35 problems you worry about around your house that you didn't realize can be fixed for under $35

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Whether you rent or own your home, it can seem like there are always at least a few problems that need fixing. Sometimes those problems are small, like having pet hair stuck on your furniture — whereas other days you’re worried that your HVAC is broken because you can’t feel the AC pumping. Luckily, there are tons of helpful products on Amazon that can help fix problems of all shapes and sizes, and each one I’ve featured below costs less than $35.

Take all that pet hair as an example. If it’s stuck on your furniture, you can use the slicker brush I’ve included to scrape it off. Or, if you have tumbleweeds of pet hair floating across your floors, there are also reusable mop pads that you can use to clean around your home — just toss them right into the wash when you’re done. And as for what to do about that finicky HVAC unit? You’ll just have to keep scrolling to find out. And don’t worry — the fix we have in mind is way more affordable than calling for professional help.


Problem: Not having mop pads when you need them

Solution: Making the switch to these reusable microfiber ones

One of the biggest problems with disposable mop pads is that if you don’t remember to buy any, you won’t be able to mop your floors. Enter: these microfiber mop pads that you can use over and over. In fact, you can use them wet or dry, as the microfiber latches onto dirt and dust without letting go until you shake it out over the trash. Plus, they’re even machine washable.


Problem: Running out of water bottles

Solution: Upgrading to these reusable bottles that you can keep refilling

If you’re still wasting money on disposable plastic water bottles, now’s your chance to upgrade to these sleek reusable bottles. The walls of each are made from tough stainless steel that won’t shatter if dropped, while the insulated walls help keep cold drinks deliciously chilled. The best part? They both even come with a leakproof lid.


Problem: Having pet hair all over your furniture

Solution: Using this slicker brush to keep shedding to a minimum

There’s nothing wrong with having pet hair in your home, but if you’d like to clean things up a bit? I’m a big fan when it comes to this slicker brush. Dozens of tiny bristles gently latch onto pet hair, therefore helping to prevent shedding. Once you’re done brushing, simply press the button on the handle to retract the bristles, making it easy to peel away and dispose of all the collected hair.


Problem: Being unprepared during a power outage

Solution: Keeping these mini flashlights on hand — just in case

Even if your power isn’t in the habit of going out, it’s still a good idea to keep these miniature flashlights on hand. They’re a solid addition to any emergency preparedness kit, as the ultra-bright LED bulb casts a wide beam that makes it easy to see in the dark. They’re also water-resistant, durable enough to handle a 10-foot drop, and come with batteries included.


Problem: Moths infiltrating your pantry

Solution: Putting these inconspicuous traps out

Not only do these moth traps blend into their surroundings so that guests will hardly notice they’re in your pantry, but each one also relies on natural pheromones to attract and trap moths — no harsh chemicals within sight. And since each one can last for up to three months, you won’t be stuck having to constantly buy replacements.


Problem: Your leftovers going bad too quickly

Solution: Storing them inside of these airtight containers

Store your leftovers inside of these BPA-free food containers, and their airtight lids can help keep them tasting fresher for longer. They’re also leakproof, making them great for packing lunches — and the oven-safe borosilicate glass can even handle temperatures up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.


Problem: Losing batteries & buying new ones

Solution: Keeping them inside this helpful organizer

You know you have a pack of AA batteries — or at least, you think you do. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of which batteries you have, consider storing them inside of this organizer. There’s space for up to 93 batteries, with slots for AAA, AA, 9-volt, C, and D batteries. Plus, the transparent cover makes it easy to see where everything is.


Problem: People leaving the lights on

Solution: Installing these motion-sensor light bars that turn off when no one is around

Luckily, these LED light bars feature built-in motion sensors that automatically turn them off when no one is around. And since each one runs using three AA batteries (which are not included), there’s no need for any complicated wiring during installation.


Problem: Pet kibble all over your kitchen floor

Solution: Feeding your pet with this bowl that shouldn’t shift around

With its nonslip silicone base, this food bowl makes it harder for your pet to scatter kibble all over your floors, saving you time and stress when it comes to cleaning up. It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel, with a brushed exterior that helps hide dirt so that you won’t have to clean it too often. Choose from three colors: black, blue, or gray.


Problem: Constantly running out of candle lighters

Solution: Upgrading to this rechargeable lighter

Unlike the flame lighters you’ve probably been using, this rechargeable one generates a plasma arc that can also be used to light candles, grills, and more. The arc is also completely windproof, and the battery only needs about an hour to completely recharge from empty. Choose from two colors: black or white.


