Dune 2 Is Crushing it in Theaters, but Could Still Come to Digital Soon

Arrakis in the comfort of your home.

Warner Bros.
Dune: Part Two

Dune: Part Two is a full-blown cinematic event. While Part One was released simultaneously on streaming, the sequel is only available in theaters, and seeing it on the biggest screen possible is certainly the ideal viewing experience. But if you’re not picky about the format, can’t make it to the theater, or can’t afford 21 IMAX tickets for repeat viewings, the digital release may be available sooner than you think.

Rumors are swirling that overseas digital platforms are listing Dune: Part Two as being available for video-on-demand purchase as soon as April 14. However, the standard 45-day wait for a Warner Bros. VOD release would point to an April 15 launch date, which seems to be the general conclusion among journalists. Either way, it looks like Dune: Part Two will be available for home viewing next month.

Dune: Part Two may be shot for IMAX, but it will still be exciting from your sofa.

Warner Bros.

That may be an unwise decision, at least from a theatrical perspective. Dune: Part Two’s box office presence is holding strong almost a month into release, and there’s not much sign of it dropping off in the next two weeks, at least not to the point where a home release would be warranted. Warner Bros. gave Barbie, its 2023 summer blockbuster, a similar theatrical window, but also allowed it five months on VOD before it became available for general streaming. Dune: Part Two, however, will be available to stream on Max in “Spring 2024,” according to Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav.

Now that spring has well and truly sprung, a streaming release should be announced soon, which means a digital release will arrive even sooner. Despite the fact it could draw theater viewers long into April, it looks like you can purchase a digital copy of Dune: Part Two after you file your taxes on April 15. That may upset theatrical purists, and it could hurt Dune’s final box office total, but it also means more people can visit Arrakis than ever before. That’s something to be excited about.

Dune: Part Two is now playing in theaters.

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