Amazon's Selling a Ton of These 75 Clever Gifts Because They're So Freaking Cheap

These budget-friendly gifts are cooler than your average present.

Written by Amanda Pellegrino
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It’s pretty much always gifting season. Whether you’re looking to find a present for a friend, that special someone, or yourself, this list is a good place to start — because these gifts are super clever, cool, and cheap.

From a DIY cold brew maker to a headband with built-in headphones, here are 75 clever gifts that Amazon is selling a ton of because they’re great — and just so happen to be budget-friendly.


These silicone tea bag holders that are shaped like tiny snails

Simply clip one of these itty bitty snails to the side of your mug or glass, then wrap your teabag string around the body to keep it in place — and easily remove it — while you’re drinking. These snails are made of a durable silicone that’s easy to clean and heat-resistant, and they have over 2,800 five-star reviews on Amazon, so you know they’re dependable.


This large tortilla warmer that you pop in the microwave

Great for tortillas, pita breads, and more, this extra large warmer has great insulation and even heat distribution for a perfectly warm tortilla every time. It fits breads up to 9 inches in diameter, and features silicone handles for easy removal. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe, making taco night easier than ever.


This compact travel mirror with a built-in LED light

Do your makeup or check yourself out on the go with this compact travel mirror. With two sides, one mirror offers a built-in light so you can always see what you’re doing, and the other offers 10x magnification, depending on how closely you need to see yourself. It’s only 3.5”, making it super easy to travel with, too.


A stainless steel pizza slicer with a near-perfect Amazon rating

This 14-inch pizza slicer is a must-have if you’ve hopped on the DIY pizza trend. This slicer features a stainless steel blade and solid wood handles that keep your fingers well off the cutting block, and you just rock it back and forth for even cuts. Plus, it comes with a protective strip for safe storage between uses.


An exfoliating lip scrub that hydrates & restores

This sugar lip scrub uses Hawaiian kukui oil, cane sugar, and shea butter to hydrate, restore, and exfoliate your skin for super smooth and supple lips. Massage just a pea sized amount onto your skin, wipe away with a tissue, and repeat as an occasional additional step to your skincare routine. It’s that easy.


This chic candle that burns for 28 hours

This votive candle may be little at just 2 ounces, but it packs a big throw and long burn time — up to 28 hours. This candle feels so luxurious and expensive thanks to the decorative glass holder. While this particular candle has a winter-worthy fragrance with notes of pomegranate, orange, pine, cloves, and cinnamon, there are over 20 other scents including pumpkin chai, Moroccan amber, and plum.


This foot peel mask that gives you ridiculously soft & smooth skin

If you’re prone to calluses, cracked, or dried feet, these foot peel masks are for you. Just place your feet into the plastic, formula-filled booties, leave on for 60 minutes, remove, and rinse your feet. You’ll see smoother, softer feet in just two weeks as that old skin peels away. There’s no wonder why these have 68,000-plus ratings and are a best-seller on Amazon.


This easy-to-operate milk frother with a sleek stand

Bring cafe-worthy lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos — you name it — home when you have this handheld milk frother. In just 15 seconds, this electric whisk froths your milk until it’s deliciously foamy. It has a silicone handle, a single button for operation, and a stainless steel stand that keeps it upright in between uses.


This witchy spoon rest that’s perfect for a spooky szn lover

Whether you love or hate spooky season, you have to admit this witchy spoon holder is absolutely adorable. Just clip it right to the edge of your pot or pan, slip your spoon underneath it like a broom, and it keeps any leaks or spills from getting all over your counter. It’s heat-resistant, and can even be used to balance a lid as a steam releaser.


This classic Kodak film camera that comes in fun colors

Old school is cool, and the popularity of this Kodak camera confirms it. Compatible with color and black-and-white film, this battery-powered camera has the convenience of trendy disposible cameras with its point-and-shoot design, but it’s reusable for many memories. Bonus: this camera comes in super fun colors including cherry red, mint green, and cerulean.


A silicone drink holder so you can stay hydrated in the shower

This silicone drink holder uses a patented grip technology to mount directly onto glass, mirrors, tile, marble, or metal so you always have a place to keep your drink. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and is designed to fit 12-ounce short cans. It’s perfect for holding your drink in the bathroom or shower, if you’re short on counter space.


