Dune: Part Two Finally Has a Streaming Release Date

An epic theatrical run is coming to an end.

Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides in Dune: Part Two
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Dune: Part Two

Dune: Part Two is best experienced in IMAX, but that viewing experience won’t be an option for much longer. Warner Bros. and Legendary extended the film’s IMAX window in April, but its theatrical run is finally ending. Home viewing will soon be the only way to return to the planet of Arrakis, at least until Dune: Part Three hits theaters in a few years.

Warner Bros. has been rolling out physical and digital releases for Dune: Part Two, and the film is now available to buy or rent on digital platforms. It’s also available to own on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD, for those looking to add to their physical collection. All that’s left now is a streaming release date — and now we know Part Two will hit Max before the month is out. The blockbuster sci-fi makes its streaming debut on May 21, just a week after its physical release.

Part Two won’t be the end of Dune, but it may be a while before the story continues.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Though a third Dune installment is reportedly in the works, it may be a while before we see it. Director Denis Villeneuve has been cryptic about his future plans, but several other projects are on his radar.

There are at least three other films Villeneuve could potentially tackle before adapting the next book in Frank Herbert’s saga, Dune: Messiah. Apart from an adaptation of Annie Jacobsen’s nonfiction Nuclear War: A Scenario, Villeneuve has also been circling a film about Cleopatra (potentially starring Dune’s Zendaya) and a movie based on Rendezvous with Rama, another whopper of a sci-fi novel.

While Villeneuve says there’s “absolutely a desire” to complete the Dune trilogy, he also wants to deliver a quality script, no matter how long it takes. “I don’t want to rush it,” he recently told The Times of London. “The danger in Hollywood is that people get excited and only think about release dates, not quality.”

If Villeneuve gets his way, Part Three could match — or exceed — the quality of its predecessors, but fans will have to wait to see the director’s vision manifest. Soon, at least, they’ll be able to tide themselves over with a Dune double feature at home.

Dune: Part Two streams on Max on May 21.

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