Shopping editors are calling these hidden gems on Amazon their most amazing finds of the year

The real cream of the crop.

by Cassandra Seale and BDG Commerce
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When you want to find out what kind of peonies to put in your garden, you consult a landscaper. If you fancy putting a new sink in the bathroom, you’d reach out to a plumber. And if you want to know what the most useful, tried-and-true hidden gems on Amazon are, you call in the shopping editors who’ve spent countless hours combing the depths of the mega-marketplace (and trying their fair share of goods along the way).

Get that clicking finger stretched and ready because each one of the picks on this list is a bonafide winner.


This mini magnetic box cutter with a ceramic blade

“This mini cutter is a must-have for opening packages. It's a major upgrade to using my keys or grabbing a knife from the kitchen. It takes up little space, and I love that it's magnetic so I can keep it accessible but out of reach from little hands.” — Ileana Morales Valentine


These heavy-duty scissors that make quick work of kitchen jobs

“These are really sharp scissors that are strong enough to cut through chicken bones — easily — and once you get a pair for your kitchen you'll discover just how useful they are. I love these particular scissors because they are comfortable to hold, super durable, and work really well at cutting up just about anything when cooking.” — Ileana Morales Valentine


This versatile spatula that gets it right

“Yes, this spatula is great for lifting fish out of a pan but don't let the name fool you — I use it for so much more. Flipping pancakes, burgers, you name it. The shape, the long slots, and the slight flexibility of the steel make it the superior tool for lifting food out of a pan. There are cheaper options out there, but this one is the best I've tried; I use it constantly and it looks like new. Actually, I've been meaning to order a second one because I hate to have to use another turner if this one is dirty.” — Ileana Morales Valentine


The microwave popper that makes it easy to customize your popcorn

“Popcorn has become my go-to snack since I've gotten this silicone popcorn maker. You add all your own toppings, so you have so much more freedom to be creative. Plus, it works as well as those single-use bags with so much less waste.” — Jen Fiegel


A label maker to organize all your supplies

“Consistent jars and labels made with this label maker have made my once-chaotic kitchen cabinets so much nicer to look at and easier to navigate.” — Jen Fiegel


A puzzle toy that keeps cats so entertained

“My cat is older and can be uninterested in play, but she's obsessed with this toy. She even leads me to it first thing in the mornings to drop dry food in for her to start hunting.” — Jen Fiegel


This pair of silicone spatulas that are kitchen MVPs

“Perfect for cookies, omelets, and literally anything that you're cooking on your stovetop, this set of spatulas gets used at least once a day. I love the amount of control they give, and the fact that they're easy to wash and store. I never knew a set of spatulas could make me so happy, but here we are.” — Karen Belz


These strong adhesive hooks that look chic

“For months, I lamented over how there wasn't a good way to hang hand towels in the bathroom. Then I stumbled across these game-changing, self-adhesive hooks. Not only have these given my bathroom the quick makeover it needed, but they've also been handy to hang bags and purses in my living room. They're surprisingly strong and I'd literally put them in every room if I could.” — Karen Belz


A lid organizer that tames food storage cabinet chaos

“Having to sort through container lids was a frustrating problem that I thought had no practical solution for — until I found this. With this organizer, I never get anxious over having dinner leftovers. It seems silly, but this little gadget has saved a considerable amount of time throughout the year, and my only regret is not buying it sooner.” — Karen Belz


These stickers that block annoying appliance lights

“Finally! A truly dark bedroom. These stickers are easy to use, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be doubled for super bright lights from devices and outlets.” — Lauren Beach


A fun board game for wholesome nights in

“This deceptively simple game is like tic tac toe taken to an entirely different level. It's been a hit with friends and family of all ages this year and requires way more strategy than you'd think.” — Lauren Beach


These pan scrapers that make cleaning cast iron & more so easy

“We've saved so much time scrubbing pans with these handy scrapers. They let you (easily) scrape off most of the baked-on gunk, saving money on sponges too. They're worth every penny.” — Lauren Beach


This rotating utensil holder that tidies up the kitchen

“I had a tiny wire utensil crock that was constantly overflowing with tongs and having spatulas poke out the bottom. In a moment of frustration, I ordered this extra-large utensil crock, and I'm obsessed with it. Not only is it wide enough to fit my large collection of cookware, but I love the dividers that allow me to keep less-used utensils away from my everyday essentials. The rotation is a nice add-on to help me more quickly find my go-to spoons.” — Carolyn Menyes


