The 8 best headsets for working from home

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best headsets for working from home

When you’re working remotely, a great headset can boost your productivity, multitasking abilities, and focus — not to mention ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear during meetings. That said, the best headsets for working from home differ drastically from person to person. First, you’ll need to ensure that the headset’s connectivity is compatible with your existing tech, and then you’ll need to consider which additional features will improve your specific work needs whether that’s a wide wireless range or noise cancellation in the mic and headphones.

What to look for in a work-from-home headset


  • Bluetooth headsets: If your computer has Bluetooth built into it, or if you’re looking for a wireless headset for phone calls, a Bluetooth headset is probably the way to go. It’ll sync up to your tech easily and allow a stable but cord-free connection (especially if it’s a newer evolution of Bluetooth technology like 5.0).
  • Headsets with USB adapters: Not all computers have built-in Bluetooth. While it’s a pretty common feature among laptops, it’s rarer among desktops. In that case, you can plug some headsets into a USB port — either with a wireless dongle that’s cord-free, or a wired adapter so you won’t have to worry about recharging.

Other specs to consider:

  • Overall design: The size, shape, and weight will differ from headset to headset. Some headsets cover both ears, while others only cover one — and then there are discreet monaural earpieces that fit inside your ear rather than over it. The best option will differ from person to person, but keep in mind that larger headsets are usually more noise-canceling and cushioning, while smaller ones are more lightweight and compact.
  • Battery life: Wireless headsets are typically rechargeable, so the battery will run out after a certain number of hours. “Talk time” is the number of hours a headset will last while it’s on and in use.
  • Range: If you opt for a wireless headset (either Bluetooth or cordless USB dongle), you’ll need to consider how far away you can wander from the receiver before your headset loses connection. The average distance is roughly 30 feet, but some headsets have a much larger range.
  • Noise-cancelation: Finally, consider the noise-canceling capabilities, both for the earphones and the microphone. For headset microphones, active noise cancellation is a common and useful feature to prevent your mic from picking up sounds in your environment, so the person on the other end can’t hear kids, pets, or white noise. Active noise cancellation for headset earphones is less common — but for most people, passive cancelation (like insulating over-ear pads) is enough to minimize distractions.

Keep reading to check out the best headsets for working from home, which have been organized by their connectivity: Bluetooth or USB adapters.

Strictly Bluetooth Headsets

1. The best value for a Bluetooth headset

With more than 7,500 reviews and an overall 4.3-star rating, the COMEXION Bluetooth headset is hard to ignore. It combines great features (Bluetooth 5.0, on-device controls including an accessible mute button, a soft, omnidirectional rotating earcap, and a long battery life) with an extremely reasonable price tag. In addition to its Bluetooth connectivity, you can also use it alongside a 3.5-millimeter audio cable for wired use.

One reviewer wrote: “If you work from home, this should be the standard if a headset is required. Thus far I've completed thousands of calls, and have not had a single issue. [...] I have been able to achieve around 30 or so hours (not timed) of usage before needing a charge, very nice. This is by far the best headset for the money, I will be getting the next version for sure.”

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5-mm audio cable | Battery life in talk time: 30 hours | Range: 33 feet feet | Noise cancelation: active for microphone

2. The best noise-canceling headset

For those who work in a noisy environment, the BlueParrot S650-XT headset is the best option. For one, its microphone contains top-notch noise-cancelation technology that blocks out up to 96% of background noise. For another, it features a convertible design that switches from one earphone (mono) to two (stereo), and both of them have active noise-canceling technology to neutralize outside distractions. Other noteworthy features include IP54-rated durability against splashes and dust, a long battery life, a huge 300-foot range, and on-device buttons that you can customize to your needs.

One reviewer wrote: “Working from home and fielding calls via teams has been a challenge with a kid at home in zoom school and two cats! Also [my girlfriend] lives by the main highway and can hear the emergency vehicles often. [...] This thing cancels out all of her background noise for the other users on the call and lets her move about the office/house freely. Best part is the mute button that will mute her mic at a tap if she needs to shout at the kid to do his work or the cats to get out of something.”

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1, 3.5-mm audio cable | Battery life in talk time: 36 hours | Range: 300 feet | Noise cancelation: active for microphone, active for headphones

3. This compact headset with a charging stand

If you’re looking for something that’s affordable and a breeze to use, look no further than this trucker Bluetooth headset. It’s lightweight at 1.7 ounces and relatively discreet, but it still has reliable Bluetooth 5.0 technology, a noise-canceling swivel microphone, on-device volume controls and a multi-function button, and up to 15 hours of talk time. It also comes with a convenient charging base, which gives your headset a home on your desktop and ensures that it’s always powered up.

