These Clever Inventions Are So Damn Helpful, Amazon Shoppers Who Buy Them Say They Use Them Every Day

Handy things that improve life on the daily.

by Christina X. Wood
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There are some items in my home that I can’t believe I ever lived without. Some of them are weird and obscure. Some of them are in every home. But they have become absolutely essential to daily life and I would not go back to the way I was doing things before. It turns out loads of Amazon shoppers feel the same way.

The clever inventions that follow are so damn helpful, Amazon shoppers who buy them say they use them every day. And when you use something every day, you want to share that win with others. Read on and reap the benefits.


These Burner Covers That Help Keep Your Stove Clean

A little prevention — in the form of this eight-pack of stove burner covers — will save you so much time in the kitchen. Instead of hunkering down to scrub the stove after a boil-over or spill, just pull out the cover and rinse it in the sink. They are Teflon coated so they clean up easily and quickly. If one gets too dirty to clean, toss it and replace it. Your stove will stay pristine underneath.

One reviewer wrote: “Squeaky clean stove top every day.” — Joanne Apillanes


The Signage That Signals The State Of The Dishes

Prevent that moment when you realize you just loaded a half-full coffee cup into a load of clean dishes — necessitating they all be washed again — with this helpful signage. When you run the dishes, flip this dishwasher sign to clean. When you empty the dishes, flip it back to dirty. It even comes with a stick-on plate for dishwashers that don’t hold a magnet.

One reviewer wrote: “This product is excellent and started making my life easier right away.” — Jlnicky


A Jar Opener That Works On Lids Of All Sizes

Never struggle to get a jar open again after you install this jar opener under a cabinet. It will always be there, waiting for this moment. Just push the lid into it until it grabs and then turn. It can handle lids of any size. And, since you can do it one-handed, you can use two hands to lift heavy or cumbersome jars without asking for help.

One reviewer wrote: “I always hated asking the hubs to open things for me. This product solved my problem. I use it everyday for more than jars. A great purchase!” — D James


This Pot Strainer That’s Better Than A Colander

Ditch that cumbersome, space-hogging colander and embrace this snap-on pot strainer to save both effort and space. Instead of aiming the hot water at a target in the sink and hoping the whole thing doesn’t spill over, pour the water out of the pan and leave the strained pasta in. You can do it one-handed.

One reviewer wrote: “This has to be one of the greatest inventions! I no longer burn my arms from boiling water and steam when draining a pot or accidentally pour half of the boiled ingredients in the sink.” — Cygnet


The Little Kitchen Trash Can That’s Right Where You Want It

Streamline food prep by mounting this kitchen trash can to a cabinet door so you can sweep food scraps into it while you cook instead of gathering them up and walking them to the trash can. It hooks right over a cabinet or drawer, is sized to hold a grocery bag as a liner, and folds up for storage.

One reviewer wrote: “What a genius invention! I cook all the time and being able to use this while I am prepping is a time and step saver!” —hbrittingham


A Clothes Steamer That’s Easy To Travel With

Hit those suitcase-weary garments or clothes that spent too long in the laundry basket post-dryer with a quick zap from this clothes steamer to freshen them and eliminate wrinkles fast. No iron or ironing board is needed. It heats up quickly, produces steam for about 15 minutes (long enough to do a few tops), and is small enough to pack along when you travel.

One reviewer wrote: “I don’t usually race to review [an] item, but this steamer is awesome!! I detest ironing. I avoid it like the plague. However, wrinkles are a fact of life and sometimes ya gotta get them out! This little steamer is a game changer!!” — Pegitz


This Utensil Rest That Can Handle The Way You Cook

Set this clever utensil rest on your counter so you always have a place to rest your tasting, stirring, or flipping utensils (or all of them at once) without leaving a mess on the counter. The flexible silicone is just grippy enough to stay put. It rinses clean easily. And it comes in so many colors you can use it as a decorative item.