These round bread cutters for crust-less sandwiches

Get the perfect crust-less sandwich at home with these clever plastic cutters. Simply add your fillings — peanut butter and jelly, eggs, avocado, ham and cheese, you name it — into the center of two pieces of bread, then press the large cutter around the perimeter of the bread to cut through completely, leaving you with a crust-less and fluffy sandwich.


This edible glitter that works for drinks, cakes & beyond

Turn any party into a real bash with this edible glitter. It comes in over 15 colors and has no distinctive texture or taste, making it an easy add-on to baked goods or cocktails. A little goes a long way — this 4-gram jar can make over 30 drinks. Whether you’re giving this to the gourmand in your life or want to jazz up homemade cookies and cakes for gifting, this bestseller is a no-brainer.


These adorable bookmarks that look like sprouting leaves

Quit ear-marking your books and grab one of these plant bookmarks instead. Made to look like little sprouts, they hold your page and look absolutely adorable while doing it. They come in three shades of green, feature two tiny leaves, and stay securely tucked into your book so you always know where you left off.


A french fry holder that fits into your car’s cupholder

Turn your car’s cupholder into the perfect spot for fries during a long drive with this holder. It fits into standard cupholders, fits a large size fry container, and even has a detachable container for your favorite dipping sauce. Pro tip: when you’re not eating, it can be used to store your wallet, keys, sunglasses, and other essentials.


A wearable LED reading light that has 6 brightness levels

Loop this reading light around your neck and you’ll be able to see, read, work, knit — you name it — no matter where you are or what time of night it is. It has three color temperatures — yellow, warm white, and cool white — and six brightness levels. Plus it has up to eight hours of battery life on a single charge, making it great for all-night reading sessions.


A stylish terracotta garlic keeper with ideal airflow

Made of an unglazed clay that will be stylish in any kitchen, this garlic keeper will keep your heads fresher for longer. Why? It has aeration holes to promote airflow to naturally keep your garlic fresh without losing its flavor. This small-but-mighty gadget is highly-rated on Amazon, with a 4.8-star rating.


These seat gap pockets that keep all your car essentials in 1 place

Just slip these organizers into the gaps between your front car seats and you’ll solve two problems: first, you won’t need to worry about dropping things into the black hole of the seat gaps. Second, it keeps all your essentials — keys, wallet, chargers, phone, spare change — in one super convenient spot.


These color-coded kitchen knives that reviewers love

This set of six kitchen knives (with six matching covers) has everything you need for everyday meals and beyond. Beyond being a fun home addition, the color-coding helps you to quickly identify the exact knife you need or have used to avoid cross-contamination. These durable, sharp stainless steel knives are a popular Amazon option with a 4.7-star rating after over 20,000 reviews.


These flexible silicone cable covers that protect them from breaking

These silicone cable protectors can bet twisted onto any cord — from your phone and laptop charger to you television wires — to protect the ends of cables from bending, breaking, tangling, or knotting. Available in multiple colors, the cable protectors can also be used to organize cords and wires so you can always keep things straight.


A cast iron grill press with a sturdy wooden handle

With over 35,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating, this popular grill press creates even more intense grill marks on your meat and helps with even cooking. It weighs less than 3 pounds, and has a solid wooden handle that offers a sturdy grip and keeps your hands a safe distance from the heat. In addition to smash burgers and brick chicken, this press also works for paninis or grilled cheeses.


A coffee scrub that exfoliates for smoother feeling & looking skin

Packed with Kona coffee, Dead Sea salt, shea butter, and various oils like olive, almond, grape seed, and coconut, this scrub can be massaged onto wet skin to exfoliate, soften, and smooth. It also has caffeine to stimulate blood flow, and of course it smells incredible.


A warm headband that has built-in Bluetooth headphones

This headband is a jack of all trades. First, you can wear it as an ear warmer in the winter while running, walking, or hanging out in the cold. Second, you can wear it over your eyes for a an extra dark and restful sleep. Third, it has built-in Bluetooth headphones with a control panel on the front to adjust the volume and change tracks, so you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and meditations.


This ergonomic laptop stand that raises your computer

This portable laptop stand is made of a super strong and long-lasting aluminum, with rubber pads on the top and the bottom to to keep your computer in place and protect your surfaces from scratches. It raises your laptop to eye level for a more ergonomic time working, studying, or playing. Plus, the open-style design ensures your computer won’t overheat.


