65 Cheap Gifts Skyrocketing in Popularity on Amazon That Are Sick as Hell

Your gift-giving game is about to get better.

by Rachel Bar-Gadda
65 Cheap Gifts Skyrocketing in Popularity on Amazon That Are Sick as Hell
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As birthdays, holidays, and those celebratory mile markers come along, it can be tough to keep coming up with perfect gifts — not to mention, completely budget-busting. In this case, I have one word for you: Amazon. Below, you’ll find tons of cool, cheap gifts skyrocketing in popularity that will feel tailored for anybody on your list. Whatever the gifting challenge, the solution follows, and — cue sigh of relief — all at a reasonable price point.


These stylish glasses shaped like beer cans

Four 20-ounce glasses come in this set that’s great for the person who’d love to drink their latte, lemonade, and, of course, ice-cold beer out of a can-shaped vessel. The glasses come with their own glass straws as well as a flexible wired straw cleaner. Pop the glasses into the freezer for a brewski-ready chill and clean them easily in the dishwasher.


A wall-mounted hat rack for the avid collector

Instead of having their collection piled up on doorknobs, stuffed in closets, or heaped on the floor, gift the headwear enthusiast this hat rack that mounts to the wall and can hold up to seven caps. It comes in a set of four and uses strong self-adhesive which gives it a weight-bearing capacity of 4.5 pounds. Available in black and white, the rack features a design that won’t distort the shape of the hat and can also be used to store umbrellas or handbags.


These stick-on lights for affordable accent lighting

Give the gift of tasteful illumination with this set of three stick-on lights. They mount to the underside of cabinets, inside closets, along stairways, or wherever extra light is needed using only simple self-adhesive or the included hardware. With the help of three AA batteries each (not included), they provide a warm white glow that can be easily adjusted in terms of brightness and automatic timers using the included remote.


An electric makeup brush cleaner that works in minutes

For those who treasure their cosmetic tools as much as the actual products, get them this makeup brush cleaner that gets tools washed and dried in a flash. The set includes a bowl for your cleaning solution, eight collars to fit various brushes, and an electric spinner that uses batteries to operate. Spin the brush in the liquid to wash and simply raise it and spin again to dry.


This accessory organizer that’s infinitely customizable

This ingenious accessory organizer features many crisscrossing elastic bands that allow for infinite storage possibilities. Made of a panel of ballistic nylon, the elastic bands keep items securely in place and allow for complete customization in storing anything from school supplies to tech accessories to cosmetics. The panel then easily fits in a backpack, briefcase, or luggage to transport items while on the move.


An armrest support for work-from-home comfort

Give your work-from-home compatriot or family member something that will make a serious difference in their day-to-day life with this ergonomic armrest support. It clamps onto the edge of the desk and is designed with a comfortable armrest to support the shoulder and reduce strain on the elbow. It can rotate 360 degrees and provides six levels of height adjustability.


These down-alternative bed pillows that stay cool

The hot sleeper in your life will thank you when they receive these down-alternative bed pillows. With over 6,000 five-star reviews, they feature a comfortably cool cotton cover as well as a cooling gel-infused fill that retains its bounce throughout its lifetime. They come in a set of two and are made with an elegant striped design with the ability to be conveniently cleaned in the washing machine.


A detangling hairbrush that’s gentle on hair

No matter if your gift recipient has fine, thick, straight, or curly hair, they will appreciate this popular detangling brush with over 79,000 ratings on Amazon. It’s designed with flexible, cone-shaped bristles that work with the hair and not against it, easily releasing tangles without causing breakage. Plus, the handle features an ergonomic shape for comfortable brushing and comes in lots of fun colors and patterns.


This portable fan that functions as a backup power bank

Not only does this portable fan have a foldable design that’s easily tossed in a bag or stowed in a pocket, but it also doubles as backup power for devices. It’s rechargeable via USB and features three quiet airflow speeds and soft blades that automatically stop if accidentally touched. Plus, it even functions as a flashlight when a little extra light is needed.


