorite wax paper. It can even fit large boxes of gallon bags, and you can grab them without pulling the entire box out.


This roll of under-cabinet lighting you simply stick on

Adding this under-cabinet lighting is a quick task, because it’s all lined with easy-to-use adhesive. The actual LEDs come on a roll with a thin tape-like design, so they’ll be completely hidden underneath your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. This warm white strip also comes with a sleek button to quickly turn them on when it’s time to cook dinner.


A bamboo cutting board with spots to help organize veggie prep

Scoop all of your chopped herbs and veggies right into the built-in holders on this bamboo cutting board. Not only will it organize all of your dinner prep, but this cutting board is even lined with a little grooves to stop any tomato or watermelon juice from dripping on the countertop.


This easy-to-install door draft stopper with 3 protective layers

This budget-friendly draft stopper is such an easy upgrade for your doors because it keeps all of the unwanted things out of your home (think: bugs, chilly or warm air, and noise). It comes with a sticky adhesive backing and three different layers of protective silicone layers to keep your home comfortable, regardless of its age.


These durable vertical hangers to tidy up your clothes

These heavy-duty hangers might look a little unique, but they’ll actually help out your closet so much because you can store up to 8 pounds of clothes vertically or 6 pounds horizontally and perfectly, evenly spaced. Each one comes with five spots to hook on your usual hangers, so you won’t even have to re-hang all of your clothes.


A measuring set with the tidiest stacked design

This BPA-free, dishwasher-safe kitchen set might just be the tidiest option when it comes to stray measuring spoons and bulky measuring cups. Simply stack up of the colorful cups and spoons for dry ingredients neatly in the 4-cup liquid measuring cup for tidy storage. Plus, you even get a funnel with this super organized set, which helps decrease the mess in your kitchen.


These sleek outlet switches with a 4.8-star rating

These compact outlet extenders have little on-off switches on the side, so you won’t have to unplug a bunch of cords when you leave the house, while still saving on energy costs. You can use them for the cozy lighting and different devices all over your home, and the sleek white design will actually look super nice on your outlets.


These chic stick-on caddies for your kitchen or shower

This pack of five waterproof shower caddies look seriously luxe in your shower, and they come with three different sizes of tidy holders for everything — including your shampoo, soap bar, and even toothbrush. The sleek black design will even work in your kitchen if you need some handy, stick-on wall-mounted spots for your dish sponge and extra spices.


A modern wireless stick-on doorbell with over 50 chimes to choose from

This wireless LED doorbell is a sleek-looking home addition, and with a stick-on option and simple plug-in receiver, adding it to your door is such a quick process. It’s completely weather-proof, so you won’t have to worry about your chic new doorbell in a rainstorm or heatwave. You also get 50 chimes and four volume settings to make it feel expensive and customizable.


An organizer that will clean up your go-to food container lids

This genius organizer gives you a neat spot for all of the annoying lids that tend to topple over in your cabinets and take over your shelves. You can slide the dividers to fit all of your go-to container lids — even oversized lids or the ones with a bulky clip-on design.


This cozy, stylish light that you can clip anywhere in your home

This clip-on LED light is perfect as a reading lamp on your bed frame, but it also looks chic enough to style anywhere in your home. It comes with three color settings (like an eye-friendly amber option) to make it cozy enough for any space. This bendy lamp also has five brightness settings, so it will work in any space.


This rotating holder that can hold all your go-to utensils

This stainless steel rotating utensil holder has a non-slip base to keep it perfectly in place on your countertop, yet it’s lightweight enough to pull it closer to your cutting board during dinner prep. There’s a removable divider to easily keep it tidy and keep all of your go-to utensils organized.


A bamboo tray to hold onto your relaxing bathtime essentials

This extendable bath tray will instantly make your tub look more luxurious, and it gives you sturdy spots for all of your unwinding time essentials. Not only does the bamboo design come with a little slot to hold onto your wine glass, but it also has a ton of room for bubble bath, your phone, and even a tablet.


This durable mat for a clean & seriously chic coffee setup

This easy-to-wipe marble-finish mat will make your coffee maker setup look like a chic cafe counter, and it will make cleanup seriously easy. The quick-drying material will also stay completely stain-free, no matter how many times you splash a bit of creamer or spill some coffee.


This slim organizer to slide away cleaning products

You might just want to grab a few of these storage organizers because they have an extra-slim design and built-in wheels, so you can tuck them anywhere. Slide them between kitchen counters or awkward gaps in the laundry room, and you instantly have three hidden shelves for all of your necessities.


An under-cabinet mug rack that saves a ton of space

This hanging mug rack kit is super compact, so you can hang your drinkware right under your cabinets without making your kitchen look cluttered. Each rack in this set of three comes with four hooks, and you can hang them individually, in case you want a few in your cabinets and a few underneath.


These transparent chair leg covers that prevent floor scratches

These chair leg covers will actually blend in with all of your aesthetic furniture because they’re stretchy and transparent on top. On the bottom, you get all of the soft felt you’ll need to protect your floors every time you pull out a chair or move furniture to vacuum. This easy and effective solution has 11,500 five-star reviews on Amazon because it just works.