This set of highly-rated packing cubes that comes with 4 sizes

These compressible packing cubes make traveling and organizing your suitcase so much easier. They comes in four sizes — the largest for sweaters or jeans, and the smallest for toiletries or underwear. They’re made of water-resistant nylon and mesh, so you can always see what’s inside. This set also comes with a laundry bag to separate dirty and clean stuff.


This LED light strip that backlights your TV screen

Simply secure this LED lighting strip strip to the back of a TV. Not only does it allow for richer colors and contrast on whatever you’re watching, but it also reduces eye strain with 10 brightness modes. Pro tip: its use isn’t limited to televisions, you can also mount these lights behind furniture, in closets, or on the back of computer screens.


A splatter screen that keeps grease & oil from dirtying your counters

Rest this splatter screen on top of your pan while pan frying or cooking bacon, and the super fine mesh will keep splattering oils inside so it doesn’t get all over your countertop. It has a stainless steel frame, it’s heat resistant, and it can also be used as a cooling rack or a strainer for added versatility.


This collapsible lantern that’s solar- & USB-powered

Whether you’re an avid hiker and camper or just need some extra light at your tailgates or barbecues, this collapsible lantern is a must-have. With solar power and USB charging options, the lantern has a battery life of up to 10 hours on one charge. It has three lighting modes, it’s waterproof, and even doubles as a solar-powered portable charger.


A detangling hair brush with flexible bristles to reduce breaking

This brush features flexible, cone-shaped plastic bristles that gently move within your hair to detangle while protecting your strands from tugging, breaking, and split ends. It features an ergonomic design, and works on all hair types — straight or curly, thin or coarse, wet or dry.


This insulated travel mug that you can make your coffee in directly

This travel mug keeps hot beverages hot for up to six hours and cold beverages cold for up to 20 hours. It features multiple layers of temperature-retaining insulation beneath a cool-touch exterior. Plus, it even comes with a filter to make coffee directly inside the travel mug. Have you seen an easier “add to cart?”


This memory foam pillow that compresses for easy transport

This memory foam pillow is the Cadillac of camping pillows — for a budget-friendly price. Not only is it super thick and comfortable for a cozy sleep whether you’re in a tent, in a cabin, or under the stars, but it also compresses down to fit into a small waterproof carrying pouch and weighs just 11 ounces, making it easy to travel with..


A selfie ring light that secures directly to your computer or phone

If you’re looking to up your Zoom meeting games, check out this ring light. It secures directly around the built-in camera on your computer, phone, or tablet, and has three color modes — sun-kissed warm, natural daylight, and pearly white, to highlight and enhance the environment in which you’re video calling or selfie-ing. Plus, on just one charge it has up to two hours of battery life on high.


A digital meat thermometer with a temperature reference chart

A digital meat thermometer is a must-have for perfectly-cooked proteins. This one is waterproof and features a backlit screen that produces a temperature read in under three seconds, which is just as fast as premium models. And it has a built-in temperature chart for easy reference depending on what you’re cooking.


This wine decanter with a functional yet funky design

Elevate your wine game with this decanter. Made of hand-blown glass, this piece’s shape isn’t just elegant, it also helps to infuse your wine (or juice or cocktails) with additional oxygen, bringing out other flavor notes that can make even the cheapest bottles taste luxurious.


These stainless steel taco racks with 4.8-star rating

The worst part about making tacos at home is everything that falls out when you lay them flat on a plate. Enter: these taco holders. The stainless steel, W-shaped racks can hold up to three tacos, helping them stand upright and maintain their shape to limit the amount of yummy filling that falls out.


A best-selling digital food scale that measures in 5 different units

Whether you’re baking or looking for precise serving sizes, a food scale is a kitchen must-have. This best-selling one supports five units up to 11 pounds — ounces, grams, pounds, fluid ounces, and milliliters — and has a backlit LCD display with a large font so you can easily see the results. And the whole thing is only 0.6 inches thick, so it’s really easy to store in the kitchen between uses.


