These Easy Home Upgrades Look Stunning & Are Shockingly Affordable on Amazon

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It can feel overwhelming to think about the time, money, and potential professional help it might take to give your home the upgrade it deserves. However, cleverness prevails as shown by these easy home upgrades that look stunning and are shockingly affordable on Amazon.

Swap in LED Edison light bulbs for vintage character, put up authentic-looking weathered wood wallpaper as a stylish accent, or change out tired old dish rags for gorgeous Turkish hand towels for a touch of luxury. This exciting list proves that even the smallest of changes can work decor miracles.


This Doorbell Chime Cover That Tastefully Conceals The Unsightly Apparatus

Conceal an unattractive but necessary household device with this easy-to-mount doorbell chime cover. Clocking in at less than $30, it comes in a charming laser-cut design reminiscent of tropical foliage. It comes in white but can be painted any color you wish and fits most standard chimes with the cover simply sliding directly over them.


This Tile Backsplash That Mounts Without Professional Help

You can be your very own contractor at a fraction of the price when you have incredibly well-priced and easy-to-mount options like this tile backsplash at your disposal. Made of water-resistant vinyl, it’s made with slight dimensionality to give off the impression of real tile and sports a marble finish in a hexagonal shape. Simply trim the sheet to suit your needs, peel off the adhesive backing, and apply it to your backsplash for a kitchen reno that clocks in under $20.


A Set of Stainless Steel Cabinet Pulls That Instantly Refresh Your Kitchen

No matter if you’ve got a modern minimalist or a contemporary farmhouse aesthetic going, these versatile cabinet pulls give your kitchen an immediately updated look. Clearly a favored go-to with over 37,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating, they’re constructed of durable stainless steel and are offered in several finishes from matte black to brushed brass to satin nickel. Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg for this easy but impactful upgrade as a whole pack of 30 will only set you back $27.


A Bed Skirt to Obscure Unattractive Box Springs

Prepare to be shocked when you see how the simple addition of this bed skirt changes your whole bedroom feel. It’s made of double-brushed microfiber and features a 14-inch drop to hide bulky box springs from view. As another perk, it prevents an accumulation of dust underneath the bed, in addition to the bed skirt lending your whole bedroom lots of style with its pleated corners. Choose from 12 shades and five sizes.


The Bathroom Storage Cabinet That Brings Function to Small Spaces

This ingenious bathroom storage cabinet is designed to make perfect use of those narrow and too-small areas that you previously considered useless space. It’s available in three different heights and provides shelves to store bathroom accessories, cosmetics, and cleaning products, for example. A top shelf is designed especially for toilet paper and there’s even a platform on which to place your phone. Choose from different finishes such as white, black, or bamboo, and assemble it within minutes.


The Bedside Lamp with Brightness Controls & USB Chargers

This gorgeous bedside lamp brings tons of warmth to the bedroom with its natural fabric shade and three brightness levels to both assist with reading and ease you into slumber. Simply tap the base to adjust the light and use the built-in USB and USB-C ports to conveniently charge your devices. Choose from tons of colors from a natural off-white to a light denim blue with bases that come in a polished silver, brass, or natural wood finish. With over 21,000 reviews and a high 4.6-star rating, this is clearly a popular choice with the $33 price tag keeping this upgrade well within reason.


This LED Light Bar to Create Elegant Accent Lighting

There’s no need for pricey electricians and elaborate wiring when you have this under-$15 LED light bar that couldn’t be easier to install. It comes with self-adhesive tape as well as screws to mount wherever your home could use a little extra accent lighting such as under cabinets, along stairs, or in closets. It takes three AA batteries to operate and requires a simple tap to turn on and off, providing a bright yet warm glow that’ll enhance any space.


A Sleek & Modern Doorknob to Bring Your Space up to Date

Don’t underestimate the seemingly simple upgrade – it can make a huge difference in the overall feel of your space. Take this modern doorknob, for instance, that’s earned over 6,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating. It installs easily using your screwdriver and features a minimalist look that will go with a range of aesthetics from fully contemporary to modern farmhouse. It comes in matte black, satin nickel, and polished chrome, and even features an antimicrobial coating that helps stop the spread of bacteria.


This Bed Sheet Set to Make Your Bedroom Look & Feel Elegant

Seriously popular with over 143,000 reviews, this microfiber bed sheet set offers a soft, moisture-resistant, and temperature-regulating material and costs only $22, making it supremely affordable to give your bedroom a pulled-together look. It’s offered in seven elegant neutral shades such as cream, light gray, and spa blue, and comes in all standard sizes from twin to California king. Two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet are all included in the set.


