Designers Say These Are Their Favorite Cheap Products On Amazon That They Can't Live Without

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Decorating your home can be expensive — but it doesn’t have to be. With a little patience and a lot of creativity, you can easily refresh your entire home without blowing your monthly budget. But if you aren’t sure what’ll look good, don’t worry. I’ve reached out to a handful of designers who were more than happy to share their favorite cheap products that they use when decorating homes.

From sleek flower vases to chic coffee table books, you’re sure to find more than a few items here that’ll take your home from drab to fab. Keep scrolling for more.


This Bartender Kit That Looks Just As Good As It Works

Whether you’re in the mood for a martini or a margarita, this bartender kit comes with all the tools you’ll need to whip up any cocktail — and it doesn’t hurt that it also looks plain good. “This black stainless steel bartender kit is an eye-catching addition to your bar cart area, while providing all the essentials for your next at-home cocktail party,” Brooke Lang, the principal designer at Brooke Lang Design, tells Inverse. “I also love that the kit comes in a neatly organized stand, which saves space and keeps things looking neat on your bar cart.” And since each tool is made from rust- and scratch-resistant stainless steel, you can rest assured that your kit will stay looking good for years to come.


This Hanging Planter That Helps Stale Spaces Feel Warm

Home feeling a little stale lately? According to Peyton Robinson, a professional interior designer and the head of marketing at Foter, “You can't go wrong with hanging planters. Not only are they easy on the eyes and add a natural touch to your home, but plants have always been welcoming and inviting and make a house feel like a home.” He goes on to say that “having hanging planters is just that extra touch you need to make your home feel trendy yet warm” — and this one even features a gorgeous wood base that adds a rustic touch no matter where you install it. But if that isn’t enough? The rope length is adjustable so that you can easily fit it into nearly any space.


A French Press That Stands Out From The Crowd

Consider this French press a fashionable addition to any kitchen that works just as well as it looks. “I love when beautiful design is incorporated into everyday items, and this French press is no exception,” explains Lang. “The unexpected lacquered green shade and wood accents on this French press make it an eye-catching kitchen countertop addition.” And with its ultra-fine reusable filter, you can rest assured that every batch of coffee comes out smooth and ground-free.


A Sleek Wireless Charger That Powers Up Your Phone Quickly

Every home has that one corner that’s become a jumbled mess of charging cables. Luckily, this wireless charger is an affordable way to power up your phone while cutting down on cable clutter. “A wireless charger is a must-have for keeping your devices charged and ready to use,” explains Zara O’Hare, the interior design consultant at Land of Rugs. “This particular model is compatible with most smartphones and is a great choice for its affordability and fast charging capabilities.” Plus, its quick-charging technology can power your phone up to two times faster than other chargers — a must-have feature for when you’re in a rush.


These Storage Bins That Can Be Stacked To Help Save Space

One of the easiest ways to make your home look nicer is to get all that visible clutter looking neat and organized. “For anyone who loves organization and style, storage bins are one of the most versatile and fun items to buy on Amazon,” explains Devin Shaffer, the lead interior designer at Decorilla. “I love this set of six storage baskets because they can be used in all types of spaces- from closets and pantries, bedrooms, garages, and even in your car. They're the perfect size for storing anything from clothing and bedding to toys, tools, and food.”

And if your home is already completely clutter-free? You can still use them to help keep your items organized, as Shaffer goes on to say, “I'm currently using them in my pantry for dog treats and medication, leashes, bones for my pup.” The stackable lids are great for saving space in cramped cabinets, while ventilation holes around the sides help keep your items from becoming musty.


A Floating Frame Made Using Tempered Glass

Picture frames are a smart way to make any space feel homey, but if you’re looking for something nicer? Reya Duenas, the interior designer of Reya Duenas Design, recommends these floating ones, as they come in “a variety of finish options” that range from classic black to trendy beige. The tempered glass face is more durable than regular glass — and they’re even made using solid wood rather than MDF. Choose from three sizes: 5 by 7, 8 by 10, or 11 by 14 inches.


These Strip Lights That Create A Warm, Cozy Vibe

Waterproof, easy to install, and versatile — these LED strip lights hit all the right notes. O’Hare is also a big fan, as she tells Inverse that they’re “perfect for creating a warm and inviting ambiance in any room.” O’Hare continues, “They can be cut to size and are easy to install with a self-adhesive back.” But if that isn’t enough? Each order also includes a remote control that lets you adjust the color and brightness.


