Adam Mann

Adam Mann is a science journalist specializing in space and physics who lives in Oakland, California. His work has appeared in the New York Times, New Yorker, National Geographic, Wired, and elsewhere.

Space takes a beating

Jeff Bezos: How the clumsy approach of a billionaire could’ve gone differently

A miniscule tweak could have changed everything.

ByAdam Mann
heavy metal

Milky Way's comets baffle scientists with a "so unlikely" discovery

For the first time, astronomers identified iron and nickel vapor in the atmospheres of comets in our Solar System and beyond, a result that baffles researchers.

ByAdam Mann
deep impact

NASA simulation reveals the "best defense" against an asteroid impact

At an annual conference, more than 300 scientists ran a simulated asteroid strike on Earth. What they found suggests we may not be prepared for the reality.

ByAdam Mann