60 Rad Things for Your Home That Are so Freaking Cheap on Amazon

These Amazon finds are so cool, you’ll never believe they’re this cheap.

Written by Allison Bolt
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If your Amazon cart is rarely full of home goods other than the occasional hand soap refill, you have to take a peek at this list of clever finds to instantly elevate your space. They’re all practical and functional around the house, but they’ll also make your home look super impressive (with barely any effort). Best of all, these 60 home finds are all so freaking cheap that you’ll want to start redoing your home ASAP.


These warm white light bars that are so slim

These light bars are 8.5 inches long but still super slim, so it’s easy to hide this four-pack under cabinets or in your closet. Though they can be tap-operated, this pack also comes with a remote to dim them or set timers, adding versatility to them. They can be mounted with screws or adhesive tape, and the battery-operated lights run for 100 hours, which makes these a zero-effort add-on.


This ice cub tray & bin set with a lid that pops all the cubes out at once

This pack of ice cube trays comes with an ice cube bin and a little scoop, so you’ll always have ice ready to go for your cold brew. Simply stack a tray on top of the bin and press the lid on top to instantly drop all of the ice cubes (instead of twisting and popping out individual ice cubes). Plus, this easy-to-use lid keeps your ice free of odors or weird tastes from the fridge.


These stick-on caddies you can style *anywhere* in your shower

These shower caddies stick right onto your tiles with adhesive, so you’re not stuck with a caddy hanging on the showerhead. Not only can you style these rustproof metal caddies wherever you want in the shower, but they can also hold up to 40 pounds to pack in as many skincare products as you want.


These dimmable night-lights with the chicest design

With its matte black geometric design, these LED night lights will look way more expensive than a classic plug-in. Each has a neatly hidden switch on top to easily dim the cozy, warm white light. They automatically turn on at night to illuminate your space, and they even leave room to plug in your phone charger underneath.


A 3-in-1 egg slicer with a handy catcher bowl

Whether you like your hard-boiled eggs as a snack, sliced as a salad topping, or dressed with mayonnaise for an egg salad sandwich, this egg slicer can give you the exact cut you need with a single motion. Unlike other egg slicers, this one has a wedge slicer, fine dicer, and classic slicer. No matter the ideal egg shape, this slicer has a little container to catch all your chopped egg.


These scrubby, reusable dishcloths that are impressively long-lasting

These reusable dishcloths will last for up to 100 uses, and they come in a bulk pack, so they’ll be a super long-lasting addition to your cleaning closet. Their absorbent and scrubby texture is also durable enough to clean up anything — including dirty mirrors without leaving streaks.


These touch-up pens that keep house paint fresh

Simply fill these small brush pens with paint, and you’re ready to touch up scuffed walls all around your house. It’s super easy to fill them with paint with an easy-to-use paint-filling syringe that’s the exact size you need. Possibly the best part — these ultra-precise pens keeps paint fresh for years, so you can easily touch up little nicks and chips.


These clip-on holders for a perfectly crisp fitted sheet

These stretchy bed sheet straps will instantly elevate your bedding and give your sheets that perfectly crisp hotel look. Each one has three sturdy rust-proof metal clips to keep the corners of the fitted pulled tight (and prevent them from popping off the mattress). But don’t worry — the clips are lined with gentle nylon teeth to protect your sheets.


This ultra-durable spatula pack with a handy jar scraper

This pack of heat-resistant spatulas is durable enough for every single recipe because it’s warp- and even melt-resistant. This flexible silicone pack comes with four different shapes and sizes, including a super helpful one to easily reach the last of a sauce or even peanut butter from the bottom of jars.


This toilet brush & plunger set with quirky cactus handles

This toilet plunger and brush set has a quirky cactus design that will actually look like a fun decor piece in the bathroom (instead of a gross plunger). The cactus-shaped handles are long and super functional. Plus, it’s easy to replace the brush head if the toilet brush gets a little grimy — just unscrew it and grab a replacement.


This adjustable fabric shaver with 85,000 5-star reviews

It’s so worth grabbing this fabric shaver because you’ll use it all over the house. With three adjustable heights, two speeds, and easy-to-replace blades, you can get the blades as close to (or as far from) your sofa’s upholstery as you need to shave off excess fuzz and pills. It also has an easy-to-empty holder to trap all of the lint from your sweaters and upholstered furniture.