An insulated can cooler with a near-perfect rating

This BrüMate insulated can cooler is made for slim and tall 12 ounce cans like hard seltzers and specialty beers, and keeps them 20 times colder than standard cans for a refreshing beverage no matter how long you’re nursing it. It’s cupholder friendly, features a non-slip base to keep drinks secure, and won’t leave condensation on your hands or surfaces. So, it’s no wonder why this sleek container has a 4.9-star rating after 70,000-plus reviews.


This cuticle cream that strengthens & moisturizes your nails

With a non-greasy feel and finish, this cuticle cream uses oils and butters to repair, strengthen, and moisturize your cuticles while also protecting your nail beds. Simply apply two drops to each finger, spread around the nail bed, to reveal smooth and hydrated cuticles, which encourages an overall healthy nail.


A hands-free sharpener that extends the life of your knives

This professional-grade knife sharpener features a suction cup base that attaches to most surfaces for a safe and hands-free way to extend the lives of your knives. Just bring the knife back and forth inside the tungsten carbide center with light pressure for a sharper blade almost instantly.


A microwavable bacon grill that allows fat to drip off

Just add four to six strips of bacon into this grill, toss it in the microwave, and in just minutes you’ll have crispy, ready-to-eat bacon. The elevated bottom allows for fat and excess oils to drip down, and the vented cover serves as a splatter guard to keep your microwave clean. There’s a reason it has 26,000-plus ratings and over 5,000 people bought this in the last month: it’s a kitchen must-have.


These car seat hooks that keep your purse off the floor

These hooks super easily mount directly onto a headrest’s bars to provide a space where you can hang your purse, totes, grocery bags — anything up to 55 pounds. Not only do they keep your personal items off the floor, but they keep your things upright and secure so you don’t arrive at your destination to realize the contents of your bag has spilled all over the floor.


These reusable cupcake liners made of durable silicone

If you’re looking to save money or reduce your single-use products, these silicone baking cups can help. They’re reusable, available in a ton of vivid and adorable colors, and they fit in nearly any standard muffin or cupcake pan. They’re flexible and nonstick, heat-resistant up to 428 degrees, and dishwasher-safe for a super easy clean.


This super clever beard bib that keeps hair off the sink & counter

If you — or your partner — shaves and then leaves those nasty tiny hairs all over the sink or counter, this beard bib is a must have. Simply wrap one side around your neck, and suction the other side directly to the mirror. It catches all the fallen hair, making it easy to discard into the garbage when you’re done for a mess-free shave.


A triple-insulated water bottle with 3 lid types

With triple-insulated stainless steel and copper technology, this water bottle keeps cold beverages cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12 hours. And, since people are so particular about their water bottles, this one comes with three lid types so you can find one you like — a straw top, a wide-mouth screw top, and a flip top.


This magnetic pouch to hold your essentials while you’re running

Great for running or walking, just insert one side of this pouch into the waistband of your shorts or leggings, and it magnetically attracts to the other side for a secure fit, creating storage in bottoms that may not have pockets. Inside, you can keep your phone, keys, cards, and other essentials for hands-free workouts. And, because it’s secured to your waistband, it won’t slide up or down while you’re moving.


This useful desktop magnifying glass with a built-in light

This magnifying glass sits on an adjustable goose neck pole on a stand that can sit on your desk for easy hands-free use. It has a bright LED light to aid in seeing whatever is underneath the glass, with two brightness settings. It has 360 degree lens rotation, and magnifies eight times to reduce eye strain.


These highly-rated microfiber travel towels that dry quickly

These microfiber towels are a must-have if you’re backpacking, camping, working out, or hanging at the beach. First, they come with a mesh pouch that can hook onto the outside of a bag for easy transport. Second, they come with three sizes — a body towel, a head towel, and a face towel. And third, they dry up to three times faster than other microfiber towels.


This mug warmer stand with a seriously sleek design

Your giftee is going to want to place this mug warmer stand on their desk, nightstand, coffee table — you name it. With a 72.8-inch power cord, just plug it in, turn it on, place your flat-bottomed mug on top, and keep it at a desired 131 degrees all day long. Plus, it’s waterproof so you don’t need to worry about accidental spills.


This multi-level tray that slips directly onto an armrest

If you’re short on space and can’t fit a side table in your space, check out this tray. It securely slips directly onto your couch or chair’s armrest to hold all your essentials. The top features a cupholder a tray with elevated sides to make sure your things stay put, and a phone holder ledge. Unlike other armrest organizers, this one also features two side pockets for remotes and other essentials.


