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The 10 best subreddits for productivity tips, tricks, and brain hacks

If you want to up your productivity game and get things done, there are plenty of Reddit communities to help you — or guilt you to stay on task when you try and avoid what you should really be doing.

Staying on task can be difficult for even the most disciplined of people. Whether it’s tackling chores you’d rather avoid or soldiering through a work project that feels tedious at best, remaining productive is hard — especially when the internet provides endless distractions.

But maybe the internet can help your stay productive, too. If you want to up your productivity game and get things done, there are plenty of Reddit communities to help you — or guilt you to stay on task when you try and avoid what you should really be doing. Here are some of the best subreddits for productivity.

10. r/SelfImprovement

SUBSCRIBERS: 1.1 million

TL;DR: A subreddit for finding ways to be a better you

When it comes to being productive, it can be hard to know where to start — or how to tackle what’s holding you back from your goals. This subreddit, which covers everything to do with self-improvement, should have ways to help you conquer the issues that are holding you back. Whether you need help getting out of bed, or dealing with fear-based procrastination, users from this community can point you to resources that will help you meet your goals, and get more done in the process.

9. r/GetStudying


TL;DR: A subreddit for picking up studying techniques

Studying can be incredibly boring and tedious, especially if you tire easily when it comes to repetition or pouring over the same thing for weeks on end. But with the right help, it doesn’t have to be. Users from this subreddit gather to swap tips and techniques to make studying more exciting and productive, and often swap advice about how to improve concentration, find the fun in dull tasks, and even push through feelings of burnout. Even if you aren’t studying, you’ll find plenty of tips here that can be applied to other facets of your life, which will make you more productive in the process.

8. r/OfflineDay


TL;DR: A subreddit for people who think social media is holding them back

It can be hard to focus and stay productive when Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, and all the other forms of social media at our fingertips, feel much more appealing – and relaxing — than the tasks we need to complete. r/OfflineDay is a solution for people who think the internet is the root of all their productivity problems. It provides guidance on how to disconnect from social media and online life, to help you improve your focus and productivity, as well as plenty of hacks on how to reduce your day-to-day screen time and digital distractions. If you’re prone to going off-task because of notifications or internet rabbit holes, this sub could help you out.

7. r/LoFiHipHop


TL;DR: A subreddit for something more inspiring than white noise

Many people find that it’s easier to stay on task if they block out other things, or have some background music to stop their brain from wandering. This subreddit is a great way to find music for just that purpose, with plenty of links to individual songs, playlists, and albums you can use to drown out the world while you try to stay on task. There’s a reason Lofi study girl became a meme, after all. Ambient music can help you to stay on track and set the pace of the tasks you need to do, without being too distracting.

6. r/ADHD

SUBSCRIBERS: 1.4 million

TL;DR: A subreddit for people who really struggle with productivity

People who struggle with ADHD lack something called executive function — which includes mental skills like planning, time management, and self-control — and this can make it difficult for them to focus or stay productive. While this community was created for people to discuss and find solutions to the many issues that arise with ADHD, it’s a great resource if you’re struggling with being productive, as people swap tips and tricks to circumnavigate a lack of executive function in the form of articles, Q&As, and user-generated posts. If you’re having a hard time staying on top of things, you’ll find pre-vetted solutions you can apply to your life here.

5. r/pomodoro


TL;DR: A subreddit for a very specific productivity game plan

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management system designed to help people work in short bursts in a way that fits with their schedule without sacrificing breaks or risking burnout. Developed in the 1980s, the method involves working in 25-minute intervals and taking regular five-minute breaks to help make whatever you’re doing feel more manageable. This subreddit is for dedicated followers of Pomodoro and is home to plenty of guides, Q&As, and other posts to teach this method, as well as recommendations of other ways to stay on task. It’s a great option for people who find it hard to work in long stretches or want a rigid structure to keep their productivity up.

4. r/ZenHabits


TL;DR: A subreddit for learning how to concentrate in a chilled-out way

Although r/ZenHabits was founded as a positive environment to help people achieve all sorts of personal growth, it’s become a hub for productivity and learning about how to achieve your goals in real-time. Users swap articles and information on how to turn anxiety into productive energy, how to maximize energy levels throughout the day to help with willpower, and how to reduce stress. If you find the main thing holding you back from being productive is worry, or you want to pick up habits that will help you increase your mental resilience and focus in the long run, this community has you covered.

3. r/GetDisciplined

SUBSCRIBERS: 1 million

TL;DR: A subreddit to help you with self-discipline

Being productive can be difficult if you’re on your own for long periods of time, or have no one to hold you accountable. If you’re going to be going solo in your bid to get things done efficiently, you may find this subreddit useful. It’s littered with plenty of advice on how to motivate yourself to tackle tasks, as well as unique and interesting techniques, like wearing a hat to trick your brain into focusing. The community welcomes questions from people who are feeling lost and has a weekly thread for people to post their plans so they can hold themselves accountable. A great resource if you’re looking for a community to help you achieve your goals.

2. r/GetMotivated

SUBSCRIBERS: 17.6 million

TL;DR: A subreddit for virtual pep talks

Sometimes, all we need to get productive is a bit of perspective. This subreddit will help you get just that. It’s home to countless quotes, stories, and tools, to help you stay motivated. Users exchange personal experiences (like how getting up early every morning has helped them) as well as inspiring screenshots from social media, and even playlists they’ve designed to help themselves, and others, stay on task. r/GetMotivated allows you to surround yourself with positive content designed to put you in a productive mindset and will help you to connect with people who are determined to achieve their goals.

1. r/Misophonia


TL;DR: A subreddit of coping mechanisms to keep out distractions

This community is a place for people who suffer from the neurological disorder misophonia, which causes people to have adverse reactions to otherwise normal sounds and visual stimuli. The subreddit is largely a support group, but given how difficult it is for many people with this disorder to block out the world around them, it’s also home to lots of tips and tricks to help people cope with distractions. If you struggle with background noise and flickering screens or have office-based distractions which are hindering your productivity, it’s likely members of this community have been through the same thing, too — and have shared solutions you can then apply to your own life.

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