A best-selling fridge deodorizer that will last for a decade

This refrigerator deodorizer has a stainless steel and rust-proof design that will look surprisingly nice tucked between leftovers shelf. You won’t have to swap it out all of the time (like that box of baking soda) because it lasts for 10 years without you having to refill or recharge it.


These structure organizers to tackle cluttered shoes

These clear-top organizers are structured and sturdy enough to easily slide shoes under your bed — even the heavy heels and boots — while still being breathable to prevent odors. Their zip-up design also comes with built-in handles, so you can grab your extra shoes no matter where they are under the bed.


A clean & dirty magnet to pop on the dishwasher

This handy magnet sticks right to the front of your dishwasher, so you’ll always remember to slide it to clean after you press the start button. It comes with easy-to-use tape in case you want to stick it on the plastic part of the dishwasher, and it won’t leave any scratches behind. It’s an easy yet genius solution that’s racked up a 4.8-star rating on Amazon after over 28,000 reviews.


This expensive-looking wall-mounted shelf with a spot for paper towels

This shelf gives you a built-in spot for a hand towel in the bathroom or even your paper towel roll in the kitchen. The metallic design will look like a seriously expensive floating shelf no matter where you hang it. It also comes with adhesive or hardware, so you can stick it anywhere.


These super durable wine glasses that keep your drinks cold

These rust-resistant wine tumblers come with a stainless steel finish that will look nice in your kitchen, and it means you can throw them in the dishwasher (or anywhere) without worrying about them shattering. Each one keeps your go-to iced drink cold, too, making them a party essential.


A motion sensor light to help you see your lock

This super compact motion sensor light sticks right on your door, and it will automatically illuminate your doorknob if you get home a bit late. It’s lined with four LEDs, so you can easily see the door knob lock and the deadbolt at the same time.


This 3-in-1 vacuum with 65,000 five-star reviews

You can adjust this vacuum to create three different styles, including one that’s easy to use on the stairs and one that you can hold in your hand to suck up crumbs from the couch. Of course, the lightweight, 2.6-pound design also makes this vacuum easy to maneuver, and the slim design means you can hide it away almost anywhere in your home.


This clothes-freshening cedar pack that’s easy to add to your closet

These cedar blocks definitely deserves a spot in your closet because they’ll keep all of your favorite pieces smelling fresh and free of unsightly moth bites. This pack comes with small spheres to toss in drawers or baskets and little discs that you can slide right over the hangers in your closet, allowing your clothes to thrive no matter where they’re stored.


This classic cast iron skillet that’s seriously easy to use

This cast iron pan with a pouring spout is the low-effort cooking go-to you’ll reach for all the time because it can sear your meat or brown your vegetables with unparalleled heat and accuracy. This Lodge cast iron skillet will lost for decades and comes with a seriously easy washing and care routine (you won’t even need soap).


An over-the-door organizer to see all of your hats

This hat organizer goes right over your closet door, so you can stack up to nine caps on each and see your options when you’re getting dressed. Each one has a little built-in buckle that you can easily slide to make this organizer fit your door. Plus, the actual hooks have a super simple design, so you can quickly grab your hats.


This stainless steel mini trash can that’s so versatile

Mini trash cans are everywhere right now, and this little flip-top trash can option is seriously versatile. It’s all about the brushed stainless steel design that will look sleek on your desk and will also be rust-resistant enough for your kitchen counter. It’s also fingerprint-resistant so you can carry it from your desk to the kitchen when it’s time to prep dinner without worrying about smudges.


These cute reusable paper towels that are easy to re-roll

You can roll up these reusable paper towels just like disposable ones on a holder (without any snaps or hook-and-loop closures), so they’re seriously easy to grab when you’re prepping dinner. This colorful 24-pack is absorbent enough to reach for when there are spills, and you can put them in the washing machine after cleaning up.


These colorful labeling straps to wrap up stray cords

These versatile straps are perfect for looping around stray chargers or extra-long cords that look a little messy. All of the sizes have different colors, so it’s easy to quickly grab the one you need to tidy up messy cords. You can write on them, and they’re even waterproof for easier organizing and outdoor use.


These puffy, absorbent ball towels that are so trendy

These absorbent hand towels have such a seriously fluffy design that will look adorable and on-trend in any kitchen or bathroom. You get two of these puffy microfiber towels, and each one comes with a loop on top to hang these machine-washable towels next to the sink.


A supportive & versatile wedge pillow for all kinds of relaxing

You’ll reach for this memory foam pillow with a machine-washable cover no matter where you’re relaxing in your home because you can use the wedge shape in a bunch of different (and super cozy) ways. It can support your back, prop you up, and even go under your knees when you’re on your laptop on the couch.


This oversized oven mitt that wraps around pots & pans

This 100% cotton oven mitt might look a little unique, but it’s actually so clever for grabbing large pots and casserole dishes from the oven. The oversized and padded design wraps around the base of your Dutch oven or the rim of a pan, so it offers even more heat protection than classic oven mitts.