One reviewer wrote: “Definitely a game changer in the kitchen for me! I’m so happy I don’t have to use a paper towel anymore or dirty up my stove by putting my utensils down on it. [...] This product keeps all the food in one spot for me with an easy cleanup.” — Summer


A Soap Dispenser You Never Have To Touch

Make hand washing easier and more sanitary with this automatic soap dispenser. Just hold your hand under the spigot and it dispenses soap into your palm so dirty hands don’t have to touch anything. The clear tank makes it easy to see when it needs a refill and turns your colorful hand soap into a decorative element.

One reviewer wrote: “This product works really well and looks very sleek. It is very easy to assemble and use. It holds a large amount of soap and the feature for adjusting the amount dispensed is a great option. I feel like it actually helps me use less soap and allows me to not go through an entire bottle as fast.” —Ray


These Book Lights So You Can Read When You Want To

When you want to read but your bed partner insists on lights out, don’t fight over it. Just pull out one of these two rechargeable book lights and keep turning pages. It clips to your book and illuminates in white, daylight, or amber light. The arm adjusts to shine the beam where you need it and it’s super light and packable.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these lights! They are adorable and work great. Great light, great light tone choices. Good long battery life — rechargeable stuff is the BEST! This helps tremendously with my marriage, since we don't have to keep asking each other to turn out the big nightstand light!!!” — LES


The Basting Brush Made With Silicone

Once you have these two rubber basting brushes in your kitchen, you will wonder why you didn’t buy them sooner. You’ll probably use them to brush bread with mayo, meat with BBQ sauce, fish with oil and spices, and so much more. The extra square in the center grabs just the right amount of oil or condiment and helps distribute it evenly. The silicone is heat resistant so you can brush hot pans and even the grill, too.

One reviewer wrote: “Great quality and easy to clean. So much better than the typical brushes I’ve used [in] the past. The bristles and internal grid hold liquid butter very well and allow for easy spreading / brushing.” — Dave


A Colorful Night Light That Goes In The Toilet

Instead of fumbling in the dark or turning on bright overhead lights when you have to go in the night, let this toilet night light turn the bowl into a glowing target so you can find your destination easily. You can choose from 16 colors and it only comes on when it senses motion within five feet of the toilet.

One reviewer wrote: “Keeps me from running into the wall. Bathroom is yellow so turning on the light is like turning on the sun!! This is SOOOOO helpful!!” — Misty Turner


This Seat Belt For Your Canine Companion

If your dog likes to ride in the car with you, make sure everyone is safer by bucking them in. This dog seatbelt clips to their collar and snaps into the seatbelt buckle so this is easy to do. And the bungee-like spring in the leash gentles fast stops with a bit of shock absorption.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a fantastic invention. Especially for a dog that would drop a treat for a car ride.” — Boo


These Wool Dryer Balls That Help Eliminate Static & Wrinkles

Instead of throwing a dryer sheet in with your laundry, toss a few of these wool dryer balls in there. They reduce static and wrinkles while also fluffing the load so it dries faster. They are without fragrance but if you miss scented dryer sheets, you can add a few drops of essential oil to them before tossing them in.

One reviewer wrote: “I don't like using all kinds of laundry additives like fabric softener... so I was surprised that they soften the clothes, eliminate static, and help the clothes dry. — Richard John Andrade


The Red Wine Stain Remover That Works Fast

Sipping wine can lead to exuberant hand gestures, which can lead to spilled wine. Go ahead and enjoy. But keep some of this red wine stain remover on hand so the fun doesn’t leave marks on your couch, clothes, or carpet. If the stain is already there, this will fix that, too. Just spray, blot, and rinse.

One reviewer wrote: “This may be the best stuff since sliced bread. My cat knocked over a glass of red wine that splashed all over our brand-new roller shades. Soap, water, vinegar [...] : none took care of the job. One spray of this and it came off within five seconds.” — Amazon Customer


This Pantry Storage Solution That Hangs On The Door

Turn the back of any door into a pantry storage space with these two pantry organizers. Just hook them over the top of the door and they each put 24 clear pockets where there was previously just empty space. It’s a great place to store snacks, spices, or anything you reach for often.

