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Whether you use your iPad for work, creative projects, or everyday screen time, the best iPad accessories can help you access its full functionality while protecting it from damage. So if you’re in the market for a rugged case that can withstand drops, an adjustable stand with a flexible gooseneck, or a budget-friendly stylus for writing and drawing on the screen, you’ll find it here (plus much more).

First, any roundup of must-have iPad accessories has to include protective gear. There are plenty of cool iPad cases that come in different levels of durability, so if you’re someone who is hard on your devices (or if you have kids who sometimes use your iPad), you should consider a sturdy case that can take some wear and tear. If you tend to be gentle with your devices, though, you may want to shop for upgraded functionality — think: an integrated stand or an accompanying Bluetooth keyboard that lets you use your iPad like a laptop. In the same vein, a glass screen protector will guard against scratches and cracks, but you may want upmarket options like privacy protection that keeps onlookers from viewing your screen from the side.

If your tablet is your go-to device for drawing and illustrating, there are a number of helpful iPad accessories for artists, including special screen covers that mimic the look and feel of paper, digital styluses for sketching, and innovative items like gloves that allow you to rest your hand on the screen while you create.

Of course, there’s a good chance you’ll want a stand that allows for hands-free viewing, whether you opt for a simple tabletop model, one with a flexible gooseneck, or a magnetic case you can stick to the fridge.

Don’t forget — your iPad is only as good as its battery level, so if you’re on the go, consider getting a portable power bank to keep it charged up (and maybe even an Apple AirTag in case you lose it). With all that said, these are the best iPad accessories on Amazon.

1. A wireless stylus for writing & drawing

You’ll be able to sketch, write, and draw on your iPad with precision using this wireless stylus that’s earned 50,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. It has a sensitive, non-delay design that doesn’t drag or skip, and the palm rejection technology means you can rest your hand on the screen while you use it. The rechargeable stylus provides 20 hours of active use before needing to be powered up, and it turns on and off with a twist, so it’s ready to use whenever inspiration strikes.

According to a reviewer: “This pen is so easy to use. It is very accurate. You truly feel like you are using a regular pencil, or pen etc. I have not experienced any lagging. I use the pen to color and shade. It feels so sturdy, I can’t believe how affordable it is compared to the Apple pen. I feel so lucky to have bought this. Amazing quality, I highly recommend.”

2. A slim case & stand in 19 color options

Available in a range of sizes, this multifunctional iPad case with stand protects your device when you’re on the go, then lets you set it up on a desk or table for hands-free viewing in your choice of two different angle options. All of your iPad’s features are still accessible when the case is mounted, and a magnet on the flap secures the case when shut, while supporting your device’s auto sleep/wake function. Slim and lightweight, the hard-back case is available in 19 colors, like sky blue, matte black, and midnight green.

According to a reviewer: “The back cover/case is a hard plastic that holds the iPad firmly in place once it's snapped in. It is also translucent, which lets the Apple logo and my stuck-on name tag show through. [...] All of the cutouts and holes for the buttons, speakers, plugs and the camera lens are perfectly aligned, and have ample clearance. The magnet along the front edge of the cover keeps it firmly in place when closed, and the sleep/wake function is just like the more expensive product.”

3. A portable power bank for on-the-go charging

With a 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon after more than 49,000 reviews, this power bank can give your iPad a boost when its battery is running low and you’re without access to a power source — perfect if you spend time traveling or commuting. Compact and lightweight, it can fit in a pocket or bag for portable charging, whether you’re traveling or sitting on the couch with your iPad.

According to a reviewer: “Recently I was in Court with no access to a plug, and a stone-dead iPad Air (hadn't charged it in a couple of months). This battery began charging the dead iPad Air such that I could use the iPad after a couple of minutes, and while I was using the iPad, the iPad continued charging and increasing the charge level. Three hours later when it was time to leave, the iPad was at about 60% charge and continuing to charge.”

4. A hand strap holder & stand

This padded hand strap holder affixes to the back of your iPad, so you can carry or use it comfortably. The strap can be adjusted to fit your hand, and it attaches to a hook and loop fastening panel that can be secured to the back of the tablet, making it easy to remove and reattach the strap for either portrait or landscape viewing. An integrated stand allows the holder to be positioned on a flat surface for easy hands-free use.