A shoe cleaner kit that makes kicks look like new

This shoe cleaner kit is great for the sneaker enthusiast who likes to take diligent care of their kicks. It has over 35,000 ratings and works with only a few drops of its nontoxic formula to gently clean washable material such as leather, suede, nubuck, or canvas. A brush is also included for gentle scrubbing and the removal of dirt and stains.


These shower caddies to elevate bathroom storage

With over 28,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, these shower caddies will instantly upgrade any bathroom. Made of rustproof stainless steel, they feature an elegant wave design and come in four finishes (polished silver, gold, matte black, and rose gold) to add a touch of style. Two are included in each set with strong self-adhesive provided for a secure installation.


A neck reading light with a narrow, focused beam

Nighttime readers, knitters, or circuit-board repairers will adore this popular neck reading light that’s designed with a narrow, focused beam of light that illuminates their book or project. It’s garnered a high 4.7-star rating over 106,000-plus reviews, with shoppers appreciating the flexible gooseneck design as well as the six brightness levels and three color temperature options (yellow, warm white, and cool white). Choose from eight available colors and conveniently charge it via micro-USB.


This magnetic wristband to make home repairs a breeze

If you’ve got a friend who prefers to fix everything that breaks around the house themselves, go ahead and make their day with this magnetic wristband with over 9,000 reviews. Made of polyester and breathable mesh, it features 10 strong built-in magnets that can hold screws, bolts, drill bits, washers, and whatever else needs to be kept close at hand — especially at the top of a ladder.


A universal wrench set that works with a range of fasteners

For the person whose toolbox is nearly overflowing with extraneous things, get them this universal wrench set that allows them to work with a number of different fasteners. Two wrenches (8-inch and 10-inch) come in the set and feature a dual-sided design with metric and standard American measurements. Adjust the center torque to work with different sizes of 6-point, 12-point, triangle, square, hex, and rounded fasteners, then store the wrenches away in the newly spacious toolbox.


This car trunk organizer with a tie-down strap system

Anybody who loves to road trip will adore this car trunk organizer that keeps all their supplies neatly stored and securely in place thanks to a tie-down strap system. With over 54,000 five-star ratings, the organizer can be collapsed flat or kept partially opened to suit your needs, with exterior pockets included for more storage. A fully waterproof lining keeps the car interior clean while built-in handles make it easy to maneuver.


A set of packing cubes for the avid traveler

Those who are passionate travelers will feel very seen by the gift of these popular packing cubes. They have over 20,000 ratings (and a near-perfect 4.8 stars overall) for the simple fact that they allow you to pack for a 14-day vacation within a small, tidy footprint. Four cubes come in a set (one large, two medium, and one small) all made of a breathable mesh top and sturdy, water-resistant material. They come in nine colors with a laundry bag included for good measure.


This roadside assistance emergency kit to keep them safe en route

There’s nothing like a practical, super helpful gift, and that’s exactly what this roadside assistance emergency kit is all about. It contains nine different types of supplies such as jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, first aid bandages, a poncho, and even an LED headlamp. Everything is stored neatly inside a small, hardshell, nylon case that’ll take up barely any room in the trunk but promises to come in handy when the need strikes.


A spice carousel with automatic dispensing

Keen cooks will appreciate this ingenious spice carousel that allows them to automatically dispense a 1/4 teaspoon with a click of the dial, in addition to pouring and shaking the spices. It’s easy to fill from the top and can hold up to 12 spices with a built-in window and labels provided for easy identification. Place it within a cabinet or mount it underneath as it rotates for quick accessibility.


These gold under-eye masks that help reduce puffiness

Treat your bestie to some serious pampering with these luxe-looking gold under-eye masks. Every pack comes with 20 pairs which work within 20 minutes to provide a refreshed, glowy look. They’re appropriate for all skin types and can even be popped into the fridge for a cooling effect.


A car seat gap organizer that keeps essentials close at hand

Not only does this car seat gap organizer prevent items from falling perilously into that deep crevice between the seat and the console, but it also functions to hold a phone, wallet, sunglasses, and more. Available in a set of two, it’s made of elegant-looking faux leather that comes in several finishes from gray to brown to black. The included spacers can be used to ensure a secure fit.


