Everything you need to know about the open-world game from Japanese developer Pocketpair that’s been described as Pokémon with guns.


Palworld Will Finally Let Players Duke It Out In New ‘Arena’ Mode

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The new mode may be the shot in the arm that "Pokémon-with-guns" needs.


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Why Did Xbox Show Palworld On “Every Screen” At A Company Meeting?

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Inverse spoke to multiple Microsoft employees who attended a virtual town hall with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer and Xbox President Sarah Bond last week.


Palworld Comes Under Fire for Potential Pokémon Plagiarism

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Palworld is a shameless rip-off, with guns,” one developer tells Inverse.


Where To Find Astegon, Faleris, and Orserk in 'Palworld'

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A late-game wildlife sanctuary is home to a number of S-Tier pals.


‘Palworld’ Fusion Pal Breeding Combos and Starter Guide

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Love is blind but it loves cake, apparently.


Palworld: How to Farm Paldium, Get Pal Spheres, and Catch Pals

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5 Tips to Get Started in Palworld

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Pokémon with guns?! Wild new trailer reveals the truth about Palworld

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'Palworld' release date, trailer, and gameplay for the Pokémon-inspired game

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Pokémon... with guns?