A dual-sided window & vent duster that’ll speed up cleaning

This duster brush is the easiest way to take care of dusty blinds, vent grates, or even window tracks without ruining all of your microfiber cloths. It has sturdy bristles on one side to scrub off any caked-on dust. Meanwhile, the three levels of microfiber cloths will clean the tops and bottoms of two blinds at once.


A desktop vacuum that quickly picks up crumbs

This mini desktop vacuum cleaner will look sleek next to your laptop, and you only have to click one button to vacuum up crumbs after your lunch break. The battery-operated design is even strong enough to clean off all of your kitchen counters after cooking dinner. Meanwhile, the built-in bristles on the bottom make it even easier to tidy up your desk.


These mini food containers to neatly store leftover sauces

These mini glass storage containers are an airtight solution for leftover salad dressing, homemade hummus, or whatever sauce needs a tidy container in your fridge. They have leakproof lids, and they’re microwave-safe to reheat your favorite sauces quickly. Plus, they’re stackable to make all of the leftover sauces look aesthetic in your fridge.


This microwave cooker with a grill-like design for crispiness

This easy-to-use bacon gadget has a raised grill-like design, so your bacon won’t sit in the dripping grease while it cooks. Instead, it stays on top of all the grease while this ventilated cooker spins around in your microwave. Of course, its grill-like design also makes it a go-to for microwaving anything that you want to be ultra-crispy.


These over-the-door hooks with zero-effort setup

This over-the-door coat rack is lined with six double hooks, so you can easily hang a coat and your bag on each hook. The modern matte black design is paired with a simple design that looks nice on any door. It’s also topped off with easy-to-use clips for the top of your door, so there’s no installation hardware involved.


This foldable LED lamp with seriously sleek details

This desk lamp has a sleek LED light bar that’s easy to fold down when you’re not using it. The LED has three dimmer settings, and it’s completely free of blue light to keep your eyes extra happy at work. Meanwhile, the slim base has a USB port for your phone charger and a simple-to-use touch control button.


An outlet cover with a super practical shelf on top

Pop this sturdy shelf onto one of your wall outlets, and you’ll instantly have a spot for your phone, smart speaker, or whatever you need to charge. At 5.1 inches deep, this shelf is super functional for a little extra storage space. Plus, you simply install it just like a classic outlet plate, so it only takes a few minutes to upgrade your outlets.


A stylish sink caddy with a brush basket & washcloth rack

This durable metal caddy has everything you need to keep your kitchen sink or bathroom counter perfectly tidy. It has space for soap or dishwashing liquid and a built-in basket for toothbrushes or even your dish brush or sponge. The bottom has a raised design and ventilation holes to keep everything dry. To top it all off — there’s even a little rack on the back to hang a washcloth or makeup-removing cloth.


A magnetic shelf that gives you extra storage on your stove

This magnetic shelf sticks right on top of your stove and is such a clever way to add more storage space to your kitchen. Available in stainless steel, black, and white, this shelf will blend right in with your stove, and it makes so easy to grab all of your favorite spices and cooking oils. The strong magnets are also covered in soft silicone, so you won’t have to worry about scratching your appliance.


An elegant glass pour-over kit with a clever pouring handle

This glass pour-over coffee maker will not only look chic on your counter, but it also has a matching glass handle to make pouring a breeze. The reusable stainless steel filter fits right on top of this elegant coffee maker, and this handy little setup will make about three to four cups per brew.


This quick-to-use catcher that lets you carry bugs out of the house

If you’re grossed out by bugs, this easy-to-use insect catcher will save you a ton of time. Instead of working up the nerve to use a paper towel or cup, simply pull the handle and trap the spider or bug in the sturdy bristles on the end. The bristles are also transparent, so you can be absolutely sure the bug is trapped inside while you carry it outside.


These slim velvet hangers that help you store more clothes

With an expensive-looking velvet coating and a super slim design, these hangers are an impressive closet upgrade. The thin design lets you fit more clothes next to each other, and it’s more than durable enough to hold up to 10 pounds. They also have strap notches and a pant-hanging bar, so they’ll work with every single one of your pieces.