This inflatable travel pillow that conforms to the body

Frequent travelers understand the limitations of the humble neck pillow, so you’ll be poised to really blow them away with the gift of this upgraded inflatable travel pillow. It’s designed almost like a half-body pillow that features a 45-degree slope to conform to the abdomen. Multiple holes allow them to rest their head and neck, yet still continue to breathe comfortably. They can put their arms through the cutouts and use the pillow in multiple orientations to suit their needs.


An electric lunch box for a hot meal on the go

Give your buddy the ability to save money and enjoy a hot meal at the office with this electric lunch box. It plugs into a standard outlet (or car outlet!) to heat food up within 20 to 30 minutes. Its leakproof design includes a removable stainless steel tray with a small plastic container additionally provided for snack items. Pop the entire thing into the insulated carry bag.


This knee pillow for blissful side sleeping

This knee pillow will provide sweet relief and blissful sleep to side sleepers everywhere. Its concave shape takes the pressure off hip and knee joints while helping with spine alignment and easing back or sciatic nerve pain. Made of memory foam, the cover is conveniently washable and there’s even a travel case thrown in for comfortable sleep no matter the location.


A first aid kit in an ultra-compact case

Outfit the campers, hikers, and enthusiastic outdoors folks in your life with this comprehensive first aid kit. It comes with 200 pieces of crucial tools to help in case of an accident such as wound dressings, antiseptic wipes, a magnesium fire starter, a signaling mirror, an 11-piece fishing kit, and a mylar blanket. Best of all, the supplies are stored in a compact, portable case that only weighs 16 ounces.


This snack bowl that fits on 40-ounce water bottles

Great for outdoor movies or sporting events, this snack bowl is designed to fit perfectly around a 40-ounce tumbler to allow for munching on popcorn while sipping on soda, for example. The BPA-free plastic bowl has three compartments to accommodate different snacks and features a convenient indentation for the tumbler’s handle.


A liquid plastic welder that creates a seamless fix

Instead of adding to someone’s overwhelming collection of stuff, give them this liquid plastic welder that will restore broken items to functionality. It can work on a range of surfaces from plastic to wood to metal, and, as opposed to gluing things together, it works to create a bond cured by a built-in UV light feature. Use it to fix plastic toys, broken cords, or jewelry with the ability to mold, sand, or paint afterward for a seamless result.


This sports water bottle with 112,000 5-star ratings

Based on the incredible amount of five-star ratings, shoppers are clearly obsessed with this sports water bottle that will be a slam-dunk gift for anyone who takes beverages on the go. Made of stainless steel, it features double-wall insulation to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. On top of being offered in a range of sizes and over 30 stylish colors, three different lids are also provided — a straw lid, a stainless steel lid, and a flip lid.


A set of vitamin C & hyaluronic acid serums to smooth & hydrate

These vitamin C and hyaluronic serums serve as the ultimate power couple that your skin-care devotee friend will be sure to love. Formulated with dermatologist-tested ingredients, vitamin C works to smooth and brighten skin while hyaluronic acid adds crucial moisture. All it takes is three to five drops of each serum on clean, dry skin for a radiant result.


This wireless doorbell that’s incredibly customizable

This wireless doorbell comes with two transmitters and a receiver that offers a choice of 52 chimes and four volume levels. With a range of over 1,000 feet, the doorbell installs easily with either the included self-adhesive or hardware and features a battery life that lasts up to three years. Plus, the transmitters can be customized to ring different chimes so you know which doorbell is being pressed.


A steering wheel tray that turns the car into an office & break room

For the people in your life who use the car as a living room, office, and break room, this steering wheel tray will make things so much easier. It hooks onto the wheel to provide a stable platform on which to write, work, read, and eat. One side has a flat surface while the other has designated places for food and drinks.


These biodegradable wet wipes that are pH-balanced

These biodegradable wet wipes with over 9,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating have so much going for them. They’re pH-balanced and therefore great for sensitive skin in addition to being alcohol-free, unscented, and made with nourishing aloe vera. Plus, they come in a large size that makes them great for, in the words of the brand, “posterior pampering” out on the trail.