One reviewer wrote: “They are fantastic! I ended up purchasing four and put one behind the pantry door and it holds so many small items (cans of dog food, tuna, soup, spices, drink packets, protein bars). I put one behind the bedroom closet door to hold socks, scarves, [and] underwear. In my home office, [one] holds extra office supplies. In my craft room, [one] holds craft supplies and guest amenities.” — Pelican


A Ring Light That Brightens Video Calls

Look your best in video calls and photos by snapping this ring light on your phone or computer to help eliminate shadows if you’re in a dark room. It’s easy to install and you can choose daylight, white, and warm light moods as well as the brightness to get exactly the look you want.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this for all my Zoom meetings. It really [helps] me look my best.” — Yellowbirdie


This Handy Organizer For Your Entryway

If you are tired of losing track of mail, hunting for your keys, and running around looking for your hat or bag every time you leave the house, you need this entryway organizer so you have a place for everything and it’s easy to find those things when you want them. The top shelf holds the mail and five little hooks hold your necessaries.

One reviewer wrote: “I keep this in the entryway to hold my keys, purse, and some jackets. It’s helped a lot with managing my clutter on countertops and chairs, and I’ve also gotten a lot of compliments on it. Super easy to install.” — Kevin


A Clever Hack For Peeling Garlic

If peeling garlic is the annoying kitchen task you hesitate to do, these two silicone garlic peelers will fix that for you. Just place a few garlic cloves in the sleeve and roll it back and forth on the counter. All the peel comes right off and your hands don’t get garlic all over them.

One reviewer wrote: “I use garlic A LOT. I thought I had a pretty quick way to peel garlic before, but this... THIS... this is absolutely amazing! I don't know who invented this [...] tube looking thing, but I want to hug you.” — Lexi


This Food Cover That Prevents Having To Clean The Microwave

This microwave food cover is the prevention that will free you from the chore of scrubbing down the microwave. It collapses flat so it’s easy to store. And when you microwave something, pop it open, drop it over the plate, and prevent the mess. Small holes in the lid let the steam out to prevent wet meals. And the containment makes food cook more evenly.

One reviewer wrote: “It performs well for all needs in the microwave; exactly what you expect. Then: it pops flat for easy storage, so if is always available. This was a Christmas gift and it turns out it is used every single day. Can't imagine being without it.” — KDK


A Meat Thermometer For Perfectly Cooked Meals

If you want your meat cooked perfectly — not too raw and not overcooked — stick the probe of this digital meat thermometer into it and compare the reading on its bright LED screen with the chart printed on its body. Simple. A hold button keeps the temperature on the readout till you have seen it and it turns itself on and off when you open the probe and close it.

One reviewer wrote: “Whoever invented this sucker not only knew what they were doing, they apparently thought through the little extras, like the hanging hole on the top end, the ergonomic design, but most especially, the switch blade-like design.” — Nancy Johnson


The Bug Catcher That Deals With Fruit Flies & Mosquitos

Fruit flies usually come into your home innocently — but once there, their population seems to multiply fast. This indoor insect trap keeps that all under control with little effort from you. The UV light attracts the bugs, they get caught up in the fan, and then it’s curtains for them as they get stuck to the sticky mat in the bottom. It works on mosquitos, too.

One reviewer wrote: “Every night, one mosquito would sneak into the house and annihilate my children while they were sleeping. I didn’t want to douse them in deet every night so I turned to Amazon [and] came across this little invention. [...] Caught five mosquitoes that I didn’t even realize were in the house and a bunch of fruit flies.” — Sophi K


This Storage Solution For All Your Water Bottles

Storing water bottles and travel mugs can be such a space-gobbling hassle in standard cupboards but this water bottle organizer solves that problem. It lets you store three levels of bottles lying down because the grooved shelves prevent them from rolling around.

