Elon Musk

Elon Musk

The Inverse Interview

For All Mankind Season 3’s space mogul is better than Elon Musk — here's why

It’s easy to make real-world comparisons to For All Mankind’s tech mogul space pioneer character, but Edi Gathegi says you’ve got to trust the science fiction.


Where is SpaceX’s Starship?

The seeming hold-up in Starship tests is not all red tape’s fault.


Look: SpaceX teases orbital test flight with dramatic Starship images

Long time coming.

Get your ass to Mars

'For All Mankind' Season 3 changes the show in 3 huge ways — here's why


10 years ago, one SpaceX launch showed NASA they could work with Elon Musk

“This mission heralds the dawn of a new era of space exploration.”


Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft takes another shot at the International Space Station

Plus: When it comes to vaccines, fat matters.

Game Guides

Elon Musk's Elden Ring build is basic, but surprisingly effective

A surprisingly effective blend of Intelligence and Dexterity.


9 years later, Elon Musk’s biggest pipe dream may finally come true

Nine years since he first had the idea, Musk may finally try to build a Hyperloop.

Inverse Daily

Elon Musk’s Twitter deal could set SpaceX’s Mars ambitions back — here’s why

Plus: Another study pokes holes in the BMI as a health predictor.

Follow the Money

Elon Musk buying Twitter creates a new type of problem for SpaceX and Tesla

Can the richest man on Earth run three billion-dollar companies at once?


Physicists are on the brink of unlocking an elusive particle’s secrets

Plus: Elon Musk and his firms make history again.


SpaceX Crew-4: Updated launch date, crew, mission goals of historic flight

If all goes according to plan, Jessica Watkins will become the first African-American woman to make a prolonged ISS stay.


How a sand-guzzling box could power a future city on the Moon

TerraBox’s solar power technology could solve our energy problems on and off Earth.


Tesla Solar Roof: One year on, an owner reveals what it’s really like to live on solar

Elon Musk wants to make your roof your own mini-grid.


SpaceX Starlink: New price strategy, speed, order details for the internet service

Starlink could offer high-speed internet to those that need it most.


4 days in, Axiom Space's crew makes history for private space flight at ISS

Axiom-1 is the first all-private mission to the International Space Station.