A cold brew maker for smooth iced coffee

If you can’t continue to sit by while your friend or family member spends their life savings at the coffee shop, get them this cold brew coffee maker that will reap rewards within 12 to 24 hours. It comes with a temperature-safe glass carafe with measurement markers, a stainless steel precision-cut filter, and an airtight lid to preserve freshness. Add the appropriate amount of grounds and let it steep in the fridge, then remove the filter, and serve coffee directly from the carafe for a delicious, budget-friendly cup.


This gooseneck phone holder for a hands-free experience

Clamp this gooseneck phone holder onto the headboard, the end of a desk, or the edge of the kitchen countertop to watch episodes, video chat, or read recipes. The arm is made of sturdy aluminum alloy and is attached to a universal mount that can rotate 360 degrees. With a choice of four colors (black, white, gray, and rose gold), this is a great accessory to relieve hands and necks from unnecessary pressure.


An adjustable car cup holder adapter for 32 & 40-ounce water bottles

For those who are attached at the hip to their large 32 or 40-ounce water bottle, this adjustable cup holder adapter allows them to neatly store those bottles in their car. It features an adjustable base to fit different car cup holders with a larger holder built on top to accommodate anything from YETIs to Hydro Flasks to Nalgenes. A foam sleeve inserted at the base keeps the cup holder secure.


These cat-scratching shields that protect upholstery

The cat moms and dads in your world will seriously thank you after being gifted these cat-scratching shields that will save that pricey sofa. They’re made of flexible, clear plastic and can be cut to size. The peel-off adhesive helps them stick to the upholstery with twist pins provided for additional security. The cat will soon enough learn what’s off-limits, saving the pet owner lots of money down the line.


A foot peel mask for soft skin in under 2 weeks

If you want to truly treat someone, skip the pedicure gift certificate and get this foot peel mask instead. After the booties have been slipped on for an hour, the formula continues to work until layers of dead or calloused skin have been sloughed away. The booties come in a universal fit and in a range of different scents such as peach, rose, or tea tree.


This projection alarm clock to clearly see the time from bed

Give the gift of instantly knowing the time, no matter the late hour, with this projection alarm clock. There’ll be no need to crane a neck or get partially out of bed to glance at the time because this clock projects the hour and minute anywhere from the wall opposite to the ceiling above. There are tons of other features such as a dual alarm, a huge 7-inch screen, and adjustable volume and brightness.


An electric jar opener that removes lids with the touch of a button

Make meal prep that much easier for someone on your list with this electric jar opener. Once placed on top of a lid, press the button to watch it clamp down and turn the lid using a powerful motor. It can be used with most standard lid sizes and only requires two AA batteries to operate.


These barbecue grill lights with magnetic bases

Barbecuing fanatics will love this set of two grill lights that allow them to see clearly no matter how late the party goes. They’re built with ingenious magnetic bases that allow them to stand up directly on the grill and have flexible goosenecks to get the light exactly where it’s needed. They even come with their own special storage case, making them great for gifting.


A set of refrigerator organizer bins to keep groceries tidy

These refrigerator organizer bins are ideal for keeping produce, condiments, and beverages easily accessible in the fridge. Every set comes with eight clear plastic bins in two sizes (four wider and four slightly smaller) with each one featuring convenient handles on either end. They can be stacked to save room and are easily washed with a bit of soap and water.


This portable dog paw cleaner that’ll keep interiors sparkling

There’s no doubt dog lovers will do anything for their pups, and now there’s a chance for you to do something for the dog lover. This portable dog paw cleaner works to keep their car or home interior blissfully free of mud and debris after a trip to the park. Simply add a bit of water and insert the paw into the cleaner, twisting to release debris thanks to the built-in silicone bristles. It’s available in three sizes and eight colors.


A paper towel holder with a built-in spray bottle

Offer the one-and-done cleaning solution in the form of this paper towel holder which features a built-in spray bottle. Mount the holder to the underside of a cabinet using a drill and remove the spray bottle to spritz cleaning solution onto a surface, wiping it down with a sheet of paper towel. Made of solid metal, choose from several finishes such as black or gold.