One reviewer wrote: “Really helped me organize all my water bottles and travel mugs! Easy to use. An organizational no-brainer!” — Amazon Customer


A Cure For Your Leaky Shower Door

Is there a puddle on the bathroom floor after every shower? You need this shower seal strip, then. It keeps the water inside the shower by creating a seal between the bottom of the shower door and the frame. The firm top part snaps easily onto the door while the flexible bottom wings prevent water from escaping.

One reviewer wrote: “This [...] is well made and works great. It fits super tight on the door, which is great because it won't come loose. The part that installs on the shower door is very strong and rigid and the part that seals on the tile is flexible enough to easily open and close the door and keep a tight seal so that water does not leak out.” — S. Philip


These Handy Whiteboards With Colorful Dry Erase Markers

Use these whiteboards to teach the kids to write or as an ever-changing to-do list for your home office. They have lines on one side and are blank on the other and come with six multi-colored dry-erase markers and six erasers.

One reviewer wrote: “I have 4 boys that I homeschool and these boards are great! Thick and not easy to break! Would definitely recommend to anyone.” — Stacie Anderson


A Magnetic Screen Door That Closes Itself

Keep the bugs out of your house without sealing yourself — and your pets — inside with this magnetic screen door. It lets you enter and exit hands-free, closing itself behind you so the bugs don’t invade. It allows the fresh air in and is easy to install.

One reviewer wrote: “You cannot beat this mesh fabric self-closing screen. The rental house we're in had no front screen door. This solves that HUGE ISSUE for, what, $[20] ?!!? Honestly, what an amazingly awesome invention!!!” — Techno Joe


This Genius Trick For Making Perfect Popcorn

Before the arrival of this microwave popcorn popper, your choices were to create a hard-to-clean pan situation or buy prepackaged microwave popcorn. With this, making popcorn takes two minutes, you can use your own kernels and oil (or no oil), and there is no mess. Just eat your snack and drop the popper in the dishwasher. (For popcorn pros: It is even better than the paper bag hack.)

One reviewer wrote: “Best invention ever. Have used this [popper] at least once a day nearly every day for three years. [...] Highly recommend!” — flo


A Cute Lamp That Organizes Your Desk Or Bedside Table

Bring order to your bedside table or desk with this charging station lamp that has slots to hold three phones or tablets on edge, two standard outlets, and three USB charging ports. You can eliminate the power strip and phone charger and fit everything you need into the tiny footprint of this clever lamp.

One reviewer wrote: “This is the second one of these lamps I have ordered. [...] Our guests like being able to charge their phones, laptops, and tablets and having an electrical outlet convenient by the bed. I love these lamps!” — Amazon Customer


This Privacy Film For A Clean & Easy Window Covering

Create privacy in your interior spaces without covering your windows with blinds or curtains by installing this privacy film right on the glass. It’s easy to install with just a spray bottle of water and a blade for cutting the overage and the results are beautiful. It reduces glare but lets light in.

One reviewer wrote: “It was very easy to install and changed the brightness of the bathroom. I was able to remove the curtain — still have privacy — and allow more light into the bathroom. My window now has a very clean minimalist look with much more light in the bathroom. Highly recommend.” — Tonya in OK


These Smart Bulbs For Easy Custom Lighting

Update your lighting without doing any wiring. Just screw these four smart light bulbs in, connect them to the app (or your Amazon Alexa or Google Home), and you can change the color and brightness of your lighting with a tap on your phone or a shout to your AI. You can set schedules and connect them to your other lights to create all-house scenes like, “Turn off all the lights.”

One reviewer wrote: “This is the coolest invention EVER! You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Just ask Alexa to turn them on & the color you want!! I’m going to buy these as gifts!!!” — Carmen Ingram


The Wireless Doorbell That Takes Five Minutes To Install

Install a new wireless doorbell for your home, room, or wherever you want in just a few minutes. Just peel and stick the push button ringer at the entry and plug the receiver in where you can hear it. You can even set the buttons to create different ringtones so you know which door has a visitor. There are over 50 chimes to choose from.

