The 50 cheapest, most clever home improvement products on Amazon

These products will upgrade your home — and stay within your budget.

by Christina X. Wood
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Home improvement can be an expensive undertaking — at least if you watch those home-makeover TV shows. But in my opinion, those shows are unrealistic. I can’t completely replace my shower stall on a whim, nor my kitchen counters, unless I want to spend thousands and live in a construction zone.

But there are things I can do. They just have to be easier and able to stay within a realistic budget. The upgrades I’m currently willing to undertake start with an Amazon purchase and end with an adult beverage, and there are plenty of those. In fact, these are the 50 cheapest, most clever home improvement products on Amazon.


This set of modern LED puck lights with motion sensors

It is so simple to add safety lighting to your stairs, convenience lighting to cupboards and cabinets, and install a light in a dark closet with this three-pack of motion-triggered puck lights. They sense movement and turn on when you walk down ,the stairs or open a cupboard so they add lighting as you live in your house without any effort from you. They are battery operated so there is no need for wiring. And you can mount them simply by peeling off the backing and sticking them where you want them.


This stove-gap cover that helps prevent persnickety kitchen messes

If you’ve ever witnessed stray crumbs or an errant leaf of lettuce enter the crevice between the stove and countertop, you know what a pain it is to clean that up. Enter this clever stove gap cover, which prevents that kind of peskiness from happening. It’s made of flexible silicone so it conforms to your surface, and is easy to cut to the sie you need.


This hack that makes your heat or AC more effective

If your heat and AC vents are in the wrong place, it can have a huge effect on how warm or cold your house feels. This two-pack of air deflectors for vents will send the air in the direction it will do the most good. If all your heat is up at the ceiling, direct it down into the room. Or if the cold is chilling your ankles and little else, send it up into the room. Just attach them magnetically. They adjust from 10 to 14 inches wide and require no tools to install.


These nonstick oven liners that are dishwasher safe

Slipping these oven liners into the bottom of your appliance will save you a ton of trouble when it comes time for a deep clean. It will catch drips and crumbs and will be easy to wipe away thanks to its nonstick surface. For a custom fit, just trim each of the two pieces that come in this pack that can also be used in your toaster oven or air fryer.


An indoor or outdoor mat that withstands heavy trekking

This durable doormat looks nice, and is built to withstand whatever weather happens on your porch. You can use it inside the door or outside. The rubber bottom keeps it from moving and the durable looped mesh of the top looks good and does a great job getting debris off of shoes. It’s an ideal mat to put in the laundry room, entryway, porch, garage, or anywhere that people are likely to track in dirt.


A cushy memory foam bath mat that dries quickly

If you have a shower, and you have to step out of that shower onto the floor, you probably want to pick up this luxurious bath mat made with memory foam. It’s strong, durable, and thick to treat your feet with cloudlike cushiness, while a nonslip backing keeps it safely in place. It comes in loads of size and color options to perfectly match your space.


The smart way to store your water bottle collection

If you have accumulated an impressive water bottle collection, welcome to the club of people who have no idea how to store those in a kitchen that was designed for another era. This water bottle organizer is here to fix that. It allows you to store water bottles lying down to maximize your storage space. Each shelf holds about three bottles — and they’re adjustable to accommodate travel mugs and bottles of various sizes. The feet on the bottom are nonslip to ensure it stays in place.


These vacuum storage bags that make your stuff fit in less space

Do you need more storage space? Or maybe what you need is for the things you want to store to take up less space? It’s simple physics, and these four vacuum storage bags are how you alter how much space items take up. Put your off-season clothes, blankets, coats, and other bulky fabric items into these large bags. Then attach your vacuum cleaner or the included pump to the valve and remove the air. The same stuff now fits in less space — because the air is no longer bulking them up — and is easier to move around but you can still see what it is.


The under-cabinet jar opener that can handle any lid

Mount this genius jar opener to the underside of a cabinet and you will be able to open whatever jar you have without asking anyone for help. Just push the lid into the triangular opener until it catches on the toothy jaws and turn. You can use both hands so there is no struggle, even with huge jars. “It just takes a quarter turn to loosen jar lids that used to take me several minutes of hot water and effort to open,” said one reviewer. “I cannot thank the people at Grip Jar Opener enough for making this incredible change in my enjoyment of life and urge all with poor hand strength to get the Grip Jar Opener!”


