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How to Take Down All 4 New Machines in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

Our feisty flame-haired heroine will need to fight some pesky new foes.

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Aloy’s latest adventure takes her to a completely new location within the world of Horizon Forbidden West, and with a new area to explore comes new machines to defeat.

New machines in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores mean new ways to traverse the land, sea, and sky, but it also means there’s more danger around every corner, including one particularly massive threat that’s been a long time coming. We’ve got all the details you need to know about these new robots.

Warning: Mild spoilers for Burning Shores ahead.

4. Bilegut

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This machine, fashioned after a frog, is an Acquisition class threat that constantly spews acid in order to dissolve its surroundings and create scrap piles. It can also use its egg launchers to create Stingspawn on the fly, giving it immediate backup.

When engaged in combat, it’s best for you to use something with Fire or Frost damage, removing the egg launchers to keep from being overwhelmed by a swarm of Stingspawn. You’ll also need to mind its leaping attacks and powerful lashing tongue. The Bilegut is one of only two machines introduced in Burning Shores that can be overridden, and you can override Bileguts after completing the Theta Cauldron.

The rare Apex Bileguts are even stronger, with Fire attacks. Like other Apex variations, these cannot be overridden, and are easily identified by the much darker armor scheme.

3. Horus

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The big draw of the expansion, the Horus “technically” isn’t new, in that we’ve seen their dormant hulks scattered all across the land. This is the first time one has ever been available to fight though, which is a very big deal. The Horus is an ancient war machine, part of the original line of Chariot machines that caused the Faro Plague that necessitated Horizon Zero Dawn.

The Horus (also called a Metal Devil) is primarily a walking factory, able to process resources and spit out new machines like the Corrupters at a terrifying rate.

The Horus you fight in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is significantly damaged, with massive overheating problems. It’s still a huge threat to Aloy and Seyka though, being practically immune to any regular weapons, meaning you’ll have to target the weak points when the strained cooling system is exposed.

2. Stingspawn

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These drones are encountered with infuriating persistence throughout the Burning Shores. While not very dangerous individually (one or two arrows will dispose of one) they come in massive swarms. The Bileguts are even capable of shooting out more “eggs” and rapidly producing them, meaning it’s possible to be overwhelmed if you aren’t being careful.

1. Waterwing

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The fourth and final machine introduced with the Burning Shores expansion, the Waterwing is very similar to the Sunwing. Indeed, this similarity is such that Aloy is actually able to unlock the override for a Waterwing by slightly modifying her Sunwing override, making this another machine that can Aloy can ride. You can use the Waterwing to fly in the sky, or dive down underwater, marking this the only machine that you can ride beneath the waves.

When facing Waterings in combat, you’ll need to be careful, as they can use their large “beak” pouches for gravel attacks, while also buffetting Aloy with their powerful wings. Fire damage works best here.

In my review of Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, I noted that while it didn’t take advantage of the PS5 as much as I’d have liked, Burning Shores is a worthy expansion that expands on Aloy’s character in meaninful ways.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is currently available for $20 on PS5.

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