One reviewer wrote: “We had an old wired doorbell for years that stopped working. The repairs were quite a lot, so I searched and found this new doorbell system. It was so easy to install and works great. We love it!” — Joey Carter


This Adapter So Your Cup Holder Can Handle Big Water Bottles

When your favorite big water bottle or coffee mug won’t fit in your car’s cup holder, you don’t have to relegate it to home use. Just drop this cup holder extender in there and your car’s cup holder will accommodate even very large bottles. The flexible flaps hold a range of sizes securely and the bendable cup holder insertion part works with many sizes of cup holders and grabs tight.

One reviewer wrote: “I use a 26-ounce Hydroflask and this works perfectly! I have always been frustrated with where to put my water bottle. This has been the PERFECT solution. I actually ended [up] buying a second one for my other vehicle.” — Teresa Easterling


The Charcoal Air Purifying Bags That Really Work

If the litter box, trash, car, your gym bag, or any other place in your life emits a bad smell, hang one of these four bamboo charcoal air purifying bags near it and let the activated charcoal help clean the air and eliminate — not cover up — that smell. Set them in sunlight once a month to refresh them and they will last for years.

One reviewer wrote: “I go hiking with my dog and both of us end up relatively malodorous [afterward], the car taking the brunt of our smelliness on the way home. I put two of the charcoal bags in the car and it definitely helps mitigate the odor. [...] After a day or so, my car smelled noticeably less like wet dog and/or pungent human.” — Emely


These Laundry Bags That Protect Bras & Delicates

Bras are expensive. Don’t let them get destroyed in the wash. Instead put them in these bra wash bags to protect the straps, cups, lace, and hooks from getting caught and twisted around the other garments traveling through the machine with them. The plastic spokes add an extra layer of protection over standard laundry bags.

One reviewer wrote: “LOVE these bags. I recently bought some new bras and wanted to keep them in shape. [...] They hold up well, and the bras come through with their shape preserved. Genius invention!” — Library girl


This Highly Rated 2-Pack Of USB Wall Charger Plugs

So many new appliances and gadgets come only with a charging cord, expecting that you have ample USB wall plugs of your own. This two-pack of USB wall charger plugs is almost essential to modern life. Each one has two USB ports so you can power a total of four devices with them.

One reviewer wrote: “Fast compact and I use it to charge 2 devices everyday.” — PamR


The Organizer For Your Cutting Boards & Baking Pans

Create a handy storage spot for cutting boards, tin foil, plastic wrap boxes, or other hard-to-store items in your kitchen by deploying this cabinet door organizer. The hooks are lined with foam so they won’t damage your cabinetry and it’s sized perfectly so it won’t impede the cabinet door.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this over-the-door pan/cutting board holder! It's thick enough to hold three cookie sheets and one regular-sized wooden cutting board. [...] Smart invention! I'm loving mine!” — diana


The Mesh Grocery Bags That Can Also Store Produce

With these 15 reusable mesh produce bags tucked into your reusable grocery bag collection, you can forego the irritating plastic produce bags in the grocery store completely. Not only will you eliminate more single-use plastic from the planet but these open easily, close with a drawstring, and are the perfect way to store produce in the fridge.

One reviewer wrote: “These things are GREAT! You don't have to use the plastic produce bags, and when you get home, just pull out the bags filled with wonderful, tasty stuff, and put the whole bag in the bin. When you need something, it is already bagged and easy to find because the strings are colored.” — Kindle Customer


This Memory Foam Seat Cushion For A Happier Backside

Take measures to make your seat super comfy by using this memory foam seat cushion when you work or drive. It helps relieves pressure on your coccyx and rear end so long-term sitting is more tenable. A cooling gel on the top layer prevents overheating and you can remove the breathable cover to wash it any time you like.

One reviewer wrote: “I have sciatica pain and at times it is severe. This seat has helped me so very much. I carry it with me everywhere I go and sit on it as much as possible. Wonderful invention.” — Constance A. Tague


The Brilliant Syrup Dispenser That Doesn’t Spill

With a clever upside-down design, this honeycomb syrup dispenser solves the sticky spillage problem of maple syrup and other sweet condiments with gravity. Just open the valve by squeezing the handle and close it by releasing it. The syrup is always primed so you don’t have to wait. And the stopper puts an end to drips.