An Affordable Thermostat That Keeps Your Home Perfectly Climate Controlled

To experience the ideal indoor climate all year long, all you need is this budget-friendly non-programmable thermostat that offers all the necessary functionality within a streamlined interface. Install it and easily control your heat, cooling, or fan with the touch of a button. Compatible with multiple systems such as oil, gas, or electric heat sources, it features a large, backlit display that also conveniently shows the current room temperature as well as humidity.


A Solar Address Sign to Ensure Visibility at All Times

If precious deliveries have a hard time making it to your door once the sun sets, this easy upgrade is one that you won’t want to miss. Completely powered by the sun, this solar address sign provides a clear display of numbers during the day and automatically lights up at night to make your address just as unmistakable. Made with high-quality adhesive, it can withstand all kinds of weather from rain to frost to wind without the numbers coming unstuck.


A Wireless Doorbell Kit for Customizable Convenience

This wireless doorbell kit that includes a transmitter and receiver means you’ll always be able to hear the door and can do so in just the way you’d like. Adjust the loudness from four available volume levels, choose from over 50 possible chimes, and set up your receiver wherever you’d like within a 600-foot range. It’s a cinch to install with either the included adhesive or screws plus anchors, and the provided battery will give you up to three years of performance. Choose from five colors and rest easy knowing this doorbell promises to function no matter the weather conditions.


These Edison LED Light Bulbs That Bring Vintage Vibes with Modern Longevity

Lighting is crucial to improving a space and these Edison LED light bulbs not only bathe your home in warmth but do it with a touch of vintage charm. The exposed filament of the bulb gives every lighting fixture that “yesteryear” look but thankfully not that yesteryear lifespan. These bulbs, which come in a pack of six, each last up to 20,000 hours and will cost you less than $30 overall for the pleasure, making these a veritable no-brainer of a purchase.


A Furniture Glaze That Lends An Immediate Antique Look

Skip overpriced antique stores, because all you need is this affordable 16-ounce jar of furniture glaze to transform your furniture into a slightly weathered version of itself. The glaze is water-based and non-toxic, being free of harsh smells and chemicals such as phthalates, heavy metals, or formaldehyde. Choose from five tinted options as well as a clear glaze and brush it over existing paint to make grooved details really stand out or simply use it on raw wood as a stain.


This Floating Corner Shelf That Provides Striking Visual Interest

This intriguing floating corner shelf turns an oft-ignored space into one of fascinating visual interest, for the low price of $17. It comes in a gray, espresso, or natural shade, and features two tiers to display treasured items or stylish decor. It mounts easily using the included hardware and can be placed in any room from bedrooms to living rooms to bathrooms.


An In-Drawer Knife Block That Makes Your Countertop Look Spacious

There’s something so clean and aesthetically pleasing about uncrowded countertops and this in-drawer knife block is the perfect solution to making that happen. Instead of bulky knife blocks taking up visual and physical space, this one slips into your standard drawer horizontally and provides room to store 16 knives as well as a knife sharpener. The top tier can fit shorter ones such as paring knives while the bottom is perfect for longer ones like chef’s knives or bread knives. Plus, the warm bamboo material lends a natural touch while providing lots of durability.


These Wall-Mounted Sconces Featuring Charming Mason Jars

Sconces are always a great option when it comes to enhancing a room’s ambiance but can seem unattainable with the work required. Thankfully, these wall-mounted sconces prove that tasteful lighting is totally within reach as they rely on battery-operated LED string lights enchantingly suspended within rustic mason jars. They come in a set of two with each jar hanging from a rope that is attached to a weathered wooden backboard. That backboard is then mounted by rope to the place of your choosing with silk faux flowers also included for added charm.


A Garden Hose Splitter That Boosts Landscaping Efficiency

This garden hose splitter allows you to hook up your hose to the sprinkler while also having another hose readily accessible for manual watering. It easily attaches to any standard spigot and includes an on/off control valve for each nozzle that can also adjust the flow of water. Your thriving garden will thank you as will your pocketbook when you consider the $14 price tag.


This Rainfall Showerhead in Gleaming Chrome

Add both a luxurious look and feel when you install one of these budget-friendly rainfall showerheads in your bathroom. It’s made of shiny and sleek chrome plating and provides you with a high-pressure stream of water that feels reminiscent of a gentle rainstorm. A special built-in air intake system makes every drop feel soft like satin and installation is easy with no tools required, resulting in a solid upgrade for a mere $27 investment.