Problem: Someone spilling red wine on your couch

Solution: Spraying this potent stain remover that can handle almost anything

Red wine, chocolate, tomato sauce — this stain remover is so potent that it can handle all of them and more. It’s safe to use on nearly any type of fabric or upholstery, as the formula is made without any peroxides, chlorine, or parabens. Simply spray it on the stain, give it some light blotting, then watch as it disappears after a quick rinse.


Problem: Not having chargers for everyone’s phones

Solution: Covering all the bases with this charging station

The USB charging bricks in my home are constantly on the move, and no one ever puts them back where they found them. Thankfully, this charging station can be placed in a convenient spot for everyone to access, and even comes with four shortened lightning cables. Plus, the quick-charge USB ports help power up your devices fast.


Problem: Accidentally undercooking or overcooking your meat

Solution: Using this thermometer to see if it’s cooked through

This meat thermometer features a helpful temperature guide printed right on the handle, so there’s no need to memorize cooking temps. It also has a backlit LCD screen for when you’re grilling at night, all while a water-resistant body allows you to safely rinse it off in the sink.


Problem: Not knowing where an unwanted odor is coming from

Solution: Using this UV flashlight to help view it

If you can’t figure out where that unwanted odor is coming from, try shining this UV flashlight around. It’ll help illuminate pet stains that are invisible to the human eye, making it easy to spray them clean using the brand’s stain remover.


Problem: Seasonal clothes cluttering up your closets

Solution: Compressing them down inside of these vacuum storage bags

Seasonal clothes and blankets can take up a ton of space in your closets, so why not compress them down flat inside of these vacuum storage bags? The puncture-resistant plastic helps protect your items from damage — and each order even comes with a travel pump so that you can use them when packing for vacation.


Problem: Your rugs shifting out of place

Solution: Putting down this easy-to-install gripper pad

There’s no adhesive or tape necessary when it comes to this gripper pad: Simply place it underneath any rug, and its grippy surface will help keep them from shifting out of place. You can also trim it to fit your rugs as needed, and its checkerboard design allows air to circulate through to help prevent unwanted odors.


Problem: Having a door that doesn’t lock

Solution: Using this portable lock to help upgrade your security

This portable door lock can help make sure that you aren’t disturbed when you don’t want to be. Once popped into your door, no one should be able to open it — even if they have a key. It’s also made from tough stainless steel and is “easy to use,” according to many reviewers who’ve tried it.


Problem: Knocking your doorknob into the wall by accident

Solution: Adhering these wall shields that help absorb the impact

If your home didn’t come with door stoppers on the bottoms of your walls, you can use these shields to help protect your walls from doorknob damage. They’re made from clear silicone, allowing them to blend into your walls so that they’re hardly noticeable. Plus, the adhesive backing makes for stress-free installation.


Problem: The AC leaking out through drafty doors

Solution: Sealing them up with this draft stopper

Simply peel off the adhesive backing, then press this draft stopper into place at the base of your door to seal up that drafty gap. One size is made to fit all, as you can easily trim it using a pair of scissors if needed. Plus, it even comes in six wood-friendly colors to help it blend in seamlessly: white, transparent, brown, dark black, or grey.


Problem: Produce going bad before you can eat it

Solution: Storing greens inside of these produce-saving containers

These containers are designed with filters that help keep greens fresh by regulating the flow of oxygen inside. The filters should last a lifetime, so there’s no need to buy replacements — and the slats on the bottom help keep your greens lifted away from any moisture that might build up.


Problem: Not having shades & wanting more privacy

Solution: Covering your windows with this privacy film

This customizable privacy film helps prevent people from being able to peek into your home, yet still allows light to shine through so that you aren’t left walking around in the dark. Plus, it can even help insulate your home against the sun’s warming UV rays and has over 19,000 five-star ratings.


Problem: Guests having trouble figuring out which house is yours

Solution: Displaying these house numbers with a helpful LED light

Even with the most precise GPS at your side, finding the right house in the dark can be challenging. Not only do these house numbers feature a helpful LED light so that they’re easy to read at night, but the built-in daylight sensor also prevents them from turning on when it’s still light out. They’re also waterproof and don’t require any complicated wiring, as the solar panel on the top keeps them working throughout the night.


Problem: Having a mysteriously-damp basement

Solution: Using these sensors to help detect when water is leaking

If your basement always seems mysteriously damp, I suggest using these sensors to help figure out when and where the water is coming from. They’ll let out a loud alarm when water is detected, making it easier to figure out why your basement is so moist — and each order includes double-sided adhesive so that they’re easy to install practically anywhere.


