The 9 best leather iPhone cases

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by Alexa Vazquez
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Research suggests that spending time on your smartphone can increase stress and anxiety levels — but being intentional about how and when you use your phone can help mitigate digital overload. Why not extend that same mindful approach to the way you outfit your phone? In particular, consider the best leather iPhone cases that lend a soothing aesthetic and quality in-hand feel. Made of genuine leather (or imitation, for those who prefer faux), these phone cases are sleek, functional, and sturdy, and many are slim enough to fit comfortably in your pants pocket when it’s time to cut back on screen time.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Leather iPhone Cases

Functional Details

When shopping for a leather iPhone case, first think about how you’d like your case to function. If you like the convenience of a wallet case, for instance, consider whether you’d like a slim, simple wallet with card slots on the back, or a folio style with a flap that opens and closes for added screen protection. And if you tend to be hard on your phone, a case with protective features, like bumpers and microfiber linings, will help ensure it survives its next fall.

MagSafe Compatibility

Newer iPhones models feature MagSafe, Apple’s magnetic technology that allows for easy snap-on attachment to an array of accessories and fast wireless charging. If you have one of the latest iPhone models, choosing a case with MagSafe compatibility will allow you to maximize the use of these Apple features.

Type Of Leather

When it comes to genuine leather, there are two terms you’ll want to become familiar with: full-grain and top-grain. Full-grain leather uses the entire hide (excluding the hair), making it the highest-grade leather you can buy; it’s more expensive, but retains the natural texture and imperfections of the material that many desire. Top-grain leather tends to be slightly less expensive. The top layer of the hide is sanded down and imprinted with an imitation grain; it also has a finishing coat, meaning it won’t patina over time like its counterpart.

But if you prefer a cleaner look, or if you choose not to buy animal-derived products, consider one of the faux-leather options on this list instead. Good-quality PU leather will feel supple, not plasticky, to mimic the feel of real leather; but, on the downside, faux leather is not as long-lasting as the real thing, and is subject to cracking and peeling.

No matter what iPhone model you own, the best leather iPhone cases will keep your phone safe and looking sharp, so you can worry about more important things.

Shop The Best Leather iPhone Cases

In a hurry? These are our top 5 picks for the best leather iPhone cases on Amazon.

1. The Classic Leather iPhone Case From Apple: Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

2. This Minimalist Leather iPhone Case With Timeless Style: LONLI Classic Leather Case

3. This Leather Folio Case With RFID-Blocking Technology: SHIELDON Leather Wallet Case

4. This Faux Leather iPhone Case With Sleek Metal Details: LOHASIC PU Leather Case

5. A Faux Leather Wallet Case That Comes In 11 Colors: LUPA Legacy Card Holder Case

1. The Classic Leather iPhone Case From Apple

You can’t go wrong with Apple’s own leather case, especially if you have one of the more recently launched iPhone models. The brand doesn’t specify whether the leather is full- or top-grain, but it will naturally patina over time. The MagSafe technology works seamlessly with other MagSafe accessories, like car mounts and wireless charging stations. The built-in magnets also make it a breeze to snap the case on and off and allow you to attach a wallet to the back if you’d like. It also has interior lining and raised edges that help protect your device from bumps and scratches.

One reviewer wrote: “While there are many leather cases to choose from for your shiny iPhone 12/Pro, you can't do much better than Apple's official Leather Case with MagSafe. [...] The leather is supple and no two cases are exactly alike. The case fits snugly against the iPhone (which it should) and is very sturdy once attached, and there's also a neat little animation on the iPhone the first time you put it on [...] Overall, this is a great case and I can't wait to see how the patina develops as the months and years progress. [...] I'm expecting this case to last as long as I have this phone.”

Leather Type: Genuine | Compatible iPhones: iPhone 12, 12 Pro | Available Colors: 3 | Find More Sizes Here

2. This Minimalist Leather iPhone Case With Timeless Style

Another MagSafe option, this simple, timeless case is made of genuine, full-grain leather sourced from Italy that only gets softer over time. This one also has microfiber lining inside the case that helps prevent scratches on the back of your phone, and the bumper-style raised edges protect the screen and camera. A logo-free design and range of neutral shades mean this case will remain just as fashionable in a few years as it is now. Plus, it’s compatible with wireless charging.