A Textured Bath Mat That Provides A Nonslip Surface

Who knew that making your bath or shower floor nonslip could actually look so stylish? This textured bath mat does just that by coming in six appealing color options like gray, green, or white, and being constructed of a loofah-like nonslip surface. It stays in place thanks to a grippy bottom, won’t damage the tub finish, and, best of all, feels great on feet. It’s available in three sizes.


This Smart Security Camera That Takes up Barely Any Space

Place this smart security camera anywhere inside your home and get access to high-definition video and two-way audio while taking up barely any real estate. Set up special motion detection zones and receive notifications on your phone if movement occurs within that area. This little camera is obviously the go-to choice as it has garnered over 246,000 reviews, but still remains well-priced at $35. Everything you need is included — all that’s left is to connect it to your Wi-Fi and peace of mind will be yours to enjoy.


An LED Water Faucet Light That Shifts Colors with Changing Temperatures

Make every day that much more entertaining with this LED water faucet light that emits different colors depending on the temperature of the water. Blue light is triggered for cold water, green for tepid, and red for hot, with the addition of flashing red for extremely hot. Perfect for teaching temperature safety around water, the light is also helpful for midnight trips to the sink as the illuminated stream removes the need for turning on jarring lights.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Can Freshen Up Any Living Space

The way a room smells can affect your mood, so investing in an aromatherapy diffuser can be quite the smart upgrade. This unit comes with a set of oils so that you can use it right out of the box, and it also has a lighting system to provide the perfect colors to set the vibe. It currently has over 46,000 five-star reviews on Amazon from customers who love how easy it is to both use and clean afterward.


A Set of Floating Shelves That Add Minimalist Modern Decor

Mount this affordable and chic set of two floating shelves on any blank wall desperate for decor. They’re made in a slim profile and feature a U-shaped ledge to prevent items from toppling over. They’re perfect for displaying pictures, artwork, records, or any other small decor items and you can choose from four available finishes (walnut, espresso, gray, and white) to best match your home’s existing color palette.


These Food Storage Containers That Make Your Pantry Look like A Million Bucks

Not only do these food storage containers keep ingredients fresher for longer, but they also make your pantry look extremely unified, organized, and sleek. They have over 36,000 reviews with a high 4.6-star rating and come in a healthy set of seven that includes two small, two medium, two large, and one extra-tall container. Flip-lock lids seal out oxygen and prevent leaks while customizable chalkboard labels add both charm and orderliness.


A Cocktail Shaker Set in A Brilliant Copper Finish

Stun guests not only with your newfound cocktail skills but also with the accompanying accoutrements when you use this dazzling cocktail shaker set in lustrous copper. The set includes a cocktail shaker, double jigger, mixing spoon, muddler, and two liquid pourers, in addition to a handy velvet carrying bag and a crucial clutch of recipe cards. All of this will cost you less than $35, a pittance when you consider the affordability of handcrafted cocktails from home in addition to your equipment doubling as stylish decor.


This LED TV Backlight That Creates Appealing Mood Lighting

Make your nightly Netflix feel that much more special when you install this LED TV backlight. It attaches to the back of your TV using the peel-and-stick adhesive and plugs into the USB port for power. Choose from 15 colors and 10 brightness settings on offer to create more contrast and less eye strain, transforming your living room into a true home cinema. It comes in 10 sizes but can be easily cut to your desired dimensions.


These Magnetic Garage Door Decorations That Boost Curb Appeal

With over 10,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, savvy shoppers have obviously caught on to this shockingly low-cost yet incredibly effective style hack, i.e. these garage door decorations. The set comes with four hinges and two handles, all made with strong magnets that require no hardware to mount. Made of tough ABS plastic, they feature a rust iron finish and protective coating with reviewers commenting on their durability no matter the weather. They install easily, cost under $20, and immediately transform a run-of-the-mill garage door into a thing of neighborly envy.


An Elegant Glass Teapot for A Refined Daily Ritual

Instead of your average bags in cups, imagine brewing looseleaf tea in this gorgeous glass teapot that extracts every bit of flavor and allows for an aesthetically pleasing daily ritual. It’s constructed of borosilicate glass that can be used both on the stovetop and in the microwave. The stainless steel filter features fine laser-cut holes to filter out even the smallest tea leaf particles. Plus, because it’s made of glass, the teapot won’t carry over any odors or flavors from one brew to the next.