These Metal Panels Are “A Unique Addition To Any Wall”

There’s a reason why Kristina Davis, an interior designer at Letti & Co, is a huge fan when it comes to these metal wall panels. She tells Inverse, “For those who want to make a statement, the Peryiter Metal Wall Decor is a great option. This eye-catching piece of art is made from a mix of metal and nature design, making it a unique addition to any wall.”

Unlike some pieces of metal art, they’re conveniently light enough to hang up using command strips. Although, if you’d prefer a more permanent installation method, they also have small holes in the corners where you can put a nail through. Choose from two finishes: gold or black.


A Throw Blanket That Adds A Touch Of Comfort To Any Room

You can never go wrong with a good throw blanket — and according to Robinson, they can also help make your home feel welcoming. “Throw blankets have the power to instantly make your home feel comfy and cozy and like you just want to cuddle up under that blanket making your home feel super welcoming,” she tells Inverse. “Not only that, but they add such a great decorative touch and give you the freedom to switch up your style colors and add a luxurious yet comfy feel to your living room.”

With eight different colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding this throw blanket in a shade that suits your home. It’s made using two layers of soft faux fur fabric — and unlike some blankets, this one features faux fur on both sides.


The Wall Hooks That Help Warm Up Blank Walls

You don’t have to take up space with a coat rack if you need somewhere to hang jackets. Instead, Duenas recommends these wall hooks. They look especially great against a blank canvas, as Duenas says that they can help “warm up a white wall.” But if that isn’t enough? They’re also made from 100% beech wood — and each one is sturdy enough to hold up to 25 pounds, making them great for lightweight hats, dense winter coats, and everything in between.


The Floating Shelves That Can Hold Up To 100 Pounds

If your home is a little short on storage space, Abigail Connolly, a design specialist at Northeast Kitchen Remodel & Design Build, suggests hanging up a few shelves. “Adding a simple shelf can go a long way, especially if you are fighting for storage,” she explains. “Getting a few things off your floor or counter can really change an entire room, and give you so much peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment, which we could all use a little more of!”

These floating shelves in particular can hold up to 100 pounds, making them great for decorations, books, and more. The brackets are versatile enough that you can hang them flat on the wall or tucked away into a corner — and they’re even made from 100% solid iron.


The Flower Vase Made From Sleek, Iridescent Acrylic

Flowers are a great way to decorate any space, but if your thumb is more black than green? Consider opting for faux ones instead. Simone Rebhun, the principal designer and founder of The Collective Interior, tells Inverse, “Faux Florals are so authentic looking these days that you can keep these vases out 24/7 and not have to worry about changing any water.”

Regardless of whether your flowers are real or fake, this vase is a stylish way to put them out on display. It’s made from sleek acrylic, with iridescent hues running throughout that make it stand out from the crowd. Choose from two colors: pink or blue.


These Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses In Different Colors

Dining table looking a little too plain for your liking? Lang suggests taking a look at these wine glasses. “These colored stemless wine glasses are great for entertaining because they add a pop of color to a tablescape for dinner at home,” she explains. “I also love that they’re dishwasher safe and heat resistant.” And not only are they made from unbreakable Tritan plastic, but they’re also crystal-clear, making them look just like real glass — even up close.


An Artificial Fig Tree That Looks Shockingly Real

Adding pops of green throughout your home is one of the easiest ways to decorate. But if you aren’t sure where to start? Lisa Jane, an interior designer at Ruling Homes, is a big fan of this artificial fig tree. “The CROSOFMI 30-inch Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is a realistic and elegant addition to the home or office space,” she explains. “This artificial tree mimics the look and feel of a real fiddle leaf fig tree and adds greenery to your space without the maintenance required for real plants.”

The base is also made from solid cement, which means that kids, pets, and clumsy adults are less likely to knock it over — and you can easily adjust the branches to suit your space as needed.


This Shoe Rack That Can Help Minimize Clutter

Whether your bedroom closet or mudroom is looking a little cluttered, a good shoe rack can help get everything looking neat and tidy. This one in particular is made from tough bamboo wood — but that isn’t the only reason Elizabeth Grace, an interior designer as well as furniture and home expert, is such a big fan. “I appreciate how it adds an elegant touch to any room, be it a closet, living room, balcony, entrance, or corridor,” she tells Inverse. “Additionally, the installation process is straightforward as all necessary tools and accessories are included.”


These Throw Pillow Covers Made With A Touch Of Faux Leather

Not sure why your living or bedroom feels a little stale? According to O’Hare, you might want to consider adding some stylish throw pillows. “Pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of a room,” she explains. “These decorative covers come in a variety of styles and colors and are made from soft and durable cotton material.” The best part? They’ve already been styled to look good next to each other — so there’s no need for any tweaking on your end. And since two of them are made from faux leather, they can even help vary the textures in your room.