These reusable K-Cup pods that let you use your favorite coffee

“I don't drink a ton of coffee, so single-use K-Cups typically work fine for me, but when I was on vacation, I found a special blend of grounds that I wanted to use, and the bagged coffee was much cheaper than the K-Cups. So, I picked up a bag of coffee and added these reusable K-Cups to my cart. They're super easy to use — no need to remove any part of my Keurig, which is something I had to do with other reusable K-Cups. These little stainless steel and plastic guys also clean super easily; all I need to do is rinse them off.” — Carolyn Menyes


A big pack of handy eraser sponges that clean all kinds of surfaces

“The counters in my apartment's kitchen are an annoying shade of bright white that easily stains, so these melamine sponges have been a godsend. Just some water and a little elbow grease, and sticky spill or old stain is lifted from my counter with ease. I love that these are trimmable so I can clean small spaces without wasting any sponge. Best of all, they're super versatile. I also use these to clean my walls, tub, sink, oven, and even my chunky white sneakers.” — Carolyn Menyes


These pimple patches that work so well

“I never get hormonal pimples. I mean, I DO, but I don't — because the minute I feel one coming on, I cover it with this transparent pimple patch and it's gone by the morning. They're a must-have.” — Lisa Fogarty


A set of affordable cotton napkins that look fancy

“When I feel like throwing a fancy dinner party, I pull out these beautiful napkins, which come in so many designs, and there are always one or two guests who ask where I got them. The best part: they clean up beautifully in the washing machine.” — Lisa Fogarty


The versatile cleaner that smells super fresh

versatile cleaner that smelsl super fresh“The Pink Stuff is my new favorite cleaner because it can be used everywhere — from stovetops and bathroom tile to bedrooms — and it gets everything sparkling clean but doesn't smell like a typical cleaner. It leaves a fresh scent that makes you look forward to using it.” — Lisa Fogarty


A body brush set to exfoliate & energize face & body

“Dry brushing before my morning shower has become a favorite ritual of mine. It exfoliates the skin but also leaves you feeling energized from head to toe. This brush has a nice long handle for the hard-to-reach spots and the set also comes with a small brush for the face.” — Kate Miller


This chic coffee canister with an airtight seal

“Once you start grinding your own beans, there's no turning back. This sleek canister from Fellow is great for storing coffee beans — it has an airtight seal and looks nice sitting out on my counter.” — Kate Miller


This lightweight glass water bottle that’s sturdy & dishwasher safe

“Along with phone, keys, and wallet, this is one of those items I don't leave the house without. It's lightweight, fairly drop-proof thanks to the silicone sleeve (and I've tested this a few times), and dishwasher-safe. Plus, it fits easily in my car's cupholder.” — Kate Miller


This multi-item charging station that streamlines the nightstand

“After purchasing an Apple Watch, I quickly became overwhelmed by all the messy cords taking over my nightstand. This 3-in-1 charging station turned out the be the perfect solution. I'm thrilled with how well it works and how fast it charges my devices. Now I can charge my iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at the same time using only one cable that plugs into the wall.” — Mallory Moreno


These sleek floating shelves that clear up counter space

“My bathroom got a mini makeover when I installed these floating shelves. They cleared up so much counter space for a much cleaner look and feel. I especially love the sturdy metal frame and wood board these shelves are made of — for appearance and functionality purposes. The hanging towel rack is also a nice touch.” — Mallory Moreno


A set of blue light-blocking glasses that help reduce screen strain

“If you work from a laptop or stare at screens all day, you need these blue light-blocking glasses. They have been a lifesaver for me. I've noticed fewer headaches when I wear these consistently throughout the day. They feel super lightweight — sometimes I forget I even have them on! They're also pretty fashionable and come in a wide assortment of styles.” — Mallory Moreno


The travel kettle that lets you take coffee & food prep into your own hands

“It's geeky but true: This little travel kettle was hands down one of my most game-changing purchases of the year. When I travel, I like to be able to heat up water for tea or oatmeal in the morning, and this does the trick. The design of this thing is pretty genius. When it's all folded up, it barely takes up any room in my suitcase. Also, it is dual voltage, heats water up fast, and is easy to wash out when I'm done.” — Danielle Kraese


A marked water bottle that makes staying hydrated simple

“I bought this as a holiday gift for my sister but decided to treat myself to one too, since I'd been wanting to try a time marker water bottle for a while. I am so impressed with the quality. The wide-mouth design makes it really easy to fill and clean, and I love that it comes with a second lid. It also just feels satisfying to use and has made staying hydrated feel less like a chore. 10/10, no notes.” — Danielle Kraese


A big doormat that’s ideal for low-clearance doors

“I needed a super thin mat to go in front of a low-clearance door. I was fully expecting to have to return this because nothing else I tried was thin enough, but this really lives up to its promises. The material is so soft and cozy, and the mat still looks like new even after a couple of cycles through the washer machine. So glad I found this!” — Danielle Kraese


