40 cheap ways to make your home look a LOT better

Elevate your space instantly — and affordably.

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You don’t need to spend a ton of money to make your home look better, and these 40 amazing products are here to prove it. Add style, comfort, and convenience without breaking the bank with some of our favorite finds that have the reviewer stamp of approval.

In this roundup, you’ll find a set of cabinet pulls that’ll transform your kitchen alongside under-$50 sconces that look like high-end designer lighting. They’re all surprisingly affordable but make a big impact on the look of your home — keep scrolling for all the ways to elevate your space.


These Puck Lights That Don’t Require Spending Money On An Electrician

Instead of paying for expensive electrical work to give your kitchen an upgrade with under-cabinet lighting, install these battery-operated puck lights yourself. And when we say install, we mean just stick them on using the provided adhesive tape. The LED lights give off a warm white glow and turn on and off when you tap the lens. Each light uses three batteries and can run for up to 100 hours. For less than $20, these puck lights will make your kitchen look a LOT better with minimal effort on your part.


A Grout Pen That Restores Tile Without You Needing To Replace It

If your tiled floor is looking a little worse for wear, instead of doing an expensive renovation, use this magical grout pen and see the difference it makes. To use it, just wash and dry the grouted tile, shake the pen and begin using it on the grout by pressing it down until the color is released. Once done, wipe off the excess, then let it sit and cure for up to six hours until fully dry before wetting the surface. The pen is available in a narrow and wide tip version and for $9, it’s a seriously cheap update that’ll make a huge difference.


These Acrylic Shelf Dividers That Make Organization Look Chic

Make your closet shelves look like they belong in an upscale department store with these acrylic dividers. They easily attach to a shelf and have rounded corners so as not to cause any scratching, and they allow you to stack linens and clothing without the piles falling over or getting messy. The acrylic looks stylish and is durable, and makes for such a multi-purpose organizational tool — use these in your closet to separate shoes and bags, in a kitchen cabinet to neatly hold dish towels or in a china cabinet to keep dishes in place. You can adjust the organizers by shifting them from side to side and gently slide them out to remove them.


A Pleated Shade That Helps Lower Utility Bills

Block out natural light and create more privacy in your home using these highly-rated pleated paper shades. The best part? No tools are required for installation. The top is lined with an adhesive that lets you press it right into place. Many reviewers wrote about how it’s “easy to install,” and you can also trim it to fit smaller windows as needed.


These Refridgerator Mats To Keep Your Shelves Clean

A clean fridge just became so much more attainable. These colorful refrigerator mats not only make the inside of your fridge look more aesthetic and lively, but they also help keep your shelves clean from leaks and spills. Made from EVA, this pack of nine mats can be cut into any size you need and reviewers attest they’re super easy to pull out and clean.


A Water Bottle Organizer To Get That Overflowing Kitchen Cabinet Under Control

Sure, staying hydrated is important, but if your kitchen cabinet is overflowing with water bottles that fall every time you open it, it’s time to fix that. Get this clear stackable water bottle organizer that can hold up to six bottles to maximize space and make your kitchen look tidy. It’s made from shatterproof plastic so it’s super durable and it can easily be cleaned with some warm soapy water. The organizer would also work well in your fridge to save space and chill drinks at the same time.


These USB-Powered Backlight Strips To Give Your TV An Affordable Upgrade

Upgrade your TV without actually buying a new one with these USB-powered backlight strips you can cut down to size to fit your TV. The lights offer 10 brightness modes to choose from and besides reducing eye strain, they also create greater contrast and make colors richer. Save yourself hundreds of dollars and turn every movie and TV show into a movie theater-worthy experience thanks to these easy to install accent lights that’ll instantly make your screen pop.


This Sleek Marble Cutting Board That’s Made To Last

Wooden cutting boards can develop cracks over time, whereas this natural granite one is sure to stay looking good after hundreds of washes. Nonslip feet on the bottom help it stay firmly in place while you’re preparing meals — and you can even use it as a stylish serving tray or cheeseboard when guests come to visit.


An Under-$30 Bidet Attachment With An Impressive 12,500 5-Star Reviews

Give your bathroom a serious update for less than $30 with this non-electric bidet attachment. It’s designed to fit any standard toilet thanks to its adjustable brackets and gives you all the benefits of a bidet without actually having to install the expensive fixture. The side attachment features a control dial that allows you to change the water pressure to your desired preference. It’s easy to install, supports good hygiene and is very affordable — sounds like you should add this clever little gadget to your cart, asap.


These Under-$10 Pillowcases That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Staying At A Luxury Hotel

Give your bed a luxurious yet affordable update with a set of these smooth and silky microfiber pillowcases. They are ultra-soft for ultimate comfort and the lightweight fabric is moisture-wicking, which keeps them cool and breathable all year round for anyone who is a hot sleeper. The pillows are wrinkle-free, stain-proof and anti-pilling for easy care and won’t fade in the wash. Choose from 12 colors and two sizes.


These Storage Bags That Are Perfect For Seasonal Items

From blankets to sweaters, these storage bags are an easy way to store all sorts of seasonal items until you need them. Reinforced handles make it easy to pull them out from underneath your bed, while a transparent top allows you to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything. Choose from three colors: black, java, or gray.