A highly-rated foldable cooling rack with 3 nonstick levels

This cooling rack comes with three different levels, so you’ll have more than enough room to cool all of your cookies and cakes. Its durable wire design has a nonstick finish to keep your baked goods intact when you take them off the rack. You can even fold it down to neatly tuck it in a drawer between baking projects.


This best-selling, cleverly shaped mop with a splash-proof bucket

This mopping set comes with a microfiber mop that can rotate 360 degrees. That, combined with the flat, triangular design, allows this fluffy cleaner to easily fit under furniture or in the corners of your space. Beyond that, this bestseller comes with a bucket to quickly wring it out. Simply step on the foot pedal, and the bucket will wring out the mop while the splash guard prevents any spills.


A bamboo organizer to easily cut tin foil & plastic wrap

There’s honestly no way to make flimsy boxes of plastic wrap and tin foil look tidy, so swap the boxes for this super organized bamboo holder. It comes with slots for three different rolls or types of zip-top baggies and 21 labels to keep things extra organized. Plus, each slot has a little slider to easily cut a sheet while you’re cooking.


These reusable toaster bags with easy-to-use handles

These reusable bags might just be the easiest way to keep your toaster clean because they’ll catch all of the crumbs, and they make it so you can confidently make a cheesy sandwich in your toaster with no mess. They’re made of a heat-resistant and non-stick material that you can rinse clean, and they even come with built-in handles, so it’s easier to pull your bread or toasted sandwich out of the toaster.


A scrubby pink cleaning paste with 138,000 5-star reviews

This pink cleaning paste has a scrubby, mildly abrasive formula that will work on stains and grime all over the house. It works on greasy-coated pans in the kitchen, sticky floors, a rusty patio table, and more without leaving any scratches behind. Truly, this easy-to-use paste can even tackle annoying cleaning projects (like stained grout).


An aesthetic spice bowl with an easy-to-use magnetic lid

This aesthetic bamboo spice bowl has a magnetic lid, so it’s super easy to twist it open whenever you need a pinch of salt or pepper. You can also quickly close it, and the magnet will ensure it snaps shut to prevent your spices from getting damp while you cook.


This easy-to-use hair catcher that sticks on the shower wall

If you have a habit of wiping stray hairs on the shower wall, pop this 3M adhesive stick-on hair catcher on your tiles instead. Simply swipe your hand from right to left after washing and combing your hair, and the silicone bristles will trap all of the hair. After your shower, swipe your hand the other way to easily grab the hair and toss it in the trash.


A stylish bamboo cheese board with a hidden knife drawer

This bamboo cheese board has a grooved design that keeps crackers, fruit, or olives perfectly in place while you carry it over to the table. This compact board even packs in four different cheese knives in a built-in hidden drawer, and it’s topped off with a flat cheese-slicing surface for seriously easy serving.


A motion sensor toilet night-light with 9 colorful settings

Clipping this colorful night-light to your toilet is way more fun than a classic night-light, and it won’t be as blinding. It has a built-in motion sensor, so it will instantly come on when you sleepily walk into the bathroom at night. You can also choose from 9 different LED colors to illuminate the bathroom in a classic white light or a colorful light.


These chair leg covers that keep wood & vinyl floors scratch-free

These chair leg covers can stretch to fit the bottom of any chair or small furniture piece, whether the bottom is round, square, or something in between. The real star here is the soft felt on the bottom, which allows your chairs to glide across the floor without damaging hard floor surfaces. And don’t worry about aesthetics — these come in clear as well as a variety of neutral colors to blend right in.


These shatter-proof bins that look super tidy stacked in the fridge

These stackable fridge organizers are shatter-proof, so they’ll be completely fine if you drop one while you’re unloading groceries. They’re BPA-free, so these easy-to-see-through clear bins are even perfect for keeping produce organized. Meanwhile, the built-in handles make it easy to slide them around your fridge to look for ingredients — not like you’ll have to look hard.


These sturdy clothes bins with windows to see all of your pieces

These foldable clothes bins have a clear window on the front, so you can quickly see which one has the piece of clothing you’re looking for. Each one comes with super sturdy, reinforced handles, so you can easily pull them out of the closet when you need to find a sweater.


