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The 8 best subreddits for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Whether you're a cryptocurrency newbie or a Bitcoin diehard, here are the subreddits you need to know.

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Reddit is truly the beating heart of the cryptocurrency world. There’s a community for every digital currency you can imagine, all with competing interests and impassioned communities who are desperate to sell you on the “next big coin.” But if you’re not dedicated to a single currency or crypto-philosophy — or if you’re new to the entire thing — it can be tricky to figure out where to focus your attention.

Luckily, Reddit isn’t just home to r/SafeMoon and other established coin hubs. There’s a rich ecosystem of more diverse and far-reaching communities which cover huge parts of the crypto-world, without getting too granular.

Whether you’re looking for some subreddits to help you get a broad understanding of crypto or you want to keep an eye on the entire world of cryptocurrencies without getting sucked into the drama that exists around singular coins, these subreddits are for you.

8. r/BitcoinBeginners

The first stop in learning about Bitcoin.



TL;DR: The best place to start

This community is home to bitcoin novices who want to get started, and it’s a wonderful resource if you can’t tell your Dogecoin from your Ethereum. If you have questions about taking your first steps into the world of cryptocurrency, r/BitcoinBeginners will provide you with some answers and guidance.

7. r/OpenSea


TL;DR: A place to pick up free NFTs

r/OpenSea, named after the largest NFT marketplace, is mostly a space to pick up free NFTs. There are countless posts every day with giveaways that can be claimed through upvoting random projects and joining their Discord servers. It’s a useful way to keep an eye on the latest launches – and grab the odd NFT without paying for it if one happens to catch your eye.

6. r/Cryptocurrencies

From Dogecoin to Ether.



TL;DR: The best place for uncensored crypto-news

This group considers itself to be the best place for learning the latest on cryptocurrencies. It’s a useful subreddit to add to your list if you’re into politically charged crypto updates, or if you want to have an open conversation. Random questions from users in this group often lead to robust discussions about the issue at hand, like the listing of a new coin, or the latest way some crypto CEO has screwed up in public.

5. r/Cryptotechnology


TL;DR: A behind-the-scenes look at the world of crypto

This subreddit is the best way to satisfy a yearning for more meta conversations about cryptocurrency. Memes, markets, and promotional posts are all banned from this group, so it’s a great way to get away from the noise and have some calm and in-depth discussions. This should be your community of choice if you want to talk about blockchain or the ways that crypto can be applied to the world — without the usual chaos that comes with it.

4. r/Defi


TL;DR: For discussions about decentralized finance and project launches

Short for decentralized finance, r/DeFi is a community dedicated to discussing — and building — the open financial system that cryptocurrency has promised the world. It’s a mish-mash of questions, articles, discussions, and tips; and it often takes a more critical look at the world of cryptocurrency when compared to other subreddits. r/Defi is great if you’re looking for analysis, or want to ask questions about projects you’re working on.

3. r/CryptoMarkets

It’s like a wannabe, low-brow Financial Times for the crypto-world.



TL;DR: Keeping up with crypto-news and getting some guidance

While r/CryptoMarkets is enormous, it’s surprisingly comprehensible (rare for a Reddit group centered on cryptocurrency). This is a great place to look for guidance. Users regularly share articles and tips about launches to keep an eye on, general cryptocurrency-related updates, and detailed analysis on how different coins are performing. It’s like a wannabe, low-brow Financial Times for the crypto-world; useful if you don’t want to do your own homework.

2. r/SatoshiStreetBets


TL;DR: Memes and social media screengrabs

This subreddit is chaotic at best. There’s no real rhyme or reason to the posts, and it doesn’t have a particular focus, but this is perhaps why it can be appealing. r/SatoshiStreetBets is stuffed to the brim with memes, Twitter screenshots, and other useful tidbits of information. It’s a good place to get your crypto-news if you like it served with a few jokes.

1. r/Binance

Binance has over 25 million users.



TL;DR: A place to keep up with the latest discourse

The crypto-trading platform Binance has over 25 million users, which means it’s part of most cryptocurrency traders' repertoires. If you’re looking to get to grips with Binance (or want to keep up with the latest currency shifts) this is a great subreddit to join. r/Binance offers a mix of useful articles and user questions on how to use the service, making it a great place to get started.

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