Tara Yarlagadda

Tara Yarlagadda is Inverse’s nature reporter. Based in Los Angeles, Tara covers a variety of beats, including weird and exciting animal news, the latest in pet science, important updates on the climate crisis and the environment, as well as any other groundbreaking research in the big bad world of nature.

Prior to working at Inverse, Tara received an M.A in Literary Reportage (Journalism) from New York University. She’s worked as a fact-checker for The New York Times Syndicate and a local news reporter for Bedford + Bowery, a collaboration between New York University and New York magazine. She’s also published freelance work in a number of other sites, including PBS NewsHour, The New York Times, HowStuffWorks, Paste, The New Food Economy, and more.

In her previous life, Tara worked in social justice and nonprofits, giving her a special interest in understanding how the climate crisis impacts the most marginalized communities. She also dabbles in novel writing and screenwriting in her spare time, using her passion for the environment to write some very post-apocalyptic parables. You can connect with Tara on her personal website or on Twitter @TaraYarla.

Pet Bonds

We need to start treating grieving for our pets seriously — therapists can help

There's a social stigma against grieving pets, but researchers say therapists can help break it.

Deadly Air

An overlooked public health issue could contribute to stillbirths, research says

There's a "major" link between air pollution and stillbirths around the world.

Nom Nom

Can I feed my pet only dry food? Why the answer is different for cats and dogs

An all-dry food diet may be good for the planet, but is it safe for pets?

Reel Science

The scariest sci-fi movie on Netflix mirrors a real-life threat

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The most polarizing sci-fi movie on HBO Max reveals the limits of a major tech trend

Is the Metaverse possible? Maybe, if Don't Worry Darling is a sign of our future.

Under the Ice

Scientists suspect microscopic life may be blooming under Antarctic sea ice

If phytoplankton are lurking underneath large swaths of the Southern Ocean, is there a hidden ecosystem we're ignoring?

Pet Science

How to make a cat and dog get along: 5 tricks to do the seemingly impossible

It’ll take some work, but it’s not an impossible challenge.

Reel Science
Climate Crisis

We might exceed this major climate tipping point in nine years

There's a 50 percent chance we'll surpass 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next nine years.

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The best retro sci-fi on Netflix reveals a worrying scientific debate

Could Knight Rider become reality? Here's what experts say.

Climate Crisis
Here, Kitty
Buggy Biology
Reel Science

The wildest sci-fi movie on Netflix reveals a way to hack your brain

Can we really upload content to the mind? Here's what experts say.

Climate Crisis

Climate change could make an unexpected remote region a breeding ground for pandemics

Could the High Arctic seed the next pandemic? Here’s what experts say.

Clean Water Act

50 years ago, the Clean Water Act promised to fix America’s water. Did it succeed?

A half-century after its passage, the Clean Water Act still has a long way to go to ensure safe water for all Americans.

Pet Science

Petting a dog has a curiously therapeutic effect on the brain, study finds

The research could pave the way for clinical therapy involving animals.

Reel Science

The secret to saving our planet may be lurking in the dirt under our feet

Scientists make a compelling case for preserving the microbial diversity of our planet.

Man's best friend

Want a better relationship with your dog? Neuroscientists say these 7 factors are key

A better understanding of human-fur baby relationships could even pave the way for robotic pups.