Corey Plante

Corey Plante is the Associate Gaming Editor at Inverse, where he directly supervises and edits the work of the gaming team, covering the world of video games and the people who make them. A seasoned reporter, Corey is also passionate about critical analysis, having reviewed various games, movies, and television shows over the years. His specialties include Rick and Morty, sad dad science fiction movies and TV, Overwatch, and the Final Fantasy series. Corey has held several different roles with Inverse since joining the team in 2016. Before that, he was the Assistant Editor of Motif Magazine, a local arts, entertainment, and culture magazine covering the entire state of Rhode Island. A graduate of Emerson College’s Masters in Multimedia Journalism program, Corey also attended undergraduate school at Providence College. You can follow Corey on Twitter at @coreyisafox.

Game Theory

'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom' Zonai Theory Explains Link's Wild New Arm

It’s all water-based Zonai magic.


Crime Boss: Rockay City Is a GTA Wannabe Bogged Down by Too Much Cringe

Inverse Score: 6/10


Here’s Exactly When You Can Play the 'Resident Evil 4' Remake

Leon is back!


Everything We Know About 'Final Fantasy XVI,' Square Enix’s Next Big RPG

It is coming.

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'Destiny 2: Lightfall' Is the Game's 'Rise of Skywalker' Moment

But Bungie has time to course-correct.


'Scars Above' Is a Sporadically Stunning Sci-Fi Adventure

Inverse Score: 7/10


'Keys From the Golden Vault' Is the Best D&D Anthology for One Sneaky Reason

2023’s first official sourcebook will make you better at role-playing.

Final Fantasy

20 Years Later, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Is Still Ahead of Its Time

Not your typical sequel.

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Is a Marriage of Fortnite and Monster Hunter That Somehow Works

How are your building skills?

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You Need to Play the Riskiest Sci-Fi Adventure on PS Plus ASAP

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Harry Potter

'Hogwarts Legacy's Opening is Ridiculous and Morbid All At Once

RIP to the sideburns guy.

Dragon Age

'Dragon Age: Dreadwolf' Is Coming — Everything You Need to Know

When will BioWare's fantasy series return?

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Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty Season 7 Needs to Steal the Best Doctor Who Trick

Just have Morty and Rick Regenerate. Problem solved.


D&D's Big OGL Reversal Can't Protect You From Space Nazis

The cost of freedom.


OGL 1.2 update: The battle for D&D's future has only just begun

Wizards of the Coast has unveiled the Open Gaming License 1.2.


D&D's community is up in arms over a controversial change

One D&D vs. #OpenDND

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Huge Chonkers

11 biggest video games of 2022 (by file size)

Yes, we mean that literally.

FF 35th

The most underrated Final Fantasy game literally brought me to tears

And it’ll forever remain my favorite entry.

FF 35th

Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary

Final Fantasy was released on December 18, 1987. Inverse's celebration takes a look back at our favorite games, characters, and moments over the years.


Ramattra is Overwatch's most important new character in years

Devs say Overwatch 2 is “beginning to answer” some of the franchise’s biggest questions.