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Where to Find Every Mysterium Challenge in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 — and How to Beat Them

Take on these time-attack challenges from Mysterio.

Spider-Man 2 Mysterio
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Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has plenty of side content for players to tackle. One being the Mysterium, headed by Mysterio. These act as time-attack challenges for the game and completing each of them under a certain time will earn you Hero Tokens. It’s also worth noting that only Miles can interact with the Mysteriums.

The faster you finish a Mysterium, the better the reward. They are given out only once, so you can’t repeatedly farm them for Hero Tokens. Here are all nine of the Mysteriums located in New York City and how to complete them.

Downtown Brooklyn: Fear of Heights

Downtown Brooklyn: Fear of Heights Mysterium Location

Insomniac Games
  • Gold: < 1:30
  • Silver: < 2:15
  • Bronze: > 2:15

This one is arguably the hardest Mysterium. You have to take down 15 enemies by knocking them off ledges, which is a very specific requirement. The best way to do this is to hold down the Square button, which launches an enemy up in the air, and then hold it again to swing kick them off the building.

What makes the challenge a bit more difficult is that you’ll have enemies launching rockets at you, as well as Mysterio sending flying skulls your way. Getting hit by them will knock you to the ground, wasting valuable time when you’re trying to take down 15 enemies in under a minute and 30 seconds.

Another great way to knock enemies off buildings is to use your Sonic Burst gadget. When several enemies are gathered together in a large group, just fire it off and the shockwave will send them flying. However, be careful not to waste them. While the gadget regenerates over time, you’re working against the clock.

Williamsburg: Grave Decision

Williamsburg: Grave Decision Mysterium Location

Insomniac Games
  • Gold: 0
  • Silver: < 3
  • Bronze > 3

This Mysterium can be quite difficult as well. If you want to achieve Gold rank, you cannot get hit at all. If you get hit even once, you automatically default to Silver. There are floating rocks hanging around the area, so grab those with your webs and fling them at enemies. Make sure to constantly keep your distance from attackers, and don’t be afraid to use any gadgets or tricks.

Mysterio will occasionally appear and attack you, which is what will most likely prevent you from achieving Gold rank. He’s very mobile and floats around in the air, making him hard to track down. However, he has very little HP, so he’ll go down in a few hits. It’s absolutely imperative that you chase him down as soon as he appears. He’ll be easy to track as he has a big red exclamation mark over his head.

Williamsburg: Road Rage

Williambsburg: Road Rage Mysterium Location

Insomniac Games
  1. Gold: 0
  2. Silver: < 3
  3. Bronze > 3

This one is similar to Grave Decision, with the exact same requirements. You must defeat all enemies without taking a hit. There will be floating tires and traffic cones that Miles can grab and throw at enemies. Enemies can also teleport near him, so make sure to be attentive and keep your distance from them.

Downtown Queens: Punch Your Ticket

Downtown Queens: Punch Your Ticket Mysterium

Insomniac Games/Sony
  • Gold: < 2:00
  • Silver: < 3:20
  • Bronze: > 3:20

This challenge isn’t very hard as your only requirement is to defeat a certain number of Brutes within a timeframe. The Brutes are the big enemies that, when you try to grab them with a web, will pull Miles forward and try to hit him.

There are also many regular enemies surrounding them. Just focus all of your attention on fighting the Brutes and save your finishing attacks for them to make quick work of this challenge.

Harlem: Under Construction

Harlem: Under Construction Mysterium

Insomniac Games
  • Gold: < 1:00
  • Silver: < 1:30
  • Bronze: > 1:30

Here, you have to defeat 20 enemies in under a minute to get the Gold rank. Sounds simple, right? It’s a bit harder than you think. The issue here is that many of the enemies are far apart on different platforms, so you’ll waste precious seconds just swinging to them. They also don’t really move, so hoping that they’ll bunch up allowing you to unleash a powerful attack will only eliminate three or four of them at most.

Once you reach around halfway to your goal, Mysterio will flood the area with poison, making your HP go down slowly to keep up the pressure. The biggest tip here is to use your gadgets to strike as many enemies as possible. It also might be helpful to knock them off their platforms and into the abyss, which counts as a defeat and adds to your counter, saving you valuable time.

Central Park: Everyone’s a Critic

Central Park: Everyone's a Critic Mysterium

Insomniac Games
  • Gold: < 1:45
  • Silver: < 2:15
  • Bronze: > 2:15

This one is very straightforward. Just defeat 30 enemies within the allotted time frame. There’s not much to look out for, except there will be a giant target on the ground that follows you around occasionally. If you stay too long in that target’s range, a giant fist will shoot out, disrupting your fighting. Simply keep on the move and out of the target’s range to avoid getting hit.

Upper East Side: Prison Break

Upper East Side: Prison Break Mysterium

Insomniac Games
  • Gold: < 2:14
  • Silver: < 2:45
  • Bronze: > 2:45

Similarly to Everyone’s a Critic, you have to defeat a certain number of enemies within a certain time frame. There aren’t any special requirements to fulfill, but Mysterio will show up occasionally to try and attack you. Once again, he has a big red exclamation mark over his head as he floats in the air, so it’s easy to track him down and take him out.

Chinatown: Fight on Time

Chinatown: Fight On Time Mysterium Locaton

Insomniac Games
  • Gold: < 3:30
  • Silver: < 5:50
  • Bronze: > 5:50

Here, you have to defeat six enemies with finishing attacks. It’s not very hard as you can pummel foes to build up your focus meter and unleash finishers as needed. However, there is a really annoying green laser that constantly follows you. This depletes your HP so you waste your focus bar healing instead saving up for a finishing move. Just avoid the laser as much as you can and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Midtown: The Invisible Enemy

Midtown: The Invisible Enemy Mysterium Location

Insomniac Games
  • Gold: < 2:10
  • Silver: < 2:40
  • Bronze: > 2:40

This is the same as Fight on Time, and you must defeat six enemies with finishers. The interesting twist is that once you defeat three enemies, the rest become invisible. While you can’t see them, they’re still easy to reach anyway as Miles will hit the nearest enemy if you just press the attack button. It’s not tough, and you should complete this challenge around the minute and 30-second mark.

These are the locations of all Mysteriums in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available on PlayStation 5 on October 20.

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