According to a reviewer: “Great for keeping control of the iPad rather than handing it to customers for signatures. It makes sharing information much easier in presentations too! My favorite feature, the iPad now feels like a paint palette when I'm drawing.”

5. An Apple AirTag to keep tabs on your device

An iPad is an investment, so to make sure you don’t lose yours (even if it just slips behind the couch), it’s worth getting an Apple AirTag. You can sync the AirTag to your tablet with a simple touch, and the tag’s built-in speaker helps you locate the device when it goes missing within earshot. You can also use the Find My app to locate your iPad within a certain distance, or the Find My network to crowd-find your tablet with the help of other AirTag users.

According to a reviewer: “Easy to set up - literally bring it near your iPhone or iPad and that's it. Tracking is a piece of cake with Apple's network of devices. Very happy.”

6. An adjustable tabletop stand

This tabletop iPad stand has earned a stellar 4.8-star overall rating after more than 50,000 reviews, and it has a tilting design that allows you to adjust the angle of your tablet, whether it’s in a vertical or horizontal position. A gap at the base of the holder provides a space for a charging cable, and rubber pads keep your iPad securely in place while protecting it from scratches. The sleek and modern stand is made from sturdy stainless steel and comes in silver, black, gray, and rose gold color options.

According to a reviewer: “Simple, well built, has rubber on bottom of the stand and at contact points for your iPad. They really stick. The stand will not budge if it is bumped or pushed. This stand works well and looks attractive even if you do nothing else but store your iPad on it.”

7. A durable tempered glass screen protector

Ward off any trips to the screen repair shop by installing this tempered glass screen protector on your iPad. It has the same look and feel as your iPad’s screen and a thin but durable 0.33 millimeter thickness that guards against scratches, cracking, and other surface damage. The durable protector is highly responsive and transparent, while being resistant to fingerprints, and it comes with installation instructions as well as a cleaning cloth and dust removal tool.

According to a reviewer: “My 8 year old dropped his iPad numerous times and even accidentally dropped a baseball bat on it. Yet the screen remains intact without any scratches!”

8. A case & wireless keyboard set that converts your iPad into a laptop

If you use your iPad for any kind of word processing or browsing, this iPad keyboard stand and case allows you to recreate the experience of using a laptop whenever you like. The hinged case allows you to set your iPad screen up at whatever angle suits you best, and it even rotates 360 degrees, so you can show the screen to someone sitting next to or across from you. The lightweight keyboard has a standard button layout, with a small mouse trackpad that has right- and left-click buttons. Plus, the keyboard has a 10-color backlight that’s brightness-adjustable, so you can customize it to your preferences.

According to a reviewer: “This case is amazing. It literally turns your iPad into a laptop. It's easy to set up and pair, the touchpad tracks great, and the typing is smooth and responsive. I've had a couple keyboards and this one is by far the best. I like all of the angles you can use with the case. There is no folding or propping up needed.”

9. A clip-on ring light with a rechargeable battery

If you regularly use your iPad to video chat or take selfies, this clip-on LED selfie light has a portable, rechargeable design that makes it easy to upgrade your lighting wherever you are. The versatile design is also compatible with smartphones and laptops, and it offers three brightness settings, as well as a charging cable and an indicator that tells you when the battery is running low.

According to a reviewer: “Light weight, 3 brightness settings that can be changed easily with a little button on the back, and best part - it came fully charged. I use this with my iPhone and iPad, and my face looks better while online video talking.”

10. A durable case with a magnetic mount & stand

Not only does this durable iPad case protect your tablet from drops as high as 5 feet, but it also doubles as a stand and magnetic mount. When used as a tabletop stand, it has eight adjustable angles for easy hands-free viewing, and you can also secure it instantly to any metal surface — try hanging it on the fridge to view recipes as you cook. With a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating, it comes in five colors like berry, slate, and basic black.

According to a reviewer: “The IPad case was more than I expected. I love the magnetic tilting system and how I can stick it on my refrigerator for when I am cooking. Very comfortable to hold and ease of adjustment is great.”

