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Mandalorian Chapter 14 runtime leak may reveal when Grogu reaches Tython

After Chapter 13's revelatory episode, Mando will go back to routine.

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Back to business as usual! The Mandalorian Chapter 13 changed nearly everything about what we know about Mando and Grogu (neé Baby Yoda) but as they leave the planet of Corvus bound for the ancient Jedi temple on Tython, we know next to nothing about what lies ahead for them. While the rest of the season remains shrouded in mystery, the recently leaked runtime for Chapter 14 reveals more than you'd think.

According to Gamesradar, German television authority FSK has revealed the runtime for the next episode of The Mandalorian to clock in around 32 minutes. FSK's runtime reports have been correct so far, so this seems reliable. This would make it about even with the runtime for Chapter 10, "The Passenger." It's safe to assume whatever adventures Mando encounters in Chapter 14 will probably be comparable — an enjoyable romp, but likely a diversion from the larger story.

Chapter 14 and Chapter 10 have a few other things in common. Both take place after episodes with longer runtimes with big reveals of past Star Wars characters. The Season 2 premiere featured a cameo by Boba Fett, and Chapter 13, "The Jedi" finally brought Ahsoka Tano to the live-action Star Wars universe.

Ahsoka, Mando, and Grogu in Chapter 13, "The Jedi."


Because of these similarities, Chapter 14 will probably be another "en route" episode. "The Passenger" served as a filler episode to space out Mando's lead that more of his kind were on Trask and the reveal of Bo-Katan. Similarly, "The Siege" served as filler after his instruction to meet Ahsoka on Corvus.

It seems that Mando can't just go straight to a place. This is the beauty of The Mandalorian — whether the task is assisting a Jedi overthrow a fascist leader or just defending a Frog Lady from ice spiders, Mando throws his all into it, creating a great episode of television no matter the scale or stakes.

Mando defending Frog Lady from the ice spiders in Chapter 10, "The Passenger."


Currently, Din Djarin is still looking for a Jedi to train Grogu. Ahsoka turned them down, but offered a glimmer of hope — the planet of Tython, where a seeing stone will help Grogu send a message to Jedi everywhere. This planet will introduce a lot of Jedi lore into not only The Mandalorian's universe but Star Wars as a whole, so waiting another week to see what happens there will be worth it.

"Filler episodes" may be much-maligned no matter the series, but they play an important role in demonstrating the range a show has. Even though Mando may be protecting the future of the Jedi as we know it, he's not above postponing his greater mission to help those in need. Even though he complained about Frog Lady at first, he still helped her. Hopefully, we'll see a story like that one in Chapter 14.

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