Problem: Your AC breaking or not working properly

Solution: Displaying this monitor to track temperature changes in your home

If you aren’t sure if your AC is working, try tracking temperature changes using this monitor. It updates its readings every 10 seconds, giving you the most up-to-date information possible — and it only needs one AAA battery (which is included) to operate.


Problem: Your toilet getting really, really clogged

Solution: Using this plunger that dives deeper into your pipes

When a regular plunger won’t get the job done, this cone-shaped plunger might just be what you need to unclog your toilet. The pointed head reaches deeper into your pipes, helping break up stubborn clogs without any harsh chemicals needed. Plus, each order includes a caddy to keep it hidden from sight when not in use.


Problem: Having a clogged drain, too

Solution: Unclogging the drain with this pack of removers that costs less than $10

A visit from the plumber can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas these clog removers are available for less than $10. Teeth running along the shaft latch onto all sorts of hair and grime, making it easy to yank out clogs without any professional help. They’re also durable enough to be washed and reused. Plus, each order includes two snake grabbers you can use to retrieve any small items that have fallen down the drain.


Problem: Having rips in your leather sofa

Solution: Using this leather repair kit to seal those rips shut

Instead of buying a completely new sofa once yours has started to rip, why not use this leather repair kit to fix the damage? Simply blend the colors until they match your leather, apply the backing fabric, then paint over it to hide the patch. Use it on genuine leather, leatherette, and more.


Problem: Losing your keys when you’re in a rush

Solution: Looping this tile onto your lanyard

Trying to figure out where you put your keys can be incredibly stressful when you’re in a rush — that’s why I always like to recommend putting this tile on your lanyard. The next time it goes missing, you can use the downloadable app to have the tile let out a loud ring, making it easy to find. Or, if you lose your phone, you can also press the tile so that your phone starts to ring — even if it’s in silent mode.


Problem: Snacks going stale before you can finish them

Solution: Sealing your snack bags shut with these mini sealers

Rolling up your snack bags does an okay job at keeping them fresh — but if you want to help prevent them from going stale, try using these miniature bag sealers. They’re safe to use on various types of bags, including ones made from PVC. Plus, there’s even a slicer built into the side to help you open your bags when you’re in the mood for a snack.


Problem: Dog paws tracking dirt throughout your home

Solution: Giving them a good clean with this paw washer before they come inside

Keep this paw washer by the door, and it’ll always be conveniently within reach whenever your dog’s paws are looking a little too dirty. Simply add a little water, insert a paw, then twist — the soft silicone bristles will gently scrub away dirt without any extra soap needed. Choose from three sizes, as well as six colors.


Problem: Having leftover holes in your walls from decor

Solution: Covering small holes with this easy-to-use putty

Whether you’re trying to get your security deposit back or simply making small fixes around your home, this putty is a solid pick. Simply squeeze it into the hole, smooth it over, then give it some light sanding to flatten out any bumps. It shouldn’t shrink, crack, or sag over time, nor will it create any flashing underneath the paint.


Problem: Sliced ingredients going bad before you’re able to finish them

Solution: Keeping them fresh with help from these food huggers

Tomatoes, onions, open cans — these food huggers can help keep all of them fresher. They stretch to fit around most fruits and vegetables, creating an airtight seal to help keep them fresher for longer. And since they’re made from tough silicone, there’s very little chance that you’ll accidentally create tears when stretching them.


Problem: Your AC not working on warm days & nights

Solution: Staying cool with help from this desk fan

It can take a few days before a repairman is able to come out and look at your AC unit, so why not stay cool with help from this fan? It’s the perfect size for desks or nightstands and features a tilting head to help you direct the cooling airflow where you need it. Plus, the windspeed is adjustable up to three levels.


Problem: The power going out & not having light

Solution: Charging these lightbulbs that last for hours

Keep these light bulbs charged, and they’ll always be ready to go whenever the power goes out. They can last for up to five hours before you need to plug them in again — and the versatile bases are designed to fit into most lamps. One reviewer wrote, “During a storm, we lost power for a day and these bulbs were a lifesaver!” They continued, “Very bright and able to hang up to light a room.”


Problem: Leaving the fridge door open by accident

Solution: Installing this alarm that notifies you when it isn’t closed

This fridge door alarm has two parts — one for your fridge and one for your fridge’s door — and it’s designed to sound when the door has been left open. There are various alarm modes that will chime depending on how long the door has been left unlatched, and it’s available in three colors: black, gray, and white.

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