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Alex Welch is a TV and movies writer at Inverse. He writes about the latest developments from all the major upcoming film and TV releases, conducts interviews with the creators behind many of those same projects, provides weekly classic sci-fi film recommendations, and breaks down all the weirdest and coolest movie and TV fan theories that are circulating the internet. Based in Los Angeles, Alex has been covering the entertainment world online for nearly a decade now. In addition to Inverse, his work has been featured on IGN, Paste Magazine, Primetimer, TV by the Numbers, Looper, Screen Rant, The Berrics, and several other outlets. He's interviewed some of the biggest actors and filmmakers in the world and boasts an embarrassingly extensive knowledge of all of the popular Hollywood franchises. As a former midwesterner, Alex would perfectly happy to never shovel snow again. He dreams of one day being in the Criterion closet.

Star Wars

'Ahsoka' Episode 7 Wastes The Show’s Most Interesting Relationship

Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati have parted ways for… reasons.


'57 Seconds' is a Forgettable Time-Travel Parable

57 Seconds has a lot of potential, but it wastes most of it.

Star Wars

'Ahsoka' Should Have Been a Movie

Some stories aren’t built for eight episodes.


Hollywood’s Most Quietly Successful Director Deserves More Credit Than He Gets

When it comes to pure popcorn entertainment, the Aquaman 2 filmmaker is unrivaled right now.

John Wick Week

John Wick's First Spinoff is Still Missing a Fundamental Part of the Franchise

What is the John Wick series without its leading man?

Star Wars

'Ahsoka' Episode 6 Is the Show’s Best for One Cinematic Reason

Finally, the show doesn’t feel like an installment of Rebels.


Netflix Buried Its Most Audacious Sci-Fi Miniseries, But You Should Dig It Back Up

The mind is a battleground in this oft-forgotten Netflix limited series.


The Most Underrated Vampire Movie of the Century Has Aged Better Than You Think

Time has been surprisingly kind to this oft-forgotten blockbuster.

Star Wars

'Ahsoka' Episode 5 Makes a Classic Star Wars Mistake

The Disney+ series’ latest episode revisits some well-worn territory.

Last Call

The Most Thrilling, Frustrating Star Trek Movie Ever Still Has Moments of Brilliance

If you want to understand who J.J. Abrams is as a filmmaker, then look no further than this 2013 blockbuster.


Kenneth Branagh is a Good Director, and 'A Haunting in Venice' Proves It

It’s time to give the filmmaker his due.

Star Wars

'Ahsoka' Episode 5’s Flashbacks Reveal The Show’s Biggest Weakness

Ahsoka doesn’t know what to do with, well, Ahsoka.


'Dune 2's Delay Isn't the Death Knell for Fall Sci-Fi Movies You Think It Is

The year’s sci-fi slate is still surprisingly promising.


'The Walking Dead's Latest Spinoff Could Finally Reclaim the Franchise's Old Glory

AMC is looking to shamble back into the conversation.


'Ahsoka' Embraces the Best Part of Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy

The impact of the Jedi Order’s destruction hasn’t faded.

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Star Wars

'Ahsoka' Episode 4 Proves 2 Tiresome 'Last Jedi' Criticisms Wrong

Some arguments hold less weight than others.


'Ahsoka' is Failing Its Fan-Favorite Star Wars Hero

Why doesn’t Rosario Dawson’s former Jedi feel like the actual focus of her own show?

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