This outlet extender that’s a game-changer

If you have limited access to outlets, this product will change your life. Plug it into any standard outlet and screw in the center. Instantly, you’ll have six standard outlet plugs, and two USB ports at the ready.


A pyramid-shaped power strip with outlets all the way around it

This high-speed charging power strip has a super functional pyramid design, so you can stick chargers all the way around it. Three of the sides have classic outlets, while one side has two USBs and a USB-C outlet for all of your chargers. The triangle shape also makes it compact enough to fit on your desk or entryway table.


These non-stick mats with built-in baking templates

These reusable silicone mats are covered in templates, so you can easily scoop out the same amount of cookie dough for each cookie (without measuring). You don’t have to bake macarons either because these non-stick mats with up to 480-degree heat resistance are perfect for all of your baking or roasting recipes. You also get full- and half-sheet sizes to make this pack even more versatile.


This grill press for evenly cooked burgers

This cast iron grill press will give you consistent burgers every time. Simply press into your burgers on the grill and watch as excess fat and juice escapes. Bonus? You’ll get better char and grill marks by pressing your burgers down. It’s no wonder thousands of grillers love this.


These silicone spoon rests that’ll save your kitchen counters

Instead of resting your cooking spoons on the side of the pan (where they’ll burn), or the countertop (where they’ll stain), invest in these spoon rests. They’re made of silicone so they’re easy to wash, and they’re a generous size to catch bits of food and sauce before the end up stuck to your countertop.


A stain-finding flashlight that even works with the lights on

This battery-powered UV flashlight comes with an adhesive mount, so you can pop it right on top of your favorite bottle of carpet stain remover. Simply turn it on, and you can walk around with your stain-spotting light and your spot cleaner for when you find one. You can also easily pull the flashlight off the bottle if you need to investigate a suspicious spot closer.


A reusable & super durable roller for daily pet fur cleanup

This pet fur remover has over 116,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Why? It comes with a huge built-in fur compartment, so you can clean up the entire couch before needing to empty it. It has a reusable fabric design that uses an electrostatic charge to grab all of the fur around your home. That means this easy-to-use handheld roller will always be ready to clean up fur, and you’ll never have to rely on sticky, single-use lint sheets.


A sleek deodorizer that freshens up your fridge for 10 years

This stainless steel deodorizer is so small that you’ll barely even notice it next to your favorite bottle of cold brew in the fridge. It will also keep your fridge completely odorless for up to 10 years — even if you forget to throw away leftovers way too often. While it hangs out in your fridge, this zero-effort deodorizer will even help to keep your fruits and veggies fresh thanks to its clever decomposition particles.


These corner-shaped rug grippers that stay perfectly sticky

Stick these corner-shaped rug grippers on the bottom of your rug, and your rug will stay perfectly flat and straight. (AKA — you won’t have to re-position the rug all the time.) The bottom has renewable gel, so you can lift up each corner to vacuum underneath, and it will stick right back in place when you’re done.


This organizer for all of your food container lids

Instead of tossing your food containers into a cabinet where, inevitably, the lid goes missing, use this genius organizer. It has eight adjustable dividers so you can customize it perfectly to your needs. Store every lid in your cabinet in one convenient place.


A dictionary book safe that will blend right into your bookshelf

This sneaky book safe is super roomy because it’s disguised as an extra-thick dictionary. Simply lift the hardcover “dictionary” cover, and you’ll find a sturdy steel safe inside. It also comes with two keys, so you’ll always have a backup to open this nondescript book safe.


These clear organizers for your pantry

Whether you’re tending to your cluttered pantry, fridge, or hall closet, these organizers are so great. They’re designed to hold up to nine standard 12-ounce soda cans, but reviewers love using them for all sorts of things. Bring a little organization to your chronically messy space.


A dryer-cleaning kit that easily attaches to your vacuum

All you need to confidently clean your own dryer vent is this surprisingly budget-friendly cleaning kit. It comes with a 31.5-inch long vent-cleaning hose with two easy-to-use adapters, so you can pop it right onto your vacuum cleaner’s hose. It also has a flexible design, so it’s easy to reach every last bit of lint in the dryer.