The reusable fur remover that is super effective

“As the cohabitant of the furriest cat ever, the ChomChom has revolutionized my tidying. It makes quick work of de-furring my velvet couch, and I even use it on the carpet for fast cleanup (as well as to make things easier on my vacuum). I was shocked by how easy and effective it is — being reusable is an added bonus.” — Cassandra Seale


An affordable laptop stand for a more ergonomic workplace

“This is a convenient little laptop stand that makes my dining table ‘office’ a lot more ergonomic (I use an external keyboard and mouse too). It's simple and I love the wood as it complements my decor more than a metal style would. It also comes with a little phone stand that is adorable and puts the phone at an easier glancing level so I don't have to hunch over to see notifications.” — Cassandra Seale


This smart cat ball that rolls & bounces on its own

“For the many times I can't play with my cat as often as she'd like, this robot ball is surprisingly fun. It has several different, organic-feeling movement patterns that make it seem sort of alive, and keeps my cat occupied for hours on end. It charges up quickly with a USB and has become a go-to toy.” — Cassandra Seale


A quality aloe plant that livens up the home

“I once believed that there was a limit to what it was possible to buy on Amazon, but this real, live (!) aloe plant proved me otherwise. It arrived carefully packaged, with nary a leaf bent or soil spilled, and it came ready to display in a chic, neutral planter. It also happens to be the only plant I’ve kept alive for more than three months — I haven’t even needed to replace the soil — which I’d like to think is as much a testament to the quality of the plant I received as the hardiness of the species.” — Caroline Goldstein


This set of packing cubes that makes traveling simpler

“I’m upset that I spent the last two decades of my traveling life without packing cubes, but at least I discovered them now. They’re a game-changer for organizing and compressing clothes to fit into carry-ons, especially for overpackers like me, and it makes the tedious process of unpacking (both at the destination and at home) so much simpler. I particularly like that this set comes with a laundry bag, plus a special bag for shoes.” — Caroline Goldstein


These gold under-eye masks that brighten & refresh

“These are the only under-eye masks I’ve tried that actually do what they promise: They visibly depuff, rejuvenate, and tighten the skin around tired eyes, and noticeably brighten up my chronic dark circles. Each pair is individually packaged, so I always stash a few in my makeup bag when I travel — they come in particularly handy for jet lag or wedding weekends — plus a few extras for friends, family, or my boyfriend, who will all inevitably ask to try them, too.” — Caroline Goldstein


A handy surge protector with multiple outlets & USB slots

“I recently moved into an older apartment with very few outlets, and this surge protector and extender has come in so handy with six outlets, two USB ports, and a phone holder on top. With it by my couch, I can charge everything I need to, as well as plug in lamps and decorate lights.” — Kelsey Lawrence


These over-the-door organizers that tidy up spices & supplies

“As a lover of tiny things, whether beauty products or random odds ‘n’ ends procured at flea markets for future craft purposes, these over-the-door pantry organizers have been huge for keeping all of my figurines, beads, nail polishes, etc organized yet visible.” — Kelsey Lawrence


These mop slippers that are fun & effective

“So I can never quite get those wet mop pads to stay on the mop — I feel like there’s some big secret I’m missing out on — which is part of why I love these mop slippers that let you have more control over how and where you clean. I end up bending down so often to scrub, as well as mostly using the mop pads with my feet, that it just makes sense to use these sock-like mop slippers. They pick up debris easily, and you can dance (carefully!) as you mop.” — Kelsey Lawrence


The ultimate international plug adapter

“This thing is freaking brilliant: Meet the last international adapter you’ll ever need. One little cube hides four extendable plugs that are compatible with outlets in more than 150 countries — both input and output — so that, no matter where you go or which nation you buy gadgets in, they’re all guaranteed to work together. (Genius, right?)

You’ve also got four USB-C ‘smart ports’ that can adjust their amps depending on device needs, letting you charge your tech while leaving the main outlet free. (You may need a voltage converter, though, depending on the appliance.) I’ve used it with the US, UK, and EU plugs, and it performed admirably every single time. If you’re even thinking about international travel, you need this.” — Scarlett James


A set of rustproof shower shelves that are super sturdy

“I have a metric ton of shower products and buy them in bulk, so I was incredibly skeptical that these adhesive shelves would even work in my bathroom, where I’d be mounting them onto uneven tile and overloading them with an absurd number of oversized products. (Everything the instructions tell you not to do, in other words.)