A Set Of Scrub Brushes That Double As Decor

There’s nothing wrong with using a sponge to wash your dishes, but if you’re looking for something a little more stylish? Rachel Stone, the interior decorator of Stone Cottage Home, recommends this trio of scrub brushes. She tells Inverse, “These wooden scrub brushes are not only handy for washing dishes, they are charmingly made and give that simple European cottage touch I'm looking for in my kitchen.” The handles are even made from real bamboo and the stiff bristles are suitable for scraping away tough grime, yet gentle enough to use on non-stick cookware.


A Cube Organizer That Can Help De-Clutter Any Room

Running out of places to hide all that clutter? Jane has an easy solution. “The SONGMICS 6 Cube Storage Organizer is a versatile and stylish storage solution for organizing and decluttering any room,” she tells Inverse. “With its six open cubes, this organizer allows you to store books, magazines, toys, clothing, and other items in an easily accessible and attractive way. Its simple design, with a choice of color options, makes it a great fit for any decor style.” Choose from five colors: white, black, pink, grey, or a faux wood grain option.


These Command Strips That Won’t Damage Your Walls

You don’t have to pound nails into your walls in order to hang up pictures. Instead, Jane recommends using these command strips. “Command Medium and Large Picture Hanging Strips are a go-to solution to hanging pictures, frames, and other wall decors without causing damage to the wall,” she explains. “The strip uses a strong, double-sided adhesive technology to securely hold the item in place, making them a convenient and damage-free option for decorating any room.” And since they’re sticky enough to use on everything from glass to painted concrete, you shouldn’t have any trouble using them in any room — even your garage.


The Spray Paint That’s Great For Revamping Old Decorations

Sometimes a new coat of paint is all you need to transform outdated decorations into gorgeous works of art. And while liquid paint may be great for large, open walls, spray paint is often much better for smaller pieces. “Spray paint! This is a genius, cost effective option for updating so many items around the home,” explains Jessica Sommer, VP of Maverick Design and Wedgwood Homes. “Have an old, dated light fixture in oil rubbed bronze finish? Turn it into a trend-forward fixture by spray painting it all white or black. Spray paint can also be used to update furniture and décor items and breathe new life into worn out pieces. This also works for hardware (think knobs and faucets).”

Not only is this can of spray paint available in dozens of colors, but it also goes on so thick that there’s no need for any priming beforehand. The glossy finish makes even the most outdated pieces look modern — though you also have the choice of satin, matte, and flat finishes if preferred.


The Reed Diffuser That Comes In *So* Many Scents

Regardless of how well you’ve decorated, a funky-smelling room will almost always be the first thing guests notice when they visit. The solution? “So, to top it off and add just some more mood to your decor, have sweet smells at home with reed diffusers, incense sticks, aroma diffusers, or room fresheners,” Simran Kaur, the founder of Room You Love, explains. “They are the hacks to having a good home, everyone wants to visit over and over.”

Not only does this reed diffuser come in more than 30 different scents, but the scented oil is so potent that you likely won’t need to replace it for at least a few months. The clear glass bottle gives it a chic touch, too.


These LED Light Bars That Are Shockingly Easy To Install

Even the most updated kitchens can feel lackluster if they’re lacking in light. Luckily, Sommer has an easy solution — “Peel and stick under-cabinet lighting gives your kitchen a custom elevated look without the designer price tag,” she tells Inverse. “Amazon has some incredible, cost effective, energy efficient and wildly easy to install peel and stick options with motion sensors that give your kitchen a high end look at a low budget cost.”

While these light bars don’t have a peel-off backing, they do come with adhesive squares that you can use to mount them underneath your cabinets. The wireless remote lets you turn them on/off, adjust the brightness, as well as put them on a timer — and many reviewers raved about how they were “easy to install.”


This Ceramic Flower Vase That’s Beautifully Unique

If that previous flower vase didn’t suit your style, Kaur recommends taking a look at this unique ceramic one. “Some minimalist home decor is all that's needed to throw in the perfect color of modernity in any home,” Kaur explains. “Look at this modern vase for example. It is minimalist, sleek, curvy, and glam! You don't even need anything to complement this because it grabs all the attention, anyway!” Choose from three colors: black, dark grey, or ivory white.


A Stencil You Can Use To Makeover Your Patio

Replacing your patio flooring can cost an arm and a leg — instead, try using a stencil to give it a visual refresh. “Amazon has great options for tile look stencils that can be used to uplevel your patio or cement porch with a stencil and paint!” explains Sommer. “This is a great DIY option to add that designer look to any outdoor space.”