11. A screen protector with a paper-like feel for drawing

If you use a stylus to write or draw on your iPad, this touch-sensitive screen protector has a paper-like feel that helps the utensil glide smoothly across the screen without skipping or dragging. In addition to that, it guards your tablet from scratches and other surface damage, while the matte finish reduces glare, so it’s easy to view your work in sunlight.

According to a reviewer: “I really needed a screen protector but also wanted to find something that felt paper like for drawing purposes. Took a chance on this one and am very pleased! Application was standard enough, I did have to squeegee out bubbles but they all came out. Tested the Apple Pencil on it and it works great. Screen looks clear without the glare as well. Would recommend this for artists or those tired of fingerprints all over their screen!”

12. A case that’s waterproof & shockproof

If you’re using your iPad near water, or suffer an unexpected liquid spill inside your bag, this waterproof case will give you peace of mind that your device won’t be damaged. The rugged IP68 case is dust-proof and offers full protection to your device in 2 meters of water for up to one hour. Still, it has a low-profile design that gives you full tablet functionality. It also comes with a simple adhesive kickstand that allows for hands-free use.

According to a reviewer: “This case is the truth! I assumed it was only water resistant not actually waterproof. Well today it was put to the test. I dropped my iPad in the pool while I was lounging on a floating lounger. Of course it took me forever to get off the float to get my iPad that was now submerged and at the bottom of my pool. I retrieved it with the thought that I’d need to buy a new iPad as the screen would undoubtedly be black. Nope! My iPad was fine and is still working as I’m using it to post this review.”

13. A clip-on gooseneck stand for a custom viewing experience

The flexible design of this gooseneck stand allows you to position the 10.5-inch neck to hold your iPad in the ideal spot, while being sturdy enough to fully support its weight without drooping. Soft pads on the inside of the spring-loaded holder won't damage your iPad, and the clip-on attachment tightens with a twist for a secure fit on a range of flat surfaces, from desks to tables to headboards. It’s versatile, too — you can use the stand with most newer iPhone models (and Androids, too).

According to a reviewer: “I bought another stand from a dealer who listed the iPads as fitting their stand. It didn't. It knocked the stand over. This stand is perfect! It holds my iPad 3 exactly as it says it will.”

14. A Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a stand

When it comes to cool iPad accessories, this wireless Bluetooth speaker with a ledge to support your tablet fits the bill. According to reviewers, it brings “excellent” stereo-quality sound to your favorite activities, whether gaming, streaming a movie, or taking a video call. When fully charged, it has a play time of up to 10 hours, and it’s compatible with a variety of tablets and smartphones for on-the-go listening.

According to a reviewer: “This is a nice speaker. I mostly use it in the kitchen while I'm cooking. Has good sound quality. It takes a long time before you have to charge it. Charges fast. Very satisfied.”

15. A privacy screen protector to fend off prying eyes

Don’t want anyone peeking at your screen while you use your iPad? This privacy screen protector obscures the contents of your iPad’s screen when viewed from the side in landscape orientation, so you get total privacy from nosy onlookers. When used in the portrait position, your screen will be visible from any angle, giving it a versatile design that’s also helpful for collaboration or multi-person viewing. It’s easily removable, washable, and reusable, so you can choose when and where you want to use it.

The anti-glare screen is sensitive enough for use with styluses and other iPad accessories, but note that due to the plastic versus glass material of this particular screen protector, it doesn’t offer quite the same amount of durability against scratching as permanent screen protectors.

According to a reviewer: “I wanted something to protect what I was doing on my iPad screen from the guy peeping sitting next to me, but whenever I bought a privacy case, it was so dark I almost wasn’t able to see what I was doing. Decided to give this a try since it had the removable function just in case. [...] I love this one because it’s not too dark, I can use my iPad without the dark function when I want to, and it works like it's supposed to.”

16. A glove that helps you draw clean, smooth lines on your iPad

This ambidextrous drawing glove reduces friction between your hand and your iPad’s screen when drawing or sketching, thus reducing the dragging and smudging that can sometimes occur. The unique design leaves the thumb and first two fingers free to grip your pen or stylus, and it’s made from stretchy Lycra and nylon for a comfortable fit.