One reviewer wrote: “A really good leather case for less than half the price of the Apple leather case. [...] The leather is very soft and supple similar to Apple’s. And the craftsmanship is brilliant. You can see from the pictures that the trim piece which provides camera bump is so neatly integrated. Feels fabulous in hand and the raised lip around the phone makes a screen protector redundant. The case has been engineered really well. Totally recommend.”

Leather Type: Genuine, Full-Grain | Compatible iPhones: iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Max | Available Colors: 3 | Find More Sizes Here

3. This Leather Folio Case With RFID-Blocking Technology

Bid your wallet farewell with this top-grain leather folio case. A sturdy magnet closure opens up to reveal three card slots and a cash compartment, and the card slots are made with RFID-blocking technology to keep personal information safe. A soft inner lining and shockproof components, including a cushioned buffer, keep your phone safe from daily wear and tear (and accidental drops). Unlike the previous cases, however, this one is not compatible with MagSafe or wireless charging.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this case for my new phone. When i received it, I immediately appreciated its excellent material and workmanship. The case has three slots on the inside of the flap. This is everything I need for cards that I carry. The cut-outs for the switches, speakers etc are perfect. One of its best features for me is the cut out for the cameras. This is great for keeping the lenses scratch free. Fitted nicely and I am glad i bought it.”

Leather Type: Genuine, Top Grain | Compatible iPhones: iPhone 13 Pro Max | Available Colors: 11 | Find More Sizes Here

4. This Faux Leather iPhone Case With Sleek Metal Details

This soft, subtly textured PU leather case offers both elegance and functionality. It’s made with sleek metal details for aesthetic interest, while also offering easy access to the charging port. It can be used with wireless chargers, but isn’t MagSafe compatible. Sensitive button covers make clicking a breeze, and the ultra-slim construction ensures it slips easily into your pocket. While it doesn’t have an interior lining, it does have raised edges that will protect your screen and camera from scratches.

One reviewer wrote: “I have had this case in brown for over 6 months. Very durable and the faux leather finish still looks as good as the day I got it. Same with the shiny silver trim. [...] I am pretty tough on my cases -- in my pocket with keys, etc. I have dropped my phone numerous times and no damage to case or phone. Also, the faux leather does not seem to scratch or get dinged up at all. Overall very happy and it has been more durable than I would have imagined. I have had several compliments on the case and been asked where I purchased it.”

Leather Type: Faux | Compatible iPhones: iPhone 11 Pro | Available Colors: 6 | Find More Sizes Here

5. A Faux Leather Wallet Case That Comes In 11 Colors

Another high-quality faux leather option, this wallet case features three credit cards slots, a cash compartment, and a secure magnetic tab closure. Slim yet strong, this case has raised edges for protection, while the folio flap keeps your screen safe from scratches and dust. While it’s not compatible with MagSafe technology, this case can be used with other wireless chargers. It isn’t lined, but it does have raised edges for added protection, and a speaker hole cutout allows you to take calls without having to expose your cards. Plus, you have a generous range of 11 colors to choose from — including two-tone variations, like the navy and camel pictured above, as well as solid hues.

One reviewer wrote: “The design is beautiful and sleek and the quality is great. It is easy to charge your phone with MagSafe with this product and it is much nicer than apples current MagSafe phone cover. I highly recommend.”

Leather Type: Faux | Compatible iPhones: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro | Available Colors: 11 | Find More Sizes Here

6. A Slim Leather iPhone Case That Won’t Feel Bulky In Your Pocket

For those who want an iPhone case that does the job without any extra bells and whistles, this sleek black case is a great option. Featuring a slim, lightweight construction and made of premium leather, this case easily slides into your pocket without adding any bulk. A microfiber lining and raised edges protect your phone from scratches. It’s compatible with wireless chargers, but is not MagSafe-compatible. Note that the manufacturer doesn’t specify whether the leather is full- or top-grain, but it will develop a patina and features a unique grain pattern.