This leakproof car trash can with a super secure magnetic lid

Keep your car organized and mess-free with this leakproof trash can. It has adjustable straps to secure to a seat back, headrest, console, door, and other spots, and it’s leakproof and waterproof to protect the inside of your car from messes. And it has a magnetic top that reduces odors and keeps things secure while you’re driving.


This airtight dry bag that’s waterproof even when fully submersed

This waterproof airtight bag is a must-have for kayaking, hiking, camping, waterparks, and other situations where you want to protect your things from water, even when fully submersed. The roll top secured with a durable clip ensures your things stay dry no matter the activity. It comes in three sizes to pack 5, 10, or 20 liters depending on what you need.


A magnetic pickup tool with a neck that extends up to 22 inches

This pickup tool makes everything from mechanical work to grabbing your keys that feel between the front seat gaps so much easier. It features a flexible neck that extends from 6.75 to 22.5 inches to reach super tight spots. It has a magnetic head for easy lifting, and a very bright LED bulb at the tip so you can always see what you’re doing.


This table tennis kit that has everything you need for a game anywhere

Bring a great game of table tennis with you anywhere you go when you have this kit. It includes two high-quality wooden rackets, four balls, a retractable net, and a carrying case to keep all these things in one spot. The net expands to fit tables up to 6 feet wide — so you can bring ping-pong home, to the park, or to a bar.


A wireless charger compatible with 128,000 5-star ratings

With four charging modes, this wireless pad can be used to charge Apple or Android phones as well as AirPods — and it even works through a case. When your device is connected, a soft light will flash to confirm and then turn off so it doesn’t disturb the darkness at night.


This adorable mini waffle maker that’s a bestseller on Amazon

This mini waffle maker has over 237,000 ratings and is a bestseller on Amazon, and it’s clear why it’s so wildly popular. It has a nonstick surface and is super easy to clean between uses. And, it’s not limited to waffles — anything with a batter can be turned into a waffle form: hash browns, biscuits, cookies, fries — you name it.


This leakproof reusable plastic bottle with a built-in infuser

Say goodbye to plain, old water and hello to deliciously infused water when you have this reusable water bottle. Just stuff the built-in infuser with your choice of fruits, vegetables, herbs, or tea, fill the bottle with water, and — viola — you have delicious water. It has a non-slip grip, a leakproof lid, and holds up to 32 ounces.


This wearable claws for perfectly shredded meats

If you’re looking for a mess-free and cleaner way to shred pork, chicken, and beef, check out these meat claws. They’re heat resistant up to 475 degrees, so not only will they not melt when they get close to the grill, but they can also be used to pull things out of the oven or steady a roast while you slice it.


This silicone try that makes perfectly round ice cube balls

Whether you’re making stunning cocktails or just looking for a way to make your water fancier, check out this ice cube tray. The mold features a plastic bottom and a silicone top. Simply attach the two, fill it up with water, and, when it’s frozen, remove the silicone to reveal perfectly round ice cube balls that melt slowly, preventing watered-down cocktails and coffee.


A waterproof Bluetooth speaker for a party in the shower

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is what you need whether you’re looking to party in the shower or listen to some music on-the-go. Small and compact, it can be suction-cupped to bathroom tile or hooked onto a backpack or purse, depending on where you want to listen. Plus, it has a 12-hour battery life on just one charge.


These stainless steel stemless wine glasses that are unbreakable

Stop breaking wine glasses — for good — when you have these stainless steel ones. With a super modern stemless design, they’re shatterproof and dent-proof, great for clumsy and non-clumsy people alike. Made of a super high-quality stainless steel, these glasses also work to retain your wine’s temperature better than traditional glass or crystal.


These gardening gloves that are coated in rubber for a superior grip

These bamboo gloves are breathable, lightweight, coated in rubber for a better grip, and have reinforced tips to protect your fingers for a superior gardening experience. They’re touchscreen friendly, feature an elastic wrist that fits snug, and they’re machine-washable for a super easy clean.


