Corey Plante

Corey Plante is the Associate Gaming Editor at Inverse, where he directly supervises and edits the work of the gaming team, covering the world of video games and the people who make them. A seasoned reporter, Corey is also passionate about critical analysis, having reviewed various games, movies, and television shows over the years. His specialties include Rick and Morty, sad dad science fiction movies and TV, Overwatch, and the Final Fantasy series. Corey has held several different roles with Inverse since joining the team in 2016. Before that, he was the Assistant Editor of Motif Magazine, a local arts, entertainment, and culture magazine covering the entire state of Rhode Island. A graduate of Emerson College’s Masters in Multimedia Journalism program, Corey also attended undergraduate school at Providence College. You can follow Corey on Twitter at @coreyisafox.

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