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Isaac is a pop culture journalist and a freelance editor at Inverse covering TV and film. A member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and the Boston Society of Film Critics, he also has bylines at the Boston Globe, Entertainment Weekly, Fortune Magazine, Paste Magazine, Vulture, The Playlist, and, among others. In his off-hours, he enjoys climbing, hanging out with Koda (also pictured), and buying too many horror movie scores on vinyl.


Steven Soderbergh Is Funding the Future of Experimental Sci-Fi

Soderbergh is backing two of the year’s most thrillingly experimental and independently minded sci-fi head-trips.


'Aggro Dr1ft' Reveals the Wild Potential — And Infuriating Limits — of Video Game-Inspired Movies

Harmony Korine's experiment in infrared filmmaking is less a movie than it is a surreal experience to be endured.


Martin Scorsese's Epic First Western Is a Hollywood Blockbuster Like No Other

Killers of the Flower Moon is a remarkable step forward for the 80-year-old filmmaker, who reimagines the potential of the big-screen epic to reckon with history.

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My Animal is an Intoxicating Werewolf Romance With a Queer Bite

Jacqueline Castel’s Sundance romantic horror finds a teenage werewolf falling dangerously hard for a coquettish figure skater.

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In Infinity Pool, Brandon Cronenberg Puts Alexander Skarsgärd Through Hell

Cronenberg and Infinity Pool star Alexander Skarsgärd blur the lines between human civility and animal impulse.

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Infinity Pool is a hedonistic head-trip

Brandon Cronenberg's latest, starring Alexander Skarsgärd and Mia Goth, is pure sci-fi anarchy.

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The Pod Generation is soft sci-fi satire with too light a touch

Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor star in a sci-fi satire that could’ve used more edge.

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Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead want to break your brain

Meet Marvel’s next dynamic duo...


Here’s why Wakanda Forever looks so much worse than Black Panther

Without Rachel Morrison’s gorgeously textured cinematography, Black Panther 2 loses itself in standard Marvel murk.


Bones and All is a brutal cannibal romance that gets under your skin

Reunited with Call Me By Your Name’s Luca Guadagnino, Chalamet sinks his teeth into another impressive, transgressive role.

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Three Thousand Years of Longing review: All hail George Miller’s lush, loony fantasia

A world away from Mad Max, Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton star in this intensely imaginative ode to the powers of storytelling.

Coherence’s James Ward Byrkit plots his next indie science-fiction sensation

Following a successful Kickstarter, the filmmaker is making Shatter Belt one episode at a time.


Exclusive: 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' comic opens up the multiverse

Inverse is proud to exclusively share Lizzy Stewart’s comic “The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III,” from A24’s official companion book to Daniels’ hit film.

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From Star Wars to Alien, Hatching’s creature designers make iconic monsters

Animatronics designer Gustav Hoegen and effects make-up designer Conor O’Sullivan discuss the magic of creature creation and Alien’s lingering influence.

Valhalla Rising

The Northman explained: How the Viking epic brings “real authenticity” to Valhalla and Valkyries

Prof. Neil Price, one of The Northman’s historical consultants, answers burning questions about Robert Eggers’ Viking epic.

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'The Northman' review: This primal, poetic Viking epic is one for the ages

Robert Eggers' historical fantasy-epic stars a ferocious Alexander Skarsgard as a Viking berserker on a path of vengeance.

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How Apollo 10 1/2’s Richard Linklater and Glen Powell recaptured the space age

The Boyhood auteur blasted back to his 1969 childhood in space-obsessed Texas to make one of Netflix’s best original films to date.

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Apollo 10 1/2 review: Linklater’s best animated epic since ‘A Scanner Darkly’

Richard Linklater’s earnest, fantastical time-capsule honors NASA’s 1969 moon landing.

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Everything Everywhere All At Once review: Michelle Yeoh’s multiverse is unlike anything you’ve seen before

A24’s reality-warping sci-fi experiment could have only come from Swiss Army Man duo Daniels.


From Tyrion to Cyrano: Why Peter Dinklage is always “the smartest person in the room”

In Joe Wright’s musical retelling of the classic play, Dinklage shakes off Game of Thrones in dramatic fashion.