This luxurious cover for your body pillow

Turn your body pillow into a decorative element in your made bed (right?) with this ultra-soft, microfiber body pillow cover that’s made to fit it perfectly. It slips on like a standard pillowcase but covers that 54-inch long pillow completely. There’s a satin trim at the opening end and you have a choice of eight colors so you can design the look you want.


A mop & broom holder to organize your cleaning supplies

If your broom closet or garage feels a little chaotic, this mop and broom holder is an easy way to get more organized. It has five nonslip, easy-release slots for your cleaning tools, plus five hooks for hanging smaller items — it’ll hold up to 38 pounds total. Plus, everything you need for installation is included.


This freestanding organizer that puts everything from shoes to hats in their place

Turn the awkward spaces in your closet into orderly cubbies with this freestanding divided organizer with six sections that are ideal for shoes, bags, hats, and other hard-to-store items. Instead of burying these things in bins where you forget you have them, put them in plain sight and within reach. It’s easy to set up and fits on the floor or a shelf. Each cubby is big enough for a pair of shoes or a hat.


These bamboo drawer dividers to create neat sections

These bamboo drawer dividers can extend in length from 17.5 inches to 22 inches so you can tidy up and separate things in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. They also have soft foam pads on either end to prevent scratches and scuffs on your furniture.


An over-the-door organizer with 24 pockets for highly visible storage

This over-the-door organizer will whip your chaotic shoe collection, pantry, cleaning supplies, or laundry room tools into tidy order in a few minutes. Just hang it over a door and put the shoes — or whatever needs organizing — into the roomy and breathable mesh pockets. You can see everything at once and, since it uses the back of a door, you don’t have to give up much space.


A minimalist paper towel holder that’s simple & sturdy

Get that roll of paper towels off the countertop and onto this simple yet effective paper towel holder. Made of sturdy metal with a shiny chrome finish, it’s designed to accommodate rolls of all sizes and look good doing it. Over 3,000 people rate it a perfect five stars and say it has a good weight to it and is an excellent value.


This adjustable laptop tray that keeps your machine cool

Set your laptop on this laptop tray with built-in fans to keep it cool, and it just may last longer and run better. Heat is bad for a laptop’s components, even when that heat is generated by the laptop’s hard-working machinery. This laptop tray has five fans that get that heat away from your machine — and you. You can choose how many fans to run at any time. It also lets you tilt the laptop at a better angle so you can see the screen better and not hunch over.


This pack of 8 silicone coasters so drinks don’t hurt the furniture

Go ahead and set your drinks down on these eight silicone coasters without worrying about the furniture. It doesn’t matter if the drink is hot or cold, these heat-resistant silicone coasters will protect your furniture from condensation, high temperatures, and splashes. And they are so affordable and easy to clean that you can litter them all over the house so there is always one within reach.


These door handle covers to prevent fingerprints on appliances

These refrigerator door handle covers can be used on various appliances to keep them free of smudges and fingerprints. Wrap them around your oven, dishwasher, and microwave handles to feel an instant shift in your kitchen. They’ll keep everything protected and can be machine washed when needed.


This box that neatly hides all your wires

This cable management box is the simple, fast, and easy fix for the messy cables under your desk or TV — or anywhere in your house. Just drop that big power strip into this clean, white box, guide the cords through the slots in the back, and put the lid on. The mess is gone, replaced with a neat white box you can set a lamp or phone on.


A set of storage cubes that organizes your underwear drawer

Instead of digging through an untamed pile of socks and underwear every day hoping that you will encounter the pair you want — or even a pair that fits — take a few minutes to install this three-piece set of drawer storage cubes and organize that stuff so you can quickly locate the very item you want. There are two small bins for socks and underwear and a large one that’s great for tanks or undershirts.


An adjustable box organizer that takes just seconds to put together

This box organizer has three different levels, two of which have adjustable heights so that you can fit boxes of any shape and size. It can hold up to 20 pounds and the best part is that it only takes one minute to put together.


An easy TV wall mount that lets you view the screen from any angle

Skip the bulky furniture for standing a big TV and streamline your space by mounting that flat-screen to the wall. This totally affordable full-motion TV wall mount can help. Not only is it a sleek, minimalist, and space-saving solution, but it lets you view the TV from more places. Pull it away from the wall and angle it so you can watch from your desk or another place in the room or keep it tidy and flat against the wall.


A set of absorbent & biodegradable dishcloths

Amp up your cleaning game with these biodegradable dishcloths that can be used for everything from cleaning your kitchen to washing windows. They feature a diamond pattern that makes them ultra-absorbent and capable of picking up dirt and crumbs and are made of a cellulose/cotton blend that can hold 20 times their weight in liquid.


