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Alex Welch is a TV and movies writer at Inverse. He writes about the latest developments from all the major upcoming film and TV releases, conducts interviews with the creators behind many of those same projects, provides weekly classic sci-fi film recommendations, and breaks down all the weirdest and coolest movie and TV fan theories that are circulating the internet. Based in Los Angeles, Alex has been covering the entertainment world online for nearly a decade now. In addition to Inverse, his work has been featured on IGN, Paste Magazine, Primetimer, TV by the Numbers, Looper, Screen Rant, The Berrics, and several other outlets. He's interviewed some of the biggest actors and filmmakers in the world and boasts an embarrassingly extensive knowledge of all of the popular Hollywood franchises. As a former midwesterner, Alex is perfectly happy to never have to shovel snow again. He dreams of one day being in the Criterion closet.

Rebel With A Cause

Andor could change Star Wars TV in one surprising way

The Rogue One prequel will carve out its own path in the Star Wars universe.

Love and Thunder

Thor 4 trailer Easter egg reveals a surprising multiverse connection to Doctor Strange 2

Zeus isn’t the only notable being who pops up in the latest Thor: Love and Thunder teaser.

Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange 2 leak reveals axed Daniel Craig cameo

The massive Multiverse of Madness cameo that almost was.

Wakanda Forever

Daredevil’s Disney+ reboot may answer fans’ biggest MCU questions

Marvel is planning a return trip to Hell’s Kitchen.

Hello There
Ribbit, Ribbit
Attorneys at Law

She-Hulk’s new title may confirm one MCU hero’s secret role

Jennifer Walters isn’t Marvel’s only formidable lawyer.

Rebel With a Cause

Andor will bring the best part of Rogue One back to Star Wars

Andor will return to Rogue One’s ground-level storytelling.

Snip Snip

Ahsoka will be different from The Mandalorian in one important way

Ahsoka won’t be like Lucasfilm’s other Disney+ originals.


Ant-Man 3 leak reveals what makes Kang a bigger threat than Thanos

There’s more than just one Kang coming to the MCU.

Multiverse of Madness
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You need to watch the most subversive sci-fi sequel on HBO Max ASAP

This ambitious 2021 blockbuster is a scathing critique of modern-day Hollywood.

Marvel's Fab Four

Moon Knight’s writer has a controversial plan to fix Reed Richards

Not even Moon Knight’s head writer knows if John Krasinski is Marvel’s pick to play Reed Richards.

Gods & Butchers

Moon Knight writer reveals a surprising deleted Thor 4 reference

Moon Knight almost contained an important reference to Thor: Love and Thunder.

Hello There

Obi-Wan Kenobi leaks reveal one game-changing villain twist

Obi-Wan Kenobi may not end the way fans expect.

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The Farewell Tour
Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange 2 theory explains one Avenger's glaring absence

Here’s why Vision doesn’t exist in Marvel’s Earth-838 reality.