One reviewer wrote: “The photos in the ad do not due the leather quality justice. It looks so much better in person. To get an equivalent leather case you will need to spend at least twice this price. I thought this was a very classy option to dress up the iPhone 11 for less than the silicone cases that Apple sells on their website. The finish on the leather is matte, the leather extends around the side bumpers and the case overall is reinforced. It protects the camera when lying flat on a surface and the side bumpers extend enough to protect the phone from a side or angled drop. As other reviewers have stated, this has a microfiber backing so it should protect the back glass on the phone as well. I'm very pleased with this case.”

Leather Type: Genuine | Compatible iPhones: iPhone 11 | Available Colors: 1 | Find More Sizes Here

7. This Leather Folio Case That Doubles As A Kickstand

Like the folio case above, this premium cowhide leather case works as a wallet complete with three card slots and a cash pocket, and is crafted with RFID technology to protect your credit card information. Plus, the folio flap acts as a kickstand that provides two different ways to prop up your phone so you can comfortably watch the big game, video chat, and more, even while you’re on the go. It also features wireless charging functionality and has MagSafe options but doesn’t have raised edges or interior lining.

One reviewer wrote: “First you get that new leather smell and then you see the fine craftsmanship of this genuine leather case! The stitching is sharp and the magnets are strong. I shoved 9 cards, 10 bills, and my lucky coin into it and it closes no problem! And as with all leather it will form fit to my excessive cargo with time. It snuggly fits my iPhone 11 and has uniquely cut pockets that allow for easy release of all cards. Super impressed with this case!”

Leather Type: Genuine | Compatible iPhones: iPhone 11 | Available Colors: 4 | Find More Sizes Here

8. An iPhone Case Made Of Naturally Weathered Leather

Another minimally designed iPhone case, this one has a unique textured grain that adds a lived-in feel — a hallmark of high-quality genuine leather — while also providing grip. The lightweight case also offers lots of protection, including a microfiber lining to prevent scratches, raised edges to keep your screen and camera safe, metal pieces to cover the volume buttons, and a shock-absorbing construction. If that wasn’t enough, this case is also compatible with wireless charging and MagSafe.

One reviewer wrote: “If you're looking for a beautiful, great feeling/gripping, leather case for your iPhone X, I highly recommend this one. I went with the Blue one and it's exactly as pictured and is gorgeous. Even comes in a neat folding wood looking box. The design is slim and doesn't add any bulk to the phone. The leather feels great and I'm sure will feel even better and have that aged patina feel over time. I also like the machined metal of the case buttons over the Power and Volume buttons. That gives it an extra classy touch over some of the other leather cases. And the price is fantastic for this high quality product in my opinion.”

Leather Type: Genuine | Compatible iPhones: iPhone X/XS | Available Colors: 4 | Find More Sizes Here

9. A Faux Leather iPhone Case With Exterior Card Slots

If you like the idea of ditching your wallet for a phone case that can store your cards, but don’t like the bulk of folio cases, consider this minimal case. It features two exterior cards slots on the back — one of which is oriented at a slant, is an interesting design detail — that won’t block your screen. Made of synthetic leather, this case also has an integrated metal plate that allows for seamless attachment to magnetic mounts. However, this case won’t work with wireless chargers or other MagSafe products. It also doesn’t have a protective lining, but its slightly raised edges provide screen protection.

One reviewer wrote: “I've religiously bought Dockem iPhone cases over the last 4-5 years for each iPhone I've had and I rarely write Amazon Reviews but I felt that this one deserves it. I even bought another case for my iPhone 12 Pro and returned it two days later just go get this Dockem case. The case is well crafted and fits the iPhone 12 Pro well. [...] The integrated magnet is great and is strong enough to keep my phone from slipping from my existing magnetic car holder. I currently have three cards in the back and over time as the material stretches I can likely add a 4th. Overall, pleased with the case.”

Leather Type: Faux | Compatible iPhones: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Max | Available Colors: 5 | Find More Sizes Here

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