This beefy power strip with 12 outlets & 4 USB ports

This is the power strip you want for your work-from-home rig or massive entertainment system. There are 12 standard outlets and four USB plugs to power everything from your computer or TV to your phone. All the plugs are all protected against power surges to protect your gear. And the two outlets on the end have plenty of room around them to accommodate big power bricks.


This magnetic screen door that lets you go in and out hands-free

This easy and effective magnetic screen door can revolutionize your doorways. It installs in minutes with (removable) adhesive strips and thumbtacks — which promise not to damage doorways or leave residue when you want to take it down. The middle seam is lined with powerful magnets so it effectively keeps bugs out while letting fresh air in.


This big-display alarm clock that can handle 2 alarms

If you share a bed with someone, you probably get up at different times. This dual alarm clock is a helpful addition to your morning routine. Set it for both of your wake-up times and create alarm equity. You can choose a volume for each alarm, and each sleeper can delay the inevitable for nine minutes by hitting the snooze button. There is a USB port for charging your phone, a battery backup in case there is a power outage, and the big display is dimmable.


The flexible filter fabric that helps clean what blows from the air vents

Add some extra filtration to the air that comes into your home easily and cheaply with this filter fabric you cut to size and attach to your air vents. It comes with hook and loop tape that you also just cut to the size you need. You can attach it to the outside of your air vents or remove the vent and put the filter fabric on the inside. It helps keep out dander, smoke, and other potentially harmful airborne elements, which can help people indoors breathe easier.


This Wi-Fi extender so the signal reaches everywhere in your house

If you have spots in your house where the internet signal is feeble, the solution is so easy. Just plug this Wi-Fi extender into a plug that’s inside the signal but near your dead spot and it will grab the Wi-Fi and throw it another 1,200 feet so you can surf anywhere in the house — even the places that had a weak connection. It will look like you just got a whole new network to the devices connecting to it, and you can add up to 20 devices to that network.


This stick-on bug prevention for your trash can

Your trash can is a tempting home for some pretty gross bugs. To the insect underworld, your trash is their luxury meal. And once flies, roaches, and others move in there is little reason for them to leave, given that you are constantly resupplying. Stick this insect puck to the inside lid of that trash can, though, and you don’t have to worry about any of this. It ends the bugs that are in there and stops new tenants from ever moving in with a slow-release vapor. It lasts up to four months.


A set of stainless steel measuring cups & spoons

Toss your mismatched collection of measuring tools and upgrade to this 12-piece set that’s made of durable stainless steel and boasts engraved imperial and metric measurements for easy conversions. The set is dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up, and each of the six measuring spoons has an extra-long handle to easily scoop from narrow jars.


A mushroom-shaped drain protector that prevents gnarly hair clogs

Keeping hair out of the drain is a sometimes icky, always necessary practice. Make the process simple by sticking this clever, hair-catching drain protector in there. It doesn’t interfere with water flow, and its unique hair-catching section goes inside the drain so you don’t have to look at clumps of wet hair as you wash. Over 83,000 people rated it a perfect five stars.


These underwear organizers that folds flat between uses

With this three-pack of underwear organizers, you’ll have 64 slots to pack in your bottoms, socks, tights, and more. Two of them have medium-sized slots while the third has larger slots so that every accessory can be neatly put away. And if you need to store them, collapse them down flat to make it even easier.


The bedside wall shelf that keeps everything you need at hand

No room for a nightstand? Peel and stick this clever bedside shelf next to your bed and keep everything you need right next to you. There are two cubbies that are sized perfectly for a phone, glasses, alarm clock, or remote control. It’s easy to mount, is small, and is loved by reviewers who give it almost 6,000 five-star reviews.


These sturdy storage bags that slide under your bed

Keep off-season clothes, extra linens, or guest towels neatly tucked out of sight in these handy underbed storage bags. They’re strong and compact, made of a lightweight material to treat your clothes and floors nicely. Reinforced handles ensure even stuffed bags are easy to maneuver and clear tops let you see what’s inside at a glance.


These collapsible storage cubes to maximize your space

Coming in a pack of six, you’ll have a ton of extra room to keep blankets, shoes, and more with these storage cubes. They’re made of a breathable fabric and equipped with easy-to-grab handles so you can move them from room to room.


