Allison Parshall

Allison Parshall is a multimedia science journalist and master’s student at NYU’s Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program.


Wastewater can track viruses like Covid-19 — can it do the same for superbugs?

A pandemic program could help reveal the true threat of antibiotic resistance to public health.

To the Moon

Behold! NASA’s Artemis I is on the launch pad, ready for the Moon

It’s happening.

nom nom

Does chewing gum burn calories? The answer may be hard to swallow

Humans are masters of mastication.

gut check

Genetically engineered gut bacteria boost long-term metabolic health — mouse study

This technique could eventually help treat human metabolic conditions using our own genetically-engineered bacteria.


Ancient herpes DNA found for the first time — in skeleton teeth

The virus that causes cold sores exploded in the Bronze Age, a new study finds.


Carbon capture technology could turn trains into giant greenhouse-gas vacuums

All aboard the CO2-choo train!

deep impact

STRIKE! Webb Telescope report reveals micrometeor damage to mirrors

One little space rock can make a big impact. Will there be more?

Mind's Eye

This experimental robot replicates a distinctly human sense — embodiment

Engineers teach a robot to learn about its body using artificial intelligence

all dairy

Mysterious “milky seas” captured on camera for the first time

You’ve never seen anything like it.

RNA world

Essential molecules for life discovered near the center of the Milky Way — again

Scientists have found more of the ingredients for life as we know it in a gaseous cloud toward the center of the Milky Way.


518 million-year-old fossil worm reveals a direct connection to human evolution

The ancestor we deserve.

Seeing red

Behold! Curiosity discovers Martian rocks contain an essential ingredient of life

Mars may be more like some areas of Earth than we think.

All that jazz

How music makes you feel may depend less on your brain than scientists once thought — study

Western concepts of how music should make you feel can obscure fundamental truths about human perception.


Scientists discovered the biggest bacteria ever, and it’s the size of an eyelash

This massive bacteria is breaking all the rules.


Yes, there are mites living on your face — and they can poop, a new study finds

Our first look at their genome reveals new details of their microscopic lives


Ancient stalagmites point to a massive drought that upturned 6th century Arabia

The drought may have contributed to the rise of Islam.


A single gene could stump a deadly parasitic infection

The answer could lie in the “junk” portion of the parasite’s DNA.