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Leg day observer
Leg Day Observer

Weight training: What is the ideal rep range for your goals?

Rep ranges, like most topics in lifting, can be explained by progressive overload.

Leg Day Observer

Why “micro workouts” can have significant mental and physical benefits

There are advantages to fitting short bursts of exercise into your day.

Leg Day Observer

Mindfulness plays a crucial role in lifting — here’s how to do it right

Research shows that mental training can increase gains at the gym.

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Is creatine necessary? A shortage of the cult-like supplement forces lifters to question its importance

While creatine has a long history as a strength and performance supplement, there’s still a bit of confusion around it.

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Do three-second lifts work? A sports science breaks down how much time you should actually spend lifting weights

A few seconds of lifting a day can lead to strength, but there’s a catch.

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How to start lifting at any age

Does strength fade as we age — or can we maintain it?

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Why is it nearly impossible to master the squat?

The exercise may take a lifetime to master.

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Is lifting weights good for runners? Yes, if you do it right

Strength training can help runners achieve faster times and prevent common injuries.

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How to set weight lifting goals and succeed: 3 expert tips to hit your benchmarks

Finding balance is key to following through on your goals.

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What are good weight lifting benchmarks? The science of milestones, explained

We all train to get somewhere, even if we don’t know where to.

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What time should you eat to gain muscle? The complex science, explained

Does meal timing affect muscle growth? Here’s what you need to know.

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Is coffee before workouts good or bad? The benefits of caffeine, explained

Leg Day Observer

How to get good at exercise: The secret is right in front of you

Here are the exercises to try again.

Leg Day Observer

Upper body strength: The exercises and stretches you need to try

Too many “leg days”? Here’s how to catch up your upper body.

Leg Day Observer

Does sprint training increase strength? What weight lifters need to know

Sprint training should be viewed as a type of strength training.

Leg Day Observer

Exercises for better posture: 2 hacks lifters should try now

Here's how weight lifters can improve one critical feature, their posture, and why that's critical for strength.

Mind and Body

Scientists recommend 5 minutes of walking to combat your worst habit

Exercise snackies anyone?

Mind and Body

Losing weight doesn't resolve inflammation tied to weight gain, mouse study suggests

The struggle for better health doesn’t necessarily begin and end with weight loss, a new study in mice finds.

The 6 million dollar pig

Bionic pig penises offer a "promising" new erectile dysfunction treatment

Can we get some morning hydrogel?

Mind and Body

What is invasive strep A? The potentially dangerous condition is currently on the rise

Experts say there are ways to protect yourself from the infection.

Mind and Body

When anxiety gets you down, Viagra may not be the answer

Anxiety may have unwelcome sexual health side effects in young men.

Mind and Body

Your nose has a microbiome — does it hold the key to ridding respiratory infections forever?

Booger transplants, anyone?

Mind and Body

These simple hacks could boost your flu and Covid-19 vaccines’ effectiveness

Eat, sleep, move: It’s all about doing the things that promote a healthy immune system.

Sunday Scaries

Depression study reveals a critical difference between men and women

“Our vision is that one day we’ll have improved, individually tailored therapeutics.”

Mind and Body

This strange idea could help explain the mysterious symptoms of IBS

Despite its prevalence, this common gastrointestinal condition is still poorly understood.

Mind and Body

Some autoimmune diseases may protect against Covid-19

It all boils down to genetics.

Mind and Body

Scientists use mRNA technology to create a potent flu vaccine that could last for years

The latest effort to make a universal influenza vaccine targets more influenza viral proteins using the same technology used in Covid-19 jabs.

Hearty sleep

This simple habit could significantly boost your heart health

A checklist used to predict cardiovascular health now includes sleep as its eighth measure.

Men's Health

Experimental therapy may mimic a key metabolic effect of exercise — mouse study

What if there was a pill that induced the positive metabolic effects of exercise?

Sunday Scaries

Feeling stressed? Here are 7 simple actions to boost your mental health

Build a coping toolbox.


Male fertility may decline dramatically with age — here’s what you need to know

In recent decades we have seen a gradual shift toward more people becoming parents later in life.


Study hints at an age-related risk factor for premature death in some men

Opinion: Loss of the Y chromosome may have a negative health effect on males.