This heavyweight shower curtain that’s available in 18 different colors

Costing less than $20, you wouldn’t expect this shower curtain to feel as luxurious as it does. It has a waffle-weave design and a heavyweight feel that will instantly give your bathroom a more upscale look. It’s even durable enough to be machine washed.


A pot and pan organizer rack that can be used vertically & horizontally

Instead of piling all your cooking equipment into a pile, use this pot and pan organizer rack to neatly store your cookware, bakeware, cutting boards, and more. It has five slots that can be filled vertically or horizontally. Each is made of sturdy steel and has a chrome finish that will give your kitchen a clean look.


This hair catcher that will save you from calling the plumber

This hair catcher can potentially save you hundreds by making sure that your pipes don’t get clogged with hair and buildup. It has a stainless steel plate that catches every strand without disrupting the flow of water.


A rainfall shower head with rave reviews

This high-pressure rainfall shower head is backed by more than 8,000 five-star reviews, and it’s so easy to install, too. The sleek chrome finish gives your shower an upscale look, and if you have hard water, the nozzles are designed to resist clogging and a hard water filter is included. “Love the pressure on this thing,” wrote one reviewer.


This expandable pot & pan rack to organize your cookware

If your kitchen cabinets are disorganized, this pot and pan holder makes it easier to find cookware when you need it. There are 10 adjustable slots to store pans, lids, and plates, and you can use it as one expandable holder or two separate racks. Made of heavy-duty, rustproof iron with nonslip feet, the rack is also designed to stay put.


A dual-layer draft stopper that won’t damage your door

With strong adhesive backing, this draft stopper won’t pop off your door until you want it to. And when that time comes, no scuffs or sticky residue will be left behind. The strip has two layers that work to keep out not only unwanted air but sound, light, and dust as well.


This anti-slip bath mat with drainage holes

This BPA-free tub mat is textured to prevent you from slipping in the shower but is still soft enough to keep your feet comfortable while bathing. This mat is also easier to keep clean than most; it features hundreds of draining holes to keep water flowing underneath it to prevent griminess. And if it does get grimy, you can toss this mat in the washing machine without issue.


A stainless steel utensil holder that comes in 5 colors

This utensil holder comes in five chic colors, any of which would be a great addition to your countertop. It’s made of stainless steel that resists rust and dullness. It has plenty of space to hold all your most-used tools and is equipped with drainage holes for easy cleaning.


A chic glass pitcher with an airtight seal

Perfect for storing your favorite teas, juices, and cocktails, this large, 68-ounce glass pitcher is made of thick and durable glass, boasts a stylish square design, and features an airtight twist-and-lock lid. It’s both lead and BPA-free, has an ergonomic handle, and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


These ice trays that make a big batch of snazzy round cubes

Make a big batch of spherical ice with these two round ice cube trays that make this task super simple and easy. Just fill the lower tray, put the upper tray on top, and push it down till water shoots out of the spouts so you know your trays are full. Then stack them in the freezer. The trays are flexible so it’s easy to get the cubes out and they make a total of 66 round ice pieces that really slap at parties.


A surprisingly sleek container that hides your toilet paper

Instead of keeping unsightly packages of toilet paper open in your bathroom, hide your rolls in this minimalist toilet paper organizer. The easy-to-clean plastic container with a lid can hold up to three rolls at a time, making extra rolls easy to access without being out in the open. It’s a simple yet stylish solution with over 7,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This best-selling pet hair remover

Quickly and easily remove fur from your furniture, carpets, bedding, and more with this pet hair remover tool that one fan writes “is truly like magic.” Simply roll the non-sticky roller over the surface you’d like to clean, and it will pick up and trap fur in a chamber that can be easily dumped into the trash when finished.


This broom holder to keep them neat & organized

Keep your brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools organized with the help of this wall-mounted broom holder. It has five spring-loaded clamps to hold tools with long handles, as well as six hooks for smaller objects like dustpans and gloves. Plus, it comes with all of the screws and anchors needed for a secure installation.


A heat-resistant utensil rest with raised spillproof edges

The silicone material that this utensil rest is made out of keeps it from slipping and sliding on your kitchen countertop. Use the four slots to keep ladles, tongs, and spoons in place. It will catch every drip and keep them from spilling over with its raised edges.


These solar lights that spruce up your walkway

For an easy way to upgrade your outdoor walkway, add these solar pathway lights. They install quickly in the ground, charge in the sun, and turn on automatically after dark. They’re also weather-resistant, so you can leave them out year-round, and each order includes 10 lights.

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