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14 Scarlet Nexus codes to blow the game wide open on Xbox Game Pass

To give you a quick advantage if you’ve downloaded it from Xbox Game Pass.

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Watching the Scarlet Nexus anime can make playing the hit game that much easier when you fire it up on Xbox Game Pass. Each episode of the Scarlet Nexus adaptation features a hidden code that you can redeem in-game for a reward. Entering these codes can earn you exclusive cosmetics, bonus lore, boosts to your in-game bonds, and give you some late-game items right as you start playing. All you need to do is take a few seconds to enter these 14 essential codes.

How to redeem codes in Scarlet Nexus

You’ll be beckoned to a restaurant called “Musubi’s” during Phase 2 of the Scarlet Nexus story. Musubi will send you a Brain Message with your first code, instructing you to find her and redeem it. Then, you can head to the restaurant using your world map. Speak to Musubi once you’ve arrived. She’ll provide you a space to enter the codes gained from the anime.

What it looks like to enter a Musubi Code.


After your first code, each additional code is found by deciphering parts of the Scarlet Nexus anime. It’s a transmedia scavenger hunt. But if you already know what the codes say, you can enter them without even watching the anime as soon as you unlock the ability to redeem codes.

Note that all codes are case-sensitive. So make sure to enter them exactly as they’re written.

Every Scarlet Nexus Musubi code

13 episodes of the Scarlet Nexus anime have aired thus far, so there are that many codes for you to redeem, plus the free one in-game. New codes come out every week as the anime continues to air. Here’s every currently available Musubi code, what it provides, and where to find it:

  1. CODE – 1000 in-game currency – found in Musubi’s initial Brain Message
  2. Such a liar – a Yuito Poster Vision (cosmetic), additional Yuito profile details – found in Episode 1
  3. tell the truth – a Hanabi Poster Vision (cosmetic), further Hanabi profile details – found in Episode 2
  4. 5150 – a Gemma Poster Vision (cosmetic), addition character profile details on Gemma, and a Special Mission Pay Bonus (equipment that increases currency earned by five percent) – found in Episode 3
  5. 2009 – a Septentrion OSF Armband Vision (cosmetic), character profile update for the main characters – found in Episode 4
  6. NEVER FORGET – a Luka Poster Vision (cosmetic), additional Luka profile details – found in Episode 5
  7. Which? – a Kasane Poster Vision (cosmetic), a Combat Experience Assist (equipment that increases experience gained by five percent), Attack Damage Suppression, a Bond Assist (equipment that increases bond growth rate) – found in Episode 6
  8. Hero – a Tsugumi Poster Vision (cosmetic), additional Tsugumi profile details – found in Episode 7
  9. October 4th – an Arashi Poster Vision (cosmetic), further Arashi profile details – found in Episode 8
  10. Lokusho – a Contraband Vision (cosmetic), a Bond Assist (equipment that increases bond growth rate), one Crush Suppression, found in Episode 9
  11. hospital – a Shiden Poster Vision (cosmetic), additional Shiden profile details
  12. government dogs – a Kyoka Poster Vision (cosmetic), further Kyoka profile details
  13. judge – a Kagero Poster Vision (cosmetic), further Kagero profile details a SAS Recovery Mk 3 (equipment that increases SAS gauge recovery by 15 percent), a Plug-In Parallelization Program H (a gift you can give characters to increase relationship stats)
  14. Save me – a Group Poster Vision, an improved Bond Assist (equipment that significantly increases bond growth rate), Plug-In Parallelization Program V (a gift you can give characters to increase relationship stats significantly)

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