This 2-quart mason jar with a handle & wide mouth lid

Your favorite beverage will look better than ever when it’s in this glass pitcher. Designed like a mason jar, it features a leakproof plastic lid with a wide mouth and an attached handle that makes it super easy to pour. It’s ideal for cocktails or mocktails, juices, milk, infused water — you name it — which is why it has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


These gorgeous glass apothecary jars with bamboo lids

Organize any bathroom counter and sink with these glass apothecary jars. Perfect to store Q-tips, cotton balls, hair ties, bobby pins — you name it — these glass jars will de-clutter and organize precious counter space to give it that spa-like feel that’s so desirable.


This 2-piece bowl designed for perfect microwavable ramen

Simply put the instant noodles and water into this bowl, cover with the attached lid, toss it into the microwave, and when it’s cooked, pop the drainer hole in the lid open, drain the water, and in just minutes you’ll have delicious instant ramen. It’s dishwasher-safe, freezer safe, and heat resistant up to 120 degrees.


This mini shelf that attaches directly to an existing wall outlet

This mini shelf snaps directly into an existing outlet to not only add a little storage space, but also a convenient place to charge phones, tablets, speakers, toothbrushes, or whatever gadget tends to dangle from the outlet. It even has a built-in cord management area to hide cables and keep things clutter-free.


This glass cold brew maker with measurement marks

Save money and time by making your cafe-worthy morning java at home with this cold brew coffee maker. Just add coarse grounds to the filter and pour water into the jar using the pre-measured units. Then, after refrigerating for 12 to 24 hours, remove the filter, and — voila — you have delicious iced coffee at home. Plus it has an airtight sealed cap for fresh coffee every morning.


This sleek Bluetooth mouse with a super quiet click

If you want a traditional mouse option to use with your laptop, tablet, or monitor, but hate wires, check out this Bluetooth option. It has a silent click so the noise won’t disturb your work, and on one charge it has up to 500 hours of battery life, automatically sleeping after 10 minutes of inactivity to preserve power.


This adorable standing ladle that’s shaped like the Loch Ness Monster

What’s that in my soup? Is that... the Loch Ness Monster? It sure is. This adorable ladle has a long neck and Nessie’s little face. With four feet, it can stand on its own even when it’s not submersed in your food. Use it to scoop soup and chilis, separate pancake batter, or even pour your favorite punch bowl drink.


This tablet stand that doubles as a cozy pillow

If you’ve ever wanted a tablet stand that you can fold into a cozy pillow — you’ve found it. With three ledges to keep your tablet sturdy and at eye-level, the stand can then be folded to double into a plush pillow for when you need a mid-work break. Plus, it features two pockets to hold chargers and other essentials.


These reusable food wraps made of flexible beeswax

Available in three sizes — large for bowls and leftovers, medium to wrap cheese, and small for produce — these beeswax wraps use the heat of your hands to create a food-fresh seal. Plastic-free and reusable, simply wash the wraps with cool water and use again and again for up to one year.


These silicone coasters with grooves to protect your furniture

Made of durable silicone, the coasters feature a grooved top to keep drinks in place and an anti-slip bottom to protect your surfaces from drink rings. They’re heat-resistant and can double as a small trivet or as a grip to open up tough jars.


These griddle rings for professional-quality pancakes & eggs

Make perfect, fast food-worthy egg sandwiches in minutes with these stainless steel griddle rings. Simply crack an egg directly inside and watch as it thickens and cooks in a perfect circle for English muffins or bagels. But they’re not limited to eggs, use them for pancakes, hamburgers, sausage — you name it.


These hilarious little men that mark your drink at a party

Never lose your glass or pick up the wrong drink again — these hot little drink buddies are here to help. Wearing speedos and trunks labeled with names like Chad, Josh, and Cody, these male figures hang off your glass with their hands to mark your glass and keep the party straight.


These super convenient spoons that hook onto the side of a pot

These silicone spoons have built-in divots along the handle that allow them to hook onto the pot’s edge and rest there so spills and messes stay inside the pot and off your countertop. They’re heat-resistant up to 500 degrees, and they’re dishwasher safe for a super easy clean.


These rice molds that come in 2 different shapes

Make your at-home dinner look like a restaurant-quality dish with these clever rice molds. With two different shapes — one rectangle, and two sized triangles — the molds turn ordinary rice into a delicious shape or easy to form sushi onigiri. Plus, it also comes with a rice ladle to easily add and squish rice inside the molds.

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