Ahsoka Season 2 Will Finally Tell Us More About the World Between Worlds

Concept art points the show in the right direction.


When Ahsoka Season 1 ended, anything seemed possible. Not only did we not know how Ahsoka and Sabine would find their way back to their home galaxy, but we didn’t even know when or if we’d revisit them. With no Season 2 guaranteed, fans speculated that Ahsoka might only return in The Mandalorian, or even in a future movie.

Now, however, we know better. In the announcement for Jon Favreau’s upcoming movie The Mandalorian and Grogu, Lucasfilm also revealed that Ahsoka Season 2 is in development. We also just got our first glimpse at some concept art for the new season, and it suggests that a popular fan theory has been right all along.

Star Wars’ official Twitter account posted a drawing of concept art showing Ahsoka and Sabine, ponchos flapping in the wind, as they stand on the outstretched hand of a statue of the Father, one of the Mortis Gods who have a powerful yet vague influence on the Force.

The last time fans saw this statue was in the final seconds of Ahsoka Season 1, when Baylan Skoll appeared in the exact same place. This hinted that his quest for “a new beginning” to the Force might take him to the World Between Worlds, the mystical plane outside of space and time ruled over by the Mortis.

This realm was first seen in Rebels, where Ezra Bridger used its powers to save Ahsoka from certain doom. And it’s already appeared in Ahsoka, when our hero had a mystical reunion with Anakin Skywalker, so bringing it back for Season 2 wouldn’t be a surprise. Fans, in fact, have anticipated just that, and their instincts appear to have been correct.

Ahsoka has already shown us the World Between Worlds once.


The World Between Worlds and the Mortis have never been explained in great detail, and it’s always been unclear just how much of a role they’ve been meant to play. But using them as our first hint of Ahsoka Season 2 suggests they’ll be crucial to its story, even if the details are still vague. Will Ahsoka and Sabine use the World Between Worlds to make it home? Will Baylan manipulate the very fabric of the Force itself? Will Anakin return yet again?

Exploring the cosmic and mystical side of Star Wars is well-suited to Ahsoka, a story that expanded the franchise into a mysterious new galaxy. Now, Season 2 could expand Star Wars even further, into the very nature of the Force itself.

Ahsoka Season 1 is streaming on Disney+.

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