This coffee scrub made with caffeine to stimulate blood flow

Treat the coffee lover in your life to something a bit more pampering than simply a delicious cup. This coffee scrub is made with Kona coffee grounds that contain caffeine, which may increase blood flow and help to even skin tone. Additional organic ingredients such as olive oil and coconut oil add moisture while sea salt provides both minerals and gentle exfoliation.


A wine aerator pourer that makes every glass more flavorful

Make the process of oxygenating wine that much more efficient with this wine aerator pourer — something any oenophile will appreciate. It fits securely into the top of the wine bottle thanks to a tapered design and adds flavor-boosting oxygen as the wine is poured into a glass. As a bonus, two come in each pack, so you can keep one for yourself.


This glass candle holder in the shape of a charming lamp

Give a bit of charming decor in the form of this glass candle holder that’s designed in the shape of a retro lamp. In addition to the green glass pictured here, it also comes available in amber, blue, pink, and clear so you can tailor your gift to be in their favorite color. Use it with a tea light or electronic votive for a bit of cozy ambiance.


A set of stunning gold-rimmed jewelry trays

It’s hard to believe that this pair of beautiful jewelry trays cost less than $15. They function as a stunning gift and include one larger and one smaller tray, both featuring an irregular shape with a stylish gold rim. A mottled texture makes it easy to retrieve earrings, necklaces, or rings, and the cream finish serves as a beautiful background against which to display their collection.


This square-shaped glass pitcher with an airtight lid

This glass pitcher serves as a great way to prepare mint-infused lemonade, delicious sun tea, or boozy punch thanks to its hermetically sealed lid. With a half-gallon capacity, the pitcher is designed in a stylish square shape that’ll look fabulous on any picnic or patio table. The wide mouth helps with adding those flavorful ingredients such as fruit or herbs and a built-in handle assists with easy pouring.


A handheld milk frother for creamy latte foam

For less than $15, this handheld milk frother will allow your latte-obsessed friend to whip up their very own foam from home. It’s battery-operated and designed with a comfortable silicone handle that’s available in eight shades. A powerful motor only needs 15 seconds to create all kinds of creamy foam and there’s even a stainless steel stand to keep it neatly stored.


This stylish carafe & glass to hold thirst-quenching water at your bedside

Serving as a thoughtful gift, this glass carafe and accompanying tumbler are great for keeping water at the bedside for quenching sips in the morning. When placed upside down on top of the carafe, the tumbler acts as a lid, keeping the water fresh. Plus, with its trendy ribbed design, this set is ideal for serving oneself a juice or cocktail as well.


A self-stirring mug that keeps drinks effortlessly blended

This self-stirring mug charges via USB-C and is great for anyone devoted to their daily matcha, cafe au lait, or protein shake. At the touch of a button, the automatic stirring begins thanks to a small propeller at the bottom, mixing everything together to form a perfectly uniform consistency. There’s even an anti-sedimentation button that turns the propeller on briefly to make sure the best stuff isn’t sitting at the bottom.


This collapsible lantern that’s solar powered

Hiking buffs will thank you for the practical gift of this collapsible lantern that charges by the light of the sun. After only four hours of charging, it offers up to 10 hours of LED light and it can even be used as a portable power bank to charge your devices. It’s fully waterproof and has three different lighting modes (low, high, and SOS), with the benefit of reducing down to the size of a puck to be popped into a backpack or hung by a carabiner from its handle.


A purse organizer that hangs over the door

Those with a serious handbag collection will thank you for this purse organizer that not only maintains the shape and quality of each bag but also maximizes space by hanging over the door. It has six slots — two smaller and four larger — to neatly store their purses with transparent, protective pockets so that each bag can be easily seen. It’s available in black or gray.


This magnetic dry-erase board & calendar made of chic clear acrylic

This magnetic dry-erase board & calendar will be sure to appeal to the organization hound in your life. It’s made of clear acrylic which blends in seamlessly with the fridge surface and comes with six dry-erase markers in three different colors (blue, purple, and white). Add shopping lists to the board or write appointments on the monthly calendar, simply wiping with a rag to clear.


A design-forward digital alarm clock

For a gift that checks the boxes of both decor and practicality, turn to this 9.7-inch digital alarm clock. Though it may resemble a contemporary art piece with its oversize digital numbers, it actually functions as a 12 or 24-hour clock with an alarm and snooze function. It can be mounted to the wall or placed on a tabletop with the ability to set different levels of brightness.