According to a reviewer: “Use it daily for drawing with my iPad Pro! Gives me a smoother line action with less jitters caused by my skin contact on the screen.”

17. A portfolio to organize your iPad & accessories

Instead of storing your iPad in a case — and all your accessories and personal essentials in a separate bag — use this padded portfolio and organizer. Available in 10 colors and styles, it has a dedicated sleeve to store and protect your iPad, and a variety of pockets and elastic bands for stashing cords, batteries, writing utensils, a keyboard, and other accessories. The zippered portfolio has a handy carrying strap, as well as a spill-resistant exterior and a hard-shell body that’s been drop-tested from 4 feet to ensure durability.

According to a reviewer: “Very nice sturdy traveling bag for mobile accessories. Amazing traveling bag for my iPad, my everyday chargers, my earphones, and my Apple Watch bands!!”

18. A heavy-duty hard-shell case that’s nearly indestructible

For maximum protection against drops and heavy-duty wear and tear, this multi-layer hard-shell case from OTTERBOX is your best bet. Boasting a 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon after 7,000 reviews, it has a built-in screen protector that won’t interfere with your iPad’s screen sensitivity, camera, or home button. The two-piece case includes a stand that doubles as an extra screen cover for full protection of your iPad when it’s not being used.

According to a reviewer: “This is a thick case and not super light -- but it can definitely handle some drops, even on the corners. This thing is beefy and it holds up over time.”

19. A wide-angle & macro lens adapter for your iPad’s camera

If you want to expand the capabilities of your iPad’s camera, this lens adapter kit makes it easy. It comes with a wide-angle lens and macro lens, each of which can be mounted directly over your device’s existing camera lens. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and optical glass, the clip-on design is compatible with all tablets and smartphones — but keep in mind you may need to remove thicker cases before using. The kit also comes with a brightness-adjustable clip-on LED light to illuminate yourself or your subject.

According to a reviewer: “Both the wide angle and macro lenses work great. I video myself playing ukulele with my iPad and I can't get a good detailed shot of the ukulele and me, but the wide angle lens makes it possible to get both while showing the detail of the ukulele.”

20. A ring light & stand for professional photo & video content

Whether you’re creating content or simply taking a video call from your iPad, this ring light and tripod kit can upgrade your setup. The tripod has two holders — one for tablets and one for smartphones — and it’s height-adjustable from 17 to 54 inches, so you can set it up on a tabletop or on the floor. The 10-inch ring light has 10 adjustable brightness levels and three color temperatures: white, natural, and warm light. The included Bluetooth shutter is operable from up to 30 feet away.

According to a reviewer: “Affordable and versatile stand for zoom meeting and other video conversation purposes. It can be used with iphone and ipad (even both). Sturdy and lasting.”

21. A drawing stand with 6 different angles

This straightforward iPad stand can be positioned to your choice of six angles, ranging from 15 to 39 degrees, allowing you to position your tablet at an ergonomic height, whether you’re using it to draw or watch a movie. A fold-out ledge and rubber surfaces provide a secure place for your iPad to rest, and the stand has a robust design that can be used as a laptop riser, as well. When it’s not in use, the stand folds flat for easy storage or portability.

According to a reviewer: “I have an iPad Pro 12.9 inch and I exclusively use it as a laptop replacement. The different levels allow me to write notes regardless of my sitting situation (I’m someone who will work on desks, couches, tables, decks, etc. in one day) there’s always a comfortable level to place the stand on. Furthermore, just laying the stand flat allows me to use it as a straight surface for when I want to type with my iPad while sitting on my bed, couch, or anywhere where I’d need to put it on my lap.”

22. A kid-proof case & screen protector

If you have kids at home (or accident-prone adults), this sturdy shockproof case and screen guard will protect your iPad against drops, spills, and dirty fingers. Made from flexible EVA, it has a built-in screen protector, plus two legs on the back that allow you to prop up the iPad for easy viewing. An integrated handle is easy for hands of all sizes to grip for carrying. Choose from bright colors like purple, green, and turquoise.

According to a reviewer: “This case is great for a young child! So far it has been indestructible for my 4 ½ year old. We are very happy with this purchase, especially with the low price.”

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