Ashley Bardhan

Ashley Bardhan is a writer from New York who covers culture, technology, and other things people like.

At Inverse, she helps produce newsletters as a newsletter writer. She creates Inverse’s award-winning Inverse Daily newsletter and assists with Musk Reads, a triweekly newsletter covering all things Elon Musk.

In general, Ashley is interested in the cultural implications of art and tech, and always aims to highlight social issues in her work. Her writing has appeared in a myriad of publications, including Pitchfork, Gawker, and Vulture, and she writes a video game column for Destructoid. She earned two BA degrees from the University of Rochester, one in Brain and Cognitive Science and the other in Creative Writing.

Ashley’s work at the school paper, the Campus Times, earned her a grant upon graduating in 2020, and, unrelatedly, she almost always has a tummy ache.

Inverse Daily
Inverse Daily

Why space junk could threaten the future of interplanetary exploration

Plus: Don’t let "mini-monster" black holes suck you in.

Inverse Daily

Look! The James Webb Space Telescope is beyond the Moon

Plus: Cocktail hours of the future may be held in space.

Musk Reads

SpaceX's next-generation Starlink is here, but there's a catch

Tesla raises prices, SpaceX upgrades Starlink, Elon Musk hates LiDAR.

To Reddit and Beyond

SpaceX fans are powering the race to Mars through Reddit

The new space race is playing out in real-time on social media.

Inverse Daily

Scientists discover a strange, anatomical similarity between dolphins and humans

Plus: An asteroid is coming for Earth — but don’t grab a helmet yet.

Inverse Daily
Inverse Daily

Scientists upend a popular theory on antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Plus: If the James Webb telescope can thrive, so can you.

Inverse Daily
Inverse Daily
Musk Reads

Tesla nearly doubles its vehicle deliveries from last year

SpaceX fires Starship, Tesla recalls vehicles, Elon Musk podcasts.

Jingle Musks

12 days of Elon Musk in 2021

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO's year in review, carol-style.

Musk Reads

SpaceX ends the year by beating its own launch record with Falcon 9

SpaceX launches, More lawsuits for Tesla, Elon Musk will pay his taxes.

Musk Reads

Elon Musk’s Mars city needs to learn just one vital lesson

SpaceX wants to build a Mars city — it could look to history to get some help.

Musk Reads

10 wild Elon Musk facts Times’ Person of the Year profile taught us

Tesla is served, SpaceX lowballs, Elon Musk is person of the year.

Musk Reads

Only SpaceX can meet NASA’s safety requirements, says NASA

SpaceX has work to do, Tesla sells Cyberquad, Elon Musk gets a haircut.

Musk Reads

SpaceX sends NASA spacecraft directly into an asteroid (on purpose)

SpaceX launches, Tesla updates its terms and conditions, and Elon Musk sighs.

Safety Last

Rand Simberg reveals the surprising hurdle in Elon Musk's way

Rand Simberg wants to clear SpaceX's "regulatory underbrush."

Musk Reads

Ex-Tesla employee calls Musk’s company “nightmarish” for women in new lawsuit

Tesla is served, SpaceX presents, Elon Musk kills 69 jokes forever.

Musk Reads

After weeks of delays, SpaceX’s Crew-3 joyfully makes it to the ISS

SpaceX launches Crew-3, Tesla crashes, Elon Musk considers selling… again?