These cutting boards that come in a trio

When it comes to cooking, you can never have enough prep surfaces, which is why this set of cutting boards will always be appreciated. They come in a trio of three different sizes (small, medium, and large), making them helpful for keeping raw meat separate from vegetables or other food. With helpful juice grooves lining the perimeter, they also feature nonslip feet to keep them securely in place on the countertop.


A glass foot file to gently remove calluses

Achieve blissfully smooth feet with this glass foot file that works to remove toughened skin and calluses without being abrasive. It’s designed in an ergonomic shape to make scrubbing comfortable and can be used on either wet or dry feet. When finished, it stores using a convenient accompanying lid.


This heated lotion dispenser for deeper hydration

This heated lotion dispenser allows your bestie to pop in their favorite moisturizer to hydrate their skin with the help of soothing heat. It’s designed to be portable and warms the lotion up within a mere two minutes. Use it with any kind of lotion and fill it easily from the top.


A desktop vacuum to tidy up small messes

This desktop vacuum is perfect for quickly clearing any table surface of crumbs, dust, dirt, and debris. It can rotate 360 degrees and reach into tight corners or small areas easily. It only requires two AA batteries which provide high-powered suction to quickly pick up Cheeto dust, paper bits, or cat hair. It’s available in orange or white.


This bias lighting strip that’s powered by the TV’s USB

Wow your fellow cinephile or gamer with this bias lighting strip that’s a cinch to set up, being easily powered by plugging directly into the TV’s USB port. The strip is made with bright white LEDs that adhere to the back of the TV thanks to peel-off self-adhesive. The ambient light, which can be adjusted via a built-in control, helps to create visual contrast and amplify colors while also working to reduce eye strain.


A deeply moisturizing face cream that doubles as a makeup primer

A steal at less than $20, this rich face cream created by a well-known French brand not only provides serious hydration but can also double as a makeup primer. The concentrated formula features nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, beeswax, and soy proteins, and it can also work as a cleansing milk, face mask, or after-sun care. With over 18,000 five-star ratings, this lotion will be a surefire win for any skin-care enthusiast.


This knife sharpener that’s safe & simple to use

This knife sharpener is designed with safety and ease in mind, making it simple to keep kitchen tools at their best. A suction cup base keeps the sharpener secure on the countertop while the blade is gently passed through the tungsten carbide sharpeners preset at 20 degrees. Use it with multiple kinds of knives, from bread knives to chef’s knives.


A makeup eraser cloth that only requires water

This ingenious makeup eraser cloth will revolutionize anyone’s end-of-day cleansing ritual. The cloth, which is made of soft microfiber, requires no soap or oils to work — just soak in warm water and use the side with short fibers to easily wipe away makeup. Flip over to the long fiber side to gently exfoliate and toss in the washing machine to be reused again and again.


These silicone baking mats that are completely nonstick

If there’s someone in your life who can’t seem to stop whipping up patisserie gems like macarons, change their life by getting them these silicone baking mats. Not only do they come with actual macaron-sized stencils, but their nonstick surface means that they’re great for baking literally anything in case they want to branch out to croissants or galettes. They’ve earned a high 4.7-star rating over 10,000-plus reviews and come in a set of four including two half sheets and two quarter sheets to bake anything their heart desires.


A set of shower steamers that come in 6 aromatherapy scents

Give the gift of true relaxation with these shower steamers that come in a set of six soothing scents made from natural essential oils. Simply place them in the corner of the shower away from the direct stream of water and wait as they slowly release their scent. They’ll experience a calming combination of lemongrass and coconut, an airway-opening mixture of menthol and eucalyptus, or a simple energizing boost of grapefruit to help start their day.


This selfie ring light for both the phone & laptop

For the friend who seems like they’re always on a video chat whether it be for work or fun, this selfie ring light is the perfect gift since it can go seamlessly from the phone to the laptop. The brightness is fully adjustable as is the color temperature. Choose either daylight, white, or warm white for the best look in any particular environment, and toss the light into a bag thanks to its portable size.

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