This stencil in particular has a timeless geometric design that’s sure to stay in style for years to come. Easy connection points help you line up the design for a flawless pattern repetition — and if you’re a little shaky on implementation, each order includes video instructions to help you get started.


These Shades That Add Rustic Character To Your Lamps

There’s nothing wrong with using a plastic lamp shade — but according to Nichole Abbott, an interior designer at FLOOR360, these woven ones are a rustic upgrade. “Change out your wall sconce or chandelier shades with some woven textured shades,” she tells Inverse. “It helps soften the light cast by light bulbs and adds rustic character to your whole design.” The best part about them? The linen fabric they’re made from won’t become brittle from smoke or sunlight over time, while their heavyweight steel frames are designed to last for decades.


The Plant Stand That Can Handle Getting Wet

You don’t need a ton of window sill space to put your plants on display — instead, Jeanette Fusco, an interior designer at HiHomePicks, suggests using this plant stand. “Plant stands are a great way to bring a bit of nature into your home or office,” she explains. “Whether you want to display flowers or succulents, plant stands that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From modern to traditional to rustic, you are sure to find something to fit your individual style.”

Not only does this stand have space for up to five plants, but it’s also made from waterproof pine that won’t deteriorate, shrink, or crack over time. Wheels on the bottom make it easy to move from room to room. And if you aren’t into the exposed wood grain finish? It also comes in classic black.


A Door Mat That Matches Nearly Any Decor Style

Your doormat is one of the first impressions you make on guests — and according to Abbott, a black and white one is likely to match any black furniture in your home. “Set the design tone for your whole home with a design-driven doormat with a black-and-white graphic design,” she tells Inverse. “If you have black accents like furniture or cabinets in your home this doormat will introduce your personal design aesthetic.”

This doormat in particular is made from thick, durable cotton, which means there’s no need to worry about how it’ll fare from season to season. The wavy pattern and black/white color is neutral enough to mesh with nearly any style — all while a low pile ensures that it won’t snag on your door when it opens wide.


The Decorative Tray That’s Undeniably Chic

Ever notice how small items, like hair bands or loose change, tend to clutter up your surfaces? Try placing them on a small tray to make your space look more organized. “A marble catch-all tray for your entryway, bathroom, or bedroom will add a touch of luxury to your space,” explains Abbott. “It helps contain those odds and ends that clutter up surfaces in a classy cool way.”

Not only is this tray made from natural marble, but it’s also waterproof — so there’s no need to worry about how it’ll hold up in humid bathrooms. And if you aren’t into white marble? You can also grab it in an ancient wood grain, a blue-tinted marble, as well as four other colors.


A Pair Of Ceramic Vases That Are Already Styled To Look Good

If you’re trying to find a vase that’s basically guaranteed to look good no matter where you put it, Kurt Walker, an interior designer at Mill City Home Buyers, is a big fan of this minimalist one. “We want to mention many things, but our favorite one is the ceramic vase set,” he tells Inverse. “We feel this vase set is worth mentioning because it has a soothing off-white color and you can place it anywhere in the room. The vase gives off a delicate look but is exceptionally solid.”

Not only does its smooth base help keep it stable, but it’s also made from 100% ceramic. And while the photo makes it look like the two pieces are connected, you can also separate them if you’d prefer to put them on display individually.


A Balloon Figurine With A Glamorous Metallic Finish

Speaking of gorgeous accent pieces, Kaur is also a big fan of this small balloon dog figurine. “Metallic accents are all the rage,” he tells Inverse. “A glamorous metallic decor piece like this one is just the perfect addition that adds a thoughtful and royal air to almost any home, plus some shimmer and sparkle, of course!” And if you aren’t a fan of dogs? You can also grab it as an elephant, monkey, or rabbit.


The Command Strips That Can Hold Up To 12 Pounds

Whether you rent or own your home, command strips are a smart way to hang up decor without pounding nails into your drywall. “These are a game changer for hanging art and decor, without damaging walls,” explains O’Hare. “They come in a variety of sizes and strengths, making them perfect for hanging anything from lightweight photos to heavy mirrors.”

These particular command strips can hold up to 12 pounds, making them great for mirrors, picture frames, and more. And if you ever decide you no longer need them? Just grab the bottom tab and peel them off your walls — they won’t damage the paint underneath, so there won’t be any need for paint touch-ups afterward.


