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Climate Crisis

Elephants could be key to saving the planet — here’s why

Big problems require big solutions — literally.


Is plastic recycling a scam? Here’s the truth about the common practice

A report found only 5 percent of plastic gets recycled. Experts explain what that means for the American consumer.


Look: Global photo competition illuminates nature's beauty and drama

Winners took an intimate look at everyday details.

Turn it down!

Listen: Dolphins "scream" to each other over human-made noise pollution

Climate Crisis

At least half the world’s glaciers could melt — and that’s under the best-case scenario

The prognosis isn't good, but we can still take action to avert catastrophe.

Into the abyss

9 deep-sea discoveries from 2022 showcase the ocean's weirdness

Tree Time

Can we map every tree in the world? This novel tech could help get us there

Scientists believe deep learning is the future of tree conservation — here's why.


Can insects feel pain? Here’s why we need to talk about bug rights

If bugs feel pain, insect farming and pest control will cause mass suffering.


These science-backed hacks will keep your Christmas tree fresh for weeks

A forestry specialist explains how to properly care for your holiday spruce.


Back from the dead: 9 species rediscovered in 2022

They’re really good at hiding.

Super Bug

A “super-resistant” gene mutation in mosquitoes may increase the risk of dengue, a study finds

This finding could spell trouble for efforts to control the disease.

Animals galore

Parasitic wasps, friendly anemones: 9 new species identified in 2022

And there are many more left to discover.


Inside the surprisingly complex life, sex, and death of a woodlouse

Woodlice are tiny, don’t bite, move slowly and are generally unthreatening. They are part of biological processes essential to life. So what’s not to like?

Plague Problems

Why are there still rodent plague outbreaks? New research hints at the answer

Scientists may now know why the plague sometimes spikes — and sometimes doesn't — in rodent populations.

'Tis the Season

What Christmas tree is best for the environment? Here’s what forestry experts say you should buy

The annual tradition isn’t as bad for the climate as you might think.


Firefly swarms may have finally solved a 20-year-old scientific mystery

Can mathematical insights enlighten the social dynamics at play among luminous beetles?