One reviewer wrote: “I love using this for my breakfast. It quickly and accurately portions out the exact amount of honey I want, then seals to prevent spillage. I use less honey now but every drop goes right where I want it.” — Circling Back


This Infuser Teapot Made With Borosilicate Glass

Watch your tea brew in this beautiful glass infuser teapot. The stainless steel sleeve holds tea bags or loose tea. The borosilicate glass can take the heat, whether you warm it up in the microwave or boil it on the stove. The ergonomic handle is lovely to hold. And it comes with a cute, zip-on cozy to keep your tea warm.

One reviewer wrote: “Nice little teapot that infuses full flavor into the tea since the filter basket extends so deeply into the pot. It's so cute too! [...] I use it every day.” — Saliandra


These Solar Lights For Illuminated Outdoor Spaces

Make your outdoor spaces more usable at night with these solar ground lights that install easily and require no wiring or maintenance. They power up with the sun, come on automatically at night, and turn off in the wee hours when the battery runs out of juice. This is a pack of eight.

One reviewer wrote: “I took them out of the box, removed the protective film, hit the on switch, and they already lit up. Quick and easy installation as well. I put them near the border, inside my garden and absolutely love them! They're bright enough to help you see the path, but not overbearing. Fabulous ambient light!!” — Angelina Mundy


The Organizer That Manages Wraps & Plastic Bags

Take charge of your collection of plastic bags, cling wrap, and foil with this cabinet foil organizer that sits on a shelf. Its shelf height is adjustable to fit your space and it keeps the boxes visible so you can see everything at once. Rubber feet hold it firmly on the shelf.

One reviewer wrote: “I like that this keeps all the boxes [neat] and organized. You can stack boxes three rows deep and still find and access your foil and other products easily.” — Belinda


These Cord Wraps That Tidy Up Appliances

Stick these genius appliance cord organizers to the back of your mixer, blender, and other appliances — or right to the wall — and get rid of that annoying snarl of power cords until you want to get that thing out and plug it in. The cord wraps neatly around the base and snaps into the two outer clips for secure storage. This is a pack of six.

One reviewer wrote: “I have put these things on almost everything that has a cord: a toaster, two free-standing living room lights, my kitchen aid mixer, the coffee maker, [...] the list goes on. These things are amazing and I keep ordering more as I find more things to put them on!” — Holly Anne


The Kitchen Mat That Feels Good On Your Feet

If you stand to cook, work at a standing desk, or tinker at a tool bench, set this anti-fatigue mat down in the spot you stand on most and take the hard edge off your floor. The soft and squishy surface feels wonderful on your feet and can help alleviate back pain and leg fatigue. It comes in nine colors and seven sizes so you can choose the look that’s right for your space.

One reviewer wrote: “Started with one for our kitchen, but quickly ordered a second after I was happy with the first. [The] texture is good for non-slip, but still super easy to clean. The underside has good grip, too, so they stay in place really well. They really help my knees and back when I'm cooking or doing dishes. Recommend!” — S. Silvas


These Food Cover Tents For Bug-Free Picnics

Keep your picnic creations safe from flies and other insects with these serving tent food covers. They collapse down for storage and open up easily. They look festive and don’t hide your dishes from hungry human eyes. And they are big enough to cover serving dishes too.

One reviewer wrote: “I’m using [them] every time we are having wine and appetizers on the deck to protect the food. It’s pretty, easy to use, and very helpful.” — NF-Columbia


The Pads That Stop Your Washing Machine From Dancing

If your washing machine moves around when you do laundry, fit these anti-vibration pads over its feet and it will stop that. The grippy, rubber-coated stainless steel plate is durable and effective at reducing the movement of the machine. This is a pack of four.

One reviewer wrote: “My washer gets very intense! It is a front loader and I love it, but if the load is not balanced exactly the machine dances. These pads make it secure so it doesn’t dance.” — Judy

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