This Double Rod That Lets You Layer Your Curtains

Windows looking a little drab? Putting up some curtains is an easy, affordable way to give them a quick makeover. “A stylish and affordable curtain rod can transform the look of a room,” O’Hare tells Inverse. But if you aren’t sure what type of curtain rod to pick? She goes on to recommend this double curtain rod, explaining, “This double rod design allows you to layer curtains for maximum light control and added style.” The telescopic design also lets you adjust its length, making it suitable for windows up to 48 inches. Choose from four finishes: black, nickel, pewter, or white.


An Infinity Vase That Comes In 4 Finishes

With its unique infinity shape and bone China clay frame, it’s no wonder why Lang is a big fan of this vase. “While this vase is in a muted color, its sleek and unexpected lines can bring visual interest to your entryway, dining room, or study,” she tells Inverse. “It’s a simple, beautiful way to elevate flowers or greenery in your home.” Choose from four finishes: black, white, blue, or pink.


The Flower Pots That Deliver “English Cottage Vibes”

Looking for a set of flower pots that are gorgeously unique? Stone is a big fan of these ceramic ones. “This set of three chinoiserie planters are simply gorgeous, and give off the English cottage vibes I'm going for in my home,” she tells Inverse. “Currently, the tiny pot sits in my guest bath holding an English ivy, while the medium-sized pot holds a classic boxwood ball in the living room. These planters are excellent value and so chic!”

And while some flower pots are more fashionable than they are functional, these ones feature drainage holes on the bottom to help keep your plants from being overwatered. Each one also comes with a matching saucer to help keep your surfaces clean — and if you aren’t a fan of the English cottage vibe, they also come in two other styles: Chinese or art deco.


These Shelves That Help Maximize Cabinet Space

Christina Giaquinto, a professional organizer and brand ambassador for Modular Closets, tells Inverse, “Organizing the kitchen cupboards is so important because although it is behind closed doors, it is important to make sure everything is organized properly,” which is why she recommends these cabinet organizers. Each order comes with three shelves as well as two under-shelf baskets, helping you maximize space in even the most cramped cabinets. And since they’re made from tough steel, you can rest assured that they won’t warp when heavy items are placed on top.


The Easels That Let You Put Art Display *Without* Hanging It Up

If you have more art than you do space on your walls, you can still put it on display using these plastic easels. “I'm the king of having drawers filled with art and pictures and it drives me crazy knowing that I have insanely cool display-worthy things hidden away,” Shaffer tells Inverse. “When helping a friend display his vintage enamelware collection, I discovered the magic of these Plastic Easel Plate Holders and have now used them to display holiday cards, doodles, family and pet photos, and some of my favorite books."

Each order comes with 24 easels in four different sizes — and you can adjust the hinges as wide or narrow as you like so that it’s easy to customize your display. Choose from two colors: clear or black.


These Faux Succulents That Will Always Look Good

Got a long, empty table that you aren’t sure how to decorate? Duenas suggests placing these faux succulents on top. “They're super versatile and bring life into a room,” she says. The pots are also made from sleek ceramic, making them look way more expensive than they are — all while the coordinated shades of pink and purple give them an incredibly lifelike appearance.


A Coffee Table Book That Gets The Conversation Flowing

Can’t quite figure out what your living room is missing? Consider placing this coffee table book on top. “Coffee table books never go out of style and we select ones to the clients' taste and interests,” Rebhun explains to Inverse. And not only is this specific book available for less than $40, but it also works great as a conversation starter when guests are over.


A Mirror That Can Help Small Rooms Feel Larger

Looking for decor that won’t go out of style? According to Fusco, “Mirrors are a timeless decorative product and if you’re looking for a classic full-length mirror or a decorative wall mirror, you can find something to fit your individual style. Mirrors are both stylish and functional and can help to make a room feel larger and brighter.”

With that in mind, this mirror comes with an attached chain that makes it easy to hang up. Its velvet backing helps prevent scratches to your paint — and with three sizes to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that fits your available wall space.


The Sliders That Help You Move Heavy Pieces Of Furniture

Whether you’re settling into a new home or simply rearranging your current one, pushing around furniture can be a real pain — and O’Hare agrees. “Moving heavy furniture can be a real hassle, believe me I know, but furniture sliders make the job much easier!” she tells Inverse. “Simply place the sliders under the legs of your furniture and slide it effortlessly across the floor.”

These sliders are also made from soft EVA foam, so the likelihood of them scratching your floors is incredibly low. They’re also grippy, which helps keep your furniture legs from sliding off of them while you push. Once you’ve finished moving, simply place them back into the storage canister until you need them again.

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