These best-selling blackout shades with an easy stick-on design

These paper blackout shades tuck neatly in your window frame, so you can still layer your favorite curtains on top. Simply stick them on with the adhesive lining on top, and these UV-protecting shades are ready to go. They also come with little blips to easily pull them down.


An accurate food scale with an easy-to-clean surface

This food scale has a minimalist and smooth design that will look aesthetic on any countertop — plus, it makes it easy to wipe off. It even comes with flat buttons, so there are zero grooves for food to get stuck. It’s features an easy-to-read screen, where you can alternate between four different units of measurement and weigh ingredeients up to 11 pounds.


A mulberry silk pillowcase that you can put in the washing machine

This pillowcase has a hidden zipper tucked away in the luxurious 100% mulberry silk fabric, so it will stay put on your pillow. You can machine-wash the fabric, and it will still look just as glossy and expensive on your bed. Plus, the super smooth, cooling material will help with keeping your hair frizz-free and skin moisturized overnight.


A non-slip bamboo bathmat that looks so aesthetic

Not only does this bamboo bathmat look more aesthetic than a fabric mat, but it also has a super clever design. It has non-slip pads on the bottom to keep you safe and secure while drying off, and you can roll it up when you’re cleaning the bathroom floor. If you still want the fluffy bath mat vibe, you can layer a fabric mat on top, and the bamboo design will amp up the airflow to keep it dry.


A 2-pack of spill-free utensil rests that fit a ton of spoons & spatulas

These silicone holders are way better than a classic spoon rest because they gives you spots to prop up four different cooking utensils (no matter how wide their handles are). It’s small yet useful, and it’s heat resistant so it won’t warp when boiling sauces drip. You can also throw the durable holders in the dishwasher with all of your utensils.


This under-sink organizer that is rustproof & slip-proof

Tidy up all of those random cleaning supplies or beauty products that end up underneath your sink with this clever organizer. It features two shelves, the bottom of which you can pull out for easier access to your stuff. Made of iron and plastic, this organizer will keep your stuff stored and secure without rusting.


This brush & sponge set for a tidy dishwashing setup

This little kitchen set gives you an organized and seriously clever dishwashing setup. It comes with four different brushes for all of your unique dishes, and one of them even comes with a built-in soap holder so you can really scrub that pan. They all have a tidy spot in the matching holder, and you get an extra slot for the included sponge.


This scratch-resistant food dispenser that’s quite aesthetic

This food dispenser looks way more aesthetic in your pantry than a bunch of boxes or stacked-up reusable containers. You can also twist the knobs on the front to perfectly get an ounce of food at a time instead of pulling out a box. Plus, the scratch-resistant design is clear on top, so you can see when it’s time for a refill.


This 3-layer air filter that’s a best-seller on Amazon

This air filter packs in three different filters, including a HEPA and an activated charcoal layer, so it doesn’t just help out with odors and dust, it can also filter out harmful things like smoke particles and allergens. It also has a spot for essential oils if you want a filter and an air freshener. As a bonus, this filter has such a sleek design that you can honestly style it in your home like it’s a decor piece.


This luxurious & water-saving rain shower head

This sleek shower head will instantly make your bathroom feel expensive with the rain shower design. Of course, the high-pressure nozzles with an integrated air intake system will also make it feel like a serious shower upgrade, while using up less water. It will look like a professionally installed shower head, but this chrome-plated piece is surprisingly lightweight and easy to put up.


A chic spinning spice rack with reusable labels

This spinning spice rack is way easier than organizing spices in your drawer or stacking them up in a cabinet. It already comes with matching jars, labels, and the funnel you’ll need to quickly streamline and organize your spice setup. Plus, the stainless steel finish and a wood grain accent will look so sleek on your counter or in a cabinet.


This cushioned topper to elevate your bedding

This breathable mattress topper adds a ton of plush cushioning to make your bedding feel super luxurious without totally getting a new mattress. It’s machine-washable, so you can toss in this comfy and quilted topper with your sheets and pillowcases. It also goes on like a fitted sheet, so it won’t move or slide around, and your bed will look put together.


A dishwasher-safe mat to catch water around the sink faucet

This little silicone mat wraps around your kitchen sink faucet, so you can keep all of the water and dripping dish soap off of your counter. It guides all of the water back into your sink, and it has water spouts on each side of the faucet. You can also pull it off and put it in the dishwasher if it gets covered in soap.


These waterproof fridge mats with a non-slip design

Keep your fridge shelves clean and your produce firmly in place with these fridge mats. Made of a non-slip material that’s also waterproof, oil-proof, and dust-proof, these mats also feature textured dots on top to help keep the things on top of them in place.


This motion-sensor light that gives your under-bed area a cozy warm glow

Step out of bed with confidence when you have these under-bed lights installed. They feature a motion sensor with an automatic shut-off that can be programmed for 30 seconds to six minutes. If you don’t need this warm light in your bedroom, these lights are also a great bathroom or kitchen upgrade.

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