One reviewer wrote:

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 | Battery life in talk time: 15 hours | Range: 33 feet | Noise cancelation: active for microphone

Wired Headsets Or Ones With USB Adapters

4. A Bluetooth headset with a USB adapter, too

According to a reviewer, for computers that aren’t Bluetooth-compatible, the Jabra Evolve 65 is “worth every penny.” It does have Bluetooth built in, but it also comes with a USB Bluetooth dongle with an impressive a range of 100 feet, so it works with almost any computer, too. (You can also plug in a USB cable for wired use.) The leatherette ear cushions are comfortable and offer passive noise cancelation, while the integrated busy light lets those around you know when you’re on a call. Last but not least, there are two versions available — one that’s optimized for MS Teams, and another that’s optimized for UC platforms like Skype for Business and Cisco.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought these for my ZOOM meetings that we have at home. The are great with noise canceling and they have a great mic that transmits my voice clearly and without the tinny 'head in a barrel' sound quality some have. The wireless option is great because I can move around the house and fix lunch for the kids without missing anything during the meeting. The headphones come with a USB transmitter that plugs into the computer; so you don't need to do a Bluetooth set-up, just plug-n-play.”

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, USB-A Bluetooth dongle, USB cable | Battery life in talk time: 14 hours | Range: 100 feet | Noise cancelation: active for microphone, passive for headphones

5. The best budget USB pick

This wireless headset is a solid, affordable pick if your work setup doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth. The plug-in USB dongle provides Bluetooth 5.0 technology for any computer, and, according to a reviewer, setup is “a breeze.” The upgraded microphone also has impressive active noise cancelation for the price point, while the single-earcup design is soft, adjustable, non-slip, and lightweight for long-term wear.

One reviewer wrote: “Top quality for a budget price. Purchased the headset for making sales calls and has been excellent. Sound quality is very clear and everyone can hear me clearly. Pairing was incredibly simple for two devices.”

Connectivity: USB-A Bluetooth dongle | Battery life in talk time: 34 hours | Range: 33 feet | Noise cancelation: active for microphone

6. A pair that’s great for music and calls

For people who switch between music and meetings throughout the day, the Jabra Evolve2 has a brilliant design that’s a cross between a work headset and high-quality earphones fit for the audiophile. The former includes an integrated busy light, a microphone that significantly minimizes background noise, and eight hours of usage from a 15-minute charge. Simply choose the Unified Communication or Microsoft Teams optimized version, and plug in the USB-A adapter (or opt for a USB-C plug). It’s also available in a mono version for less.

One reviewer wrote: “Jabra rules! All around a fantastic headset. I use it for business calls and for listening to music. In both cases it provides a superior sound quality. The battery life is incredibly long.”

Connectivity: Bluetooth USB-A or USB-C dongle | Battery life in talk time: 37 hours | Range: 100 feet | Noise cancelation: active for microphone, passive for earphones

7. A compact, travel-friendly option

Maybe you’re looking for something small and discreet, or maybe you’re always on the go and would appreciate something compact. Either way, the Plantronics Voyager 5200 is a monaural earpiece with a noise-canceling microphone. Plus, it comes with a USB-A dongle and Bluetooth compatibility. Combine all of that with its large range, moderately comfortable design, and wind-canceling technology, and it’s no wonder reviewers wear it at home, at the office, while commuting, and while traveling.

One reviewer wrote: “I have worn this headset daily for months, and I love it. [...] When used while traveling in the car on phone calls I have asked others what they hear on the other end of the line. They report that there is not any background noise so the noise canceling seems to work well too. It just works AMAZING and is so comfortable I forget it is even there. I keep it charged nightly or plug it in to recharge during lunch break and it last an 8 hour day while streaming music or talking nearly the entire time. I liked it so much I purchased one for work and another for use at home.”

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, USB-A Bluetooth dongle | Battery life in talk time: 7 hours | Range: 98 feet | Noise cancelation: active for microphone

8. The best wired headset

Finally, if you don’t want to worry about charging a battery or if you appreciate the simple reliability of a wired headset, this one is a great option. Thanks to its adapter-cord design, you can plug it into a 3.5-millimeter audio port or a USB-A port, and the latter has in-line call controls for volume and muting. The microphone picks up your voice clearly and is designed to minimize background sounds, while the headband is adjustable and the cups are soft and breathable for long-term comfort. Its plug-and-play design makes it a breeze to use.

One reviewer wrote: “I work from home as a service dispatcher, so call quality, both out and in, is important to me. This headset provides excellent audio and delivers my voice clear and crisp. [...] The set is a breeze to set up with windows and with Avaya remote phone. It also works great with Zoom and Teams. Love the capability of call mute at my fingertips!”

Connectivity: wired, USB adapter and 3.5-mm audio cable | Battery life in talk time: endless | Range: N/A (wired) | Noise cancelation: active for microphone

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