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Our Flag Means Death fans are redefining historical fiction

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Has your favorite HBO Max show been canceled? The fate of 9 sci-fi series revealed

HBO Max may lose some beloved sci-fi shows soon. Here’s what we know.

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90 Day Fiancé could actually save the DCEU, not doom it — here’s why

Warner Bros. Discovery’s most fantastical franchise should borrow from reality TV.

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Westworld Season 4 is finally fixing the show’s original sin

The little-robot-show-that-could is finally great science fiction. What changed?

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35 years ago, an ’80s box office bomb gave us the best sci-fi villain ever

The Masters of the Universe movie could have had it all. Instead, it made one of the most nonsensical choices in genre movie history.

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Harley Quinn showrunners promise eternal romance, but it won't be easy

We couldn’t help but wonder: What’s in store for Harley Quinn Season 3? Showrunners Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern tell all.


Batgirl’s cancellation is bad for all superhero movies — here’s why

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We Met In Virtual Reality offers a hopeful but flawed vision of the metaverse

A look into the digital future.

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Fire & Blood

'House of the Dragon' will obliterate one annoying 'Game of Thrones' rule

House of the Dragon’s story will span many years, some of which we won’t see.


39 years ago, the biggest sci-fi bomb of all time changed the genre forever

Krull may not have been the biggest hit of the ‘80s. But, as a cult classic, it changed the sci-fi film genre in essential ways.

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You need to watch the best dystopian sci-fi movie on HBO Max before it leaves tomorrow

This classic '70s film was a landmark in how we approach science fiction and think about the future.

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You need to watch the most underrated sci-fi thriller of the '60s before it leaves HBO Max next week