Despite going rogue, I’m both thrilled and relieved to report they’ve held up so incredibly well. They’re truly rustproof and waterproof despite my lengthy boiling-hot showers, and still just as sturdy as the day I stuck them to the wall. The four included hooks are also brilliant for hanging up loofahs and razors to keep them dry between use. I’m honestly thinking about getting another set.” — Scarlett James


These heavy-duty silicone oven mitts that are easy to clean

“These uber-mitts will make meal prep a breeze. Unlike traditional cloth oven mitts, they feature a silicone shell that gives them sticky Spiderman grip on hot pans and makes them totally waterproof so you don’t have to worry about boiling pasta water soaking through if you splash a little.

Inside, though, they’re lined with thick quilted cotton padding for comfort and skin-friendly heat protection. Since the cotton’s on the inside, they’re also stain-resistant, easier to clean, and won’t get charred over time. You’ll wonder how you ever grilled without them.” — Scarlett James


An adjustable memory foam pillow with tons of fans

“I’ve been trying to transition away from feather pillows (allergies!) and while I had low expectations for a pillow at this price point, I was very pleasantly surprised. It comes with plenty of shredded memory foam if you like a high loft, but I removed a fair bit to make it flatter. It bunches up just right for neck support and the quilted bamboo cover is mega-soft. And the quality is just there — it’s easy to see why it’s earned a 4.6-star overall rating after 15,000 reviews.” — Anna Anderson


An affordable mini heater that’s perfect for the desktop

“I was on about a one-week wait time for my furnace to be repaired and bought this mini personal heater to tide me over in the fall. At less than the price of brunch, I figured I couldn’t go wrong and it definitely stood up to the task — and I still use it even though my regular heat is up and running. At about 6 by 6 inches, it’s small enough to sit on my desk and is perfect for up-close heating.

The design is no-nonsense — a simple on/off switch operates it — but it’s just right for staying warm on those cool but not frigid days. If you work in an office or live with someone who likes to keep the heat low, this is a must.” — Anna Anderson


These big storage bags that neatly store bulky items

“I had extra blankets piled up in my laundry basket inside my closet, and they were just spilling out over everything, and it was so annoying. No idea why it took me so long to find a solution, but these storage bags are it. Cheap and simple, they contain the bulky blankets so I can store them neatly on a closet shelf. The handles make them easy to maneuver and the clear windows let you see exactly what’s inside.” — Anna Anderson


A pet odor remover that works on the toughest cat messes

“I moved into a new apartment and much to my chagrin, realized the previous tenant’s cat had been spraying in the coat closet — not a smell that’s easy to get rid of. This pet stain and odor eliminator pretty much did the trick. It took several applications but I can finally invite people over without having to apologize and explain that it wasn’t my (precious and obviously perfect) cat who was responsible for the odor.” — Anna Anderson


These hand towels that look nice at a budget-friendly price

“I love the natural look and perfectly imperfect weave of these hand towels — reminds me of a set you’d come across in a fancy boutique but at a fraction of the cost. The hand feel is super soft, and the 100% cotton construction is absorbent but dries quickly. If you’re looking for towels that say “understated luxury,” these are a great buy.” — Anna Anderson


An easy-to-install door stopper that lets the cat in & out

“My apartment is small and there isn't much room for the litter box, so I keep it in my tiny front closet. I don't like to have the door wide open all the time, and this stopper is perfect for holding it open just enough so that my cat can enter and exit the space comfortably. It's also easy to install, thanks to the included adhesive.” — Amanda Fama


These soap dishes that prevent soap from getting soggy

“These soap savers are perfect for tidying up the area around your sink. They help keep my bar of soap elevated and dry to prevent puddles and sogginess — and since they arrive with three colors per pack, you can decide which shade matches your decor. Plus, the design helps excess water drip into the sink.” — Amanda Fama


These clear couch shields that protect from cat claws

“My cat loves to scratch my brand new couch, but these adhesive protectors really help deter him from doing so. They're clear and barely noticeable, and they're simple to stick onto your couch wherever you need to. Genius, really.” — Amanda Fama


These dishwasher-safe food storage containers that nest inside each other

“I'm obsessed with these nesting food storage containers that come in four different sizes and are so easy to store. I use them for all kinds of meal prep, and they're even dishwasher-safe. Genius!” — Amy Biggart


A budget-friendly electric toothbrush that’s dentist-recommended

“I bought this electric toothbrush after my dentist recommended it and it has changed my gum health so much. Honestly I've tried more expensive electric toothbrushes but this is the best one I've found.” — Amy Biggart


The quality little notebook for jotting thoughts on the go

“It sounds simple, but this notebook is perfect for jotting down to-do lists and journaling. I love that it's dotted instead of lined, which gives me a lot of flexibility with how I use it. The pages are thick enough that pen doesn't bleed through and it's super high quality. The best notebook I've ever owned.” — Amy Biggart

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