Tara Yarlagadda

Tara Yarlagadda is Inverse’s nature reporter. Based in Los Angeles, Tara covers a variety of beats, including weird and exciting animal news, the latest in pet science, important updates on the climate crisis and the environment, as well as any other groundbreaking research in the big bad world of nature.

Prior to working at Inverse, Tara received an M.A in Literary Reportage (Journalism) from New York University. She’s worked as a fact-checker for The New York Times Syndicate and a local news reporter for Bedford + Bowery, a collaboration between New York University and New York magazine. She’s also published freelance work in a number of other sites, including PBS NewsHour, The New York Times, HowStuffWorks, Paste, The New Food Economy, and more.

In her previous life, Tara worked in social justice and nonprofits, giving her a special interest in understanding how the climate crisis impacts the most marginalized communities. She also dabbles in novel writing and screenwriting in her spare time, using her passion for the environment to write some very post-apocalyptic parables. You can connect with Tara on her personal website or on Twitter @TaraYarla.

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Millions of People Are at Risk of This Rare Climate Change Threat — Study

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The Plague Is Still Here — And It Could Infect Your Cat

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The fear of death depicted in White Noise is real — and some studies say magic mushrooms could help treat it.


7 Years Ago the World Agreed to Slow Down Climate Change — But a New Report Shows an Uneven Future

It may no longer be possible to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, but the climate future is still uncertain, a new report says.

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Elephants could be key to saving the planet — here’s why

Big problems require big solutions — literally.


Is plastic recycling a scam? Here’s the truth about the common practice

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