The Vintage Wood Wallpaper That Adds Immediate Warmth & Texture

If you thought walls made of weathered wood reminiscent of a Cape Cod cottage were a complete pipe dream, think again. This $5 peel-and-stick wallpaper features an authentic weathered wood design, as if years of salt, spray, and sun had done their job. It can be easily cut to size and mounts quickly using self-adhesive to smooth, clean surfaces. Apply it to walls, dressers, or side tables knowing it won’t damage the surface and will remove just as easily if the mood for change strikes.


A String of LED Mirror Lights to Glamorize The Bathroom

Not only will these LED mirror lights make makeup application that much more precise, but they also add a touch of old Hollywood glamour to your daily routine. They mount using an adhesive backing and can be cut to easily accommodate the size of your mirror. Plug the string of lights into your nearest outlet and use the built-in dimmer to adjust the brightness for the perfect Hollywood glow.


A Set of Throw Pillow Covers to Bring A Fresh Look to Old Furniture

At only $14 for the pair, these throw pillow covers act as one of the easiest ways to jazz up tired, old sofas or chairs. They’re designed with a trendy geometric pattern and are made with a bit of velvet for a soft and luxurious feel. With a choice between black, brown, white, or yellow, create visual interest by mixing and matching not only color but size, as these are offered in six options from square to rectangular.


A Wall Mirror to Open up Spaces

Make tight spaces feel expansive with the affordable addition of this $21 wall mirror. It comes in three different sizes and is made with a rustic wooden frame that resembles an antique store hidden gem. Choose from seven available finishes such as retro white, natural wood, or dark brown, and lean it against your wall or mount it using the included hanging hardware.


These Multicolor Picture Frames for A Captivating Gallery Wall

All you need for the perfect gallery wall is this collection of 10 picture frames that come in three different finishes (black, brown, and gray) for an attractive display. The frames come in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of photos and artwork and can be hung vertically or horizontally depending on your preference. Thankfully, gallery prices don’t apply as this whole set will only cost you $31.


A Set of Outdoor String Lights to Create A Festive Atmosphere

These popular outdoor string lights have over 56,000 reviews and are a perfect way of dialing up an immediately festive ambiance for a $16 investment. It comes in lengths ranging from 25 to 100 feet with the glass bulbs designed in a chic globe shape and sporting an exposed filament. Not only are they completely dimmable, but they can also withstand all kinds of weather, making for a convivial atmosphere all year long.


These Turkish Hand Towels for Fashionable Functionality

Just because these Turkish hand towels are stunningly beautiful, doesn’t mean they can’t also provide great functionality in the kitchen or bathroom. They’re made of 100% cotton that’s both soft and absorbent and which promises to dry fast without accumulating any musty odor. They come in a range of beautiful colors, all featuring a herringbone weave, and are lightweight enough to be conveniently portable.


A Pair of Vanity Light Fixtures to Make Your Bathroom Stand Out

Make a visual impact for less than $30 with these stylish and highly rated vanity light fixtures that boast a vintage design. They can be mounted with the lights facing down or up, either way calling to mind a modern farmhouse or nautical aesthetic. Pair them with classic Edison bulbs to complete the look and mount them easily using the accompanying hardware and manual.


This Corkboard That Can Help You Easily Display Your Accomplishments

Whether it helps you tidy up your home office, or just serves as a great place to showcase the work your kids have done in school, this versatile corkboard makes for an easy and convenient home upgrade. Available in both white and black, this board has been designed to securely hold push pins, thanks to the dense material that’s underneath the cork itself. It’s built to last, and is also a great option for classrooms.


A Shower Soap Dispenser for An Uncluttered Bath

Get your body wash, shampoo, or conditioner off of the shower floor or side of the bath using this shower soap dispenser. It mounts to the wall with a strong, waterproof self-adhesive bracket and simply requires the push of a button to dispense the soap. A chrome-plated finish contributes to a clean look and a clear reservoir in either a wave or curved design shows exactly how much you have left before the need to refill.


This Cable Management Box That Hides Disorderly Cords

If your power strip seems to be taking on a life of its own as it sprouts an overwhelming tangle of cords and cables, turn to this cable management box to get the chaos under control. It can accommodate power strips under 12 inches and even includes convenient built-in outlet holes for chargers and accessory cables. Plus, you won’t mind having this box take up visual space with its modern design and minimalist natural wood cover.

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