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Office Evolution

We explore innovative and emerging workplace trends and examine how they’re affecting our physical office spaces, corporate cultures, and employee productivity.

Office Evolution

Experts reveal 5 predictions for the office of the future

“We spend 90 percent of our time indoors, so we need our buildings to take care of us.”

Office Evolution

Gen Z reveals 4 facets of office life that make or break the workplace

“I think my generation believes they do need something tangible. We can’t live in the cloud all the time.”

Office Evolution

These office features could help save the planet—and your mental health

There are improvements that could be done at the office that will not only reduce energy use and CO2 emissions, but improve the health and well-being of workers. Environmentalists reveal the most prominent solutions.

Office Evolution

The future of American workplaces rely on an unlikely — and tasty — factor

Office Evolution

How Google hacked food for happier employees

You are what you eat, after all.

Office Evolution

How coworking spaces changed the office for good

Led by the multi-billion-dollar WeWork, there are now more than 18,000 coworking spaces around the globe. How did we get here?

Office Evolution

Coffee changed your office forever — but not how you'd expect

Our coffee habits aren’t the only thing that changed with Starbucks’ ubiquity.

Office Evolution

How a standalone closet became essential to the open office

Enter the rise of the office phone booth.

Office Evolution

Could the much-maligned cubicle be making a comeback?

“The workplace will increasingly be called upon to provide what working from home cannot.”

Office Evolution

How the humble water cooler became a driving force in work culture

Over time, the water cooler became the spot in the workplace for chats with colleagues. Now, companies hope for unplanned collaborations that result in a million-dollar idea.


Your employer may be spying on you — here are 3 ways to stop it

Work from home has a big downside — employers who don't place trust in their employees. Here are some ways to identify if you're being watched.

cooperation makes it happen

Who is the ‘Lebron’ of your office? Star employees bring 1 weird benefit

In the NBA, there's a whole team — not just your Lebrons, Jordans, and Currys. But sometimes, stars need to shine. Other times, it's good to pull from the bench.


How the granola company that fed Google weathered the pandemic

The pandemic has forced the founder of gr8nola to branch out from her formerly reliable business-to-business channel.


Spain is about to embark on the biggest 4-day workweek experiment ever

"We're launching into the real debate of our times."

time is money

A slow response to a question can have surprising consequences

“If you think the answer is easy, respond fast!”


The 5 questions you should expect at your next job interview

Recent survey results reveal what you can anticipate, as well as a few surprises that might be headed your way.

Why not both?

Joe Biden's plan to create jobs can succeed for one counterintuitive reason

Biden is inheriting a Dumpster fire's worth of problems. When it comes to slowing climate change and creating jobs, he has no choice but to do both.

Nimble by Inverse

Study of 3,000 consumers proves why negative reviews are good for business

What happens when people read trash reviews might just surprise you.

Nimble by Inverse

How businesses can thrive in a rapidly changing world: 3 strategies

“Hedge your bets and be prepared to make changes to your plans.”

Remote Momentum

How Adobe transitioned its 22,000 employees into a remote workforce

Senior VP Ashley Still dives into how they made it happen in a single weekend.


When a payment processing startup was hit by fraud, here's how it recovered

HoneyBook CEO Oz Alon shares his experience of how scaling up served as a learning opportunity.


Why a clinical approach is crucial to fix workplace discrimination

“It is important for companies to acknowledge that they fell short and clearly identify the means they will take to ensure that the mistakes are not repeated.”

Mind and Body

The office is dead! Long live the office!

Office Evolution

Famous leaders share 8 funny, inspiring quotes on the power of the office

From Steve Jobs to Elon Musk, famous business leaders reflected on their feelings about going to work every day in an office.


Watch Boston Dynamics’ robodogs invade this Ford production plant

These robots act like the best-behaved dogs you've ever seen. Plus they have five cameras.


Experts share 10 tips for resolving conflict between remote co-workers

Virtual communication has its limits.