A mini bag sealer that’s so quick & easy to use

This bag sealer has a miniature design that will take up way less space than a bunch of bag clips. Unlike other bag sealers, this one goes 2.4 inches deep and creates five lines of an airtight seal, helping your snacks and bagged food to stay fresher for longer. It seals just one to three seconds, too, making this a total no-brainer.


This super compact grill scraper with a soft leather handle

This grill scraper is way smaller than a bulky grill brush, and the stainless steel design honestly works way better. It has a bunch of different shapes and sizes of cleaning grooves, so it will fit perfectly around each grill grate no matter what kind of grill you have. It’s also topped off with a soft leather handle and a handy bottle opener on the bottom.


An adjustable organizer for your plastic wrap & tinfoil

You’ll have enough room in this adjustable box organizer to have a few tinfoil boxes and plastic wraps stowed away for when you need it. And since it’s adjustable, you can customize each shelf to be the perfect height for whatever you need to store. It comes in four sizes.


These expandable drawer dividers that look super elevated

These spring-loaded expandable drawer dividers have padding on each end, so they’ll have a perfectly snug fit in drawers that are 17.5 to 22 inches deep (but also won’t scratch the inside of your drawers). The solid bamboo design is water-resistant, super sturdy, and will make your kitchen, clothes, or desk drawers look tidier and way more organized than ever before.


A batter dispenser that keeps your countertop clean

This batter dispenser with an easy-to-use dispensing handle will keep your countertop perfectly clean when you’re making pancakes or baking. It comes with measurements on the side, so it’s even easy to dispense the exact same amount of batter in each cupcake liner or on the griddle. It also has a wide design and removable lid on top, so you can fill it up with batter without making a mess.


An airtight cold brew maker that’s ready for serving

You’ll save dishes with this cold brew maker because it brews your coffee inside a heat-resistant glass pitcher with an airtight lid. You can leave the grounds in for up to 24 hours, and when it seems strong enough, simply remove the mess-free coffee filter. Of course, you also get a measuring scoop and a funnel to really keep your countertop free of coffee grounds.


This mini waffle iron

Breakfast has never been easier than with this mini waffle maker. It heats up in minutes and produces 4-inch mini waffles in just a few minutes. One reviewer says, “This is such a wonderful thing to have in the kitchen. If you aren't cooking for an army and just want to make a couple of waffles for yourself, this thing is perfect.”


These plush cotton oven mitts with extra grip

These oven mitts are cotton on the inside and up to your elbow, but the palm section is a silicone material, which adds much-needed grip and heat resistance. These stylish numbers can handle temperatures up to 450, and they’re water resistant so you can use them for boiled foods, too. With an extra-long design and a functional top, there’s no wondering why these have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


A digital meat thermometer a handy temperature reference chart

This waterproof digital meat thermometer has a foldable design, so it will easily fit in a kitchen drawer (and the probe won’t poke you when you’re grabbing cooking utensils). It comes with an LED backlight, a safe meat-temperature chart on the front, and it reads in as little as three seconds — so it’s seriously easy to use. When you finish cooking, it has a hanging loop or a built-in magnet to store it on the fridge.


A handy indoor security camera with 187,000 5-star ratings

This security camera is super popular on Amazon — and it’s easy to see why. It features a live view and two-way audio, which allows you to check on pets when you’re away, and it sends alerts to your phone when motion is detected. It also has stunning night vision for 24/7 protection.


This broom holder that brings order to any space

Instead of tossing brooms, brushes, and other cleaning supplies into a closet where their bristles could get damaged (or at least where dust will get everywhere), mount this tool organizer on the wall inside or out. There are five spots to store broom handles, and five hooks for gardening gloves, smaller tools, or whatever has been lurking on the floor of that corner of the garage.


This easy-to-grip can opener

It’s rare for a product as simple as a can opener drums up this much excitement amongst reviewers. But one fan says, “This is absolutely the BEST and easiest can opener I’ve ever had, even my neighbor comes over to use it.” The easy-to-grip handles make it simple to wield, and the magnetized side picks up the lid after you’ve taken it off.

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