Miriam Fauzia

Miriam Fauzia is a mind and body writer at Inverse reporting on health, science, and the occasional innovation.

Prior to Inverse, she was an innovation reporter at The Daily Beast and a fact check reporter at USA Today. Her work has also appeared in Popular Mechanics, Motherboard, BuzzFeed News, and New Scientist. She holds two master’s degrees, one in journalism from Boston University and another in immunology from the University of Oxford.

When not poring over a research paper, Miriam is voraciously consuming all the sci-fi/fantasy lit she can get her hands on, and writing her own magnum opus on the side.

You can follow her on Twitter @so_dendritic.

Mighty, mighty cells

These CRISPR-edited T cells could be the future of personalized cancer therapy

The small study didn’t cure all of the volunteers, but it may pave the road for future therapies.

Mind and Body
Mind and Body

Scientists use mRNA technology to create a potent flu vaccine that could last for years

The latest effort to make a universal influenza vaccine targets more influenza viral proteins using the same technology used in Covid-19 jabs.

Hearty sleep

This simple habit could significantly boost your heart health

A checklist used to predict cardiovascular health now includes sleep as its eighth measure.

Mind and Body

For children with heart conditions, video gaming may pose a health hazard

Manipulating a game controller or keyboard can elicit a strong physiological response.

Mind and Body

Gut health in space: How zero gravity could wreak havoc on the microbiome

Safe travel through the far reaches of space depends on a vast community of in-house microorganisms.

Plague proof

The Black Death changed our immune systems — here’s how

Survival of the fittest determined who lived through the plague. But those very genes may make us susceptible to other diseases.

Microbe swap

Does owning a pet boost your gut health?

The bond between pet and owner runs deeper than love, all the way to our (and their) microbiomes.


Scientist wins Nobel Prize for work that revealed the first Neanderthal-human relationship

Svante Pääbo’s discoveries revolutionized our understanding of the linkage between us and our Neanderthal ancestors.

Mind and Body

A new viral cousin of Covid-19 can resist vaccine immunity, study finds

Here's what you need to know about a new Covid-like virus from bats

Mighty Bugs

Your gut microbes can help fight cancer, new research reveals

Gut microbiome research is still relatively uncharted territory.

Mind and Body
Protect yourself
Get Snackin'

Is that a piece of cake? Here's how your brain knows something is food

These food-happy neurons may give insight into food perception.

Get jabbed

Should you get a Covid-19 booster now, or wait until the fall?

You should definitely get a booster, here’s when experts say is best to get it.


Want more umami? This is the science-backed seasoning you need

Forget sneaking in vegetables — sneak insects into your food instead.

Hold the sugar!
Catch them all