Eric Francisco

Eric Francisco is the senior entertainment reporter at Inverse. If a movie or TV show has superheroes, alien worlds, kung fu, or John Cena, he's your man to make sense of it all. A year after a chance encounter during his internship at Late Night with Seth Meyers put him on a path to journalism, Eric joined Inverse in 2015 as one of its first hires. He now reviews new releases that make up your Netflix binge weekends while also reporting on geek pop culture trends, like the controversial Comicsgate movement, the resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons, and Asian-American representation. His pull quotes have been featured for movies and TV shows such as Now You See Me 2 (2016), Venom (2018), Child’s Play (2019), and WandaVision (2021). Before the pandemic, Eric attended New York Comic-Con nine years in a row. Follow Eric on Twitter @EricFrancisco24, where you'll see him yelling about the New Jersey Devils. You may also run into him on the virtual battlefield of Call of Duty: Warzone, but only after hours.

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Next Exit is the existential road trip sci-fi fans need — here's why

Next Exit is many things: Sci-fi, comedy, thriller. But don’t call it a romance.


Who is Red Dagger? Meet Ms. Marvel's first real sidekick (and first kiss)

The Red Dagger has entered the MCU. But how will it complicate Kamala’s personal life?

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You need to watch David Fincher's most important techno-thriller before it leaves Netflix this week

In 2010, The Social Network arrived at just the right time, documenting how social media got here — and where it was headed.

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Harley Quinn Season 3 could fix a major Batman controversy, trailer hints

Remember when DC said Batman didn’t reciprocate in bed? Harley Quinn will finally tell us if he does.

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Doctor Strange 2 Easter egg could reveal Fantastic Four's time-travel twist

The appearance of Reed Richards isn’t the only evidence of the Fantastic Four in the multiverse.

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You need to watch the scariest movie of the 20th century before it leaves Netflix this week

A can't-miss classic, The Exorcist has surprising origins in the game show winnings of author William Peter Blatty.

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You need to watch the most inventive Bruce Willis time-travel movie before it leaves Netflix this week

Before embarking to a galaxy far, far away, director Rian Johnson delivered an original sci-fi noir.

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The Black Phone ending explained: Are the ghosts in Joe Hill's story real?

In Scott Derrickson’s newest horror movie, a kidnapped teenager receives unlikely help from beyond. But is it all in his imagination?


Ms. Marvel Episode 3 easter egg confirms a huge Shang-Chi fan theory

If you guessed a connection between the newest weapons in the MCU, congratulations.


Marvel’s Kevin Feige teases a fix for Phase 4’s biggest problem

The MCU is a franchise built on expectations for the future, but Phase 4 hasn’t had any of it. Did Kevin Feige just promise relief?

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Ethan Hawke is an instant iconic horror villain in The Black Phone

Hawke is so good and so terrifying that everything else pales in Scott Derrickson’s newest horror film.

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35 years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger made the manliest sci-fi movie ever — and launched an unstoppable franchise

Though it lives on today mostly as the source of the “Epic Handshake” meme, Predator is actually a lot more fun and meaningful than the meme implies.

The Inverse Review

Jurassic World Dominion makes a great case for franchise extinction

Jurassic World Dominion is all too concerned with unearthing the past that it forgets to capitalize on the present.


Black Adam trailer strangely omits Shazam! connections

In the DC Comics canon, Black Adam is the nemesis of Shazam who got his powers from the same source. But the trailer is strangely hiding that fact.


Why Ms. Marvel isn’t totally ruling out Kamala as an Inhuman

It may not matter right now, but there’s nothing stopping from Marvel making its newest hero, Kamala Khan, one of the Inhumans.


How Ms. Marvel creators “convinced” Kevin Feige to ditch the MCU’s worst trend

What does the Marvel Universe look like through the eyes of a teenage superfan? The creators of Ms. Marvel are finding out.

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'Ms. Marvel' is a radiant blast of pure, unbridled joy

Iman Vellani is an overnight star as Kamala Khan, a head-in-the-clouds teen hero, in the MCU’s best streaming series yet.

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Evil cast and creators tease the rise of the underworld in Season 3

Is war between worlds coming to Evil? The creators and stars hint at what’s to come in the new season.