A Remote-Controlled LED Light Bar That Doesn’t Require Expensive Electrical Work

Under-cabinet lighting is a great update that adds value and a modern look to your kitchen (or any other space you use it in) but instead of paying for expensive electrical work, stick this wireless light bar under your cabinets yourself and save tons of money. It comes with a remote control that works from up to 15-feet away and allows you to set a timer and control the brightness level.


A Bamboo Organizer That Adds Space & Structure To Your Drawers

If your flatware drawer jams every time you try to open it, it may be time to clean it out and organize it and this bamboo drawer organizer will help you do just that. The $20 expandable organizer gives you the option of having seven or nine slots and has deep compartments to accommodate all your flatware. The solid dividers help keep everything in place and the bamboo looks nice and classic inside a drawer and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


These Refrigerator Organizer Bins That Keep Groceries Neat & Tidy

If you’re tired of opening your fridge to a morass of haphazardly stored items that make it difficult to find anything, these affordable refrigerator organizer bins are the answer. Made of clear plastic to easily identify contents, they come in a set of eight which include four wider bins and four slightly smaller bins. Conveniently stackable, handles on either end make them easy to pull out and retrieve that favorite soda, apple, or condiment.


A Paper Towel Holder That’s Built To Be Sturdy

Replace that old paper towel holder you’ve had for far too long with this beautiful and highly rated (as in, more than 3,000 five-star reviews) upgrade. It’s made from sturdy metal, with a chrome finish that makes it look way more expensive than $10. And unlike some holders, this one is large enough to hold rolls of nearly any size.


This Stylish Storage Ottoman That Doubles As Extra Seating

Need somewhere to stash blankets? The top of this ottoman opens up, revealing tons of space to store all sorts of items. It’s made from stylish faux leather, allowing it to mesh with nearly any decor style. And with a 250-pound weight limit, you can also use it for extra seating when guests are over.


An Adjustable Organizer That’s Perfect for Storing Kitchen Wrap

Free yourself from cluttered and hard-to-open drawers due to torn plastic wrap boxes when you use this adjustable organizer. It features movable shelves to create as little or as much height as you need and can hold up to 20 pounds. Use it to store anything from foil to plastic wrap to pantry items with nonslip feet underneath keeping it from shifting around in your cabinet.


This Pot Lid Organizer with 7 Adjustable Dividers

Create infinitely more space in cabinets when you utilize this budget-friendly pot lid organizer that comes with seven adjustable dividers. It keeps lids neatly upright so that they’re easy to grab when needed. Soft, grippy feet underneath keep the organizer safely in place and the steel dividers are coated so as to not cause any scratching.


A Shoe Rack Bench So Your Entryway Actually Feels Inviting

Place this three-tier bamboo shoe rack bench in your entryway and get rid of those shoe piles that block the door and pose a tripping hazard. The clean and simple looking bench is available in three colors to fit with your style and color scheme, and it’s easy to assemble using the included parts and tools. It’s sturdy and durable and an Amazon fave with an overall 4.7-star rating from more than 12,000 customers who say it’s well made, looks nice, and perfect for a small space.


These Affordable Food Containers That Keep Leftovers Organized

Leftovers are a smart way to save money, so why not grab these well-reviewed meal containers that also keep your fridge looking tidy? They’re made from sleek borosilicate glass, making them safe to use in the freezer, the microwave, and even the oven. And if you take your meal to work, the locking lids also provide an airtight seal that’ll prevent messy leaks inside your bag.


This High Pressure Shower Head For A $30 Bathroom Upgrade

Feel like you’re at a fancy spa every time you take a shower thanks to this high pressure shower head that’s chrome plated for a high-end look and a total steal for just $30. It has a swivel ball joint that allows you to tilt it to the perfect angle to enjoy the monsoon rain-like therapeutic water flow. The shower head is universal and connects to any standard shower arm and also comes in elegant antique brass, a funky rainbow color and six other finishes to upgrade your bathroom and make every shower super relaxing.


These Stainless Coffee Mugs That Help Your Coffee Last

Not only are these coffee mugs made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but their insulated walls can also help keep your drinks warm for hours longer than regular mugs. Each one comes with a matching lid that helps prevent spills if you ever knock them over — and you even have more than 10 fun colors to choose from, including a trendy shade of French rose.


The Glass Pitcher That Helps Keep Drinks Fresh

With a twist-lock lid that creates an airtight seal, this glass pitcher helps keep tea, milk, and more fresh inside of your fridge. It’s made from thick glass, with an integrated handle that’s unlikely to snap off — and the square base allows it to fit snugly onto most refrigerator shelves.


A Bamboo Tea Box That Helps You See The Teas You Have

Organize and store tea bags in this bamboo organizer that features 10 compartments and a framed lid with acrylic glass to make its contents visible. If you have a kitchen cabinet filled with half empty tea boxes, get this organizer and you’ll be amazed at how much valuable storage space you gain. In addition to tea bags, you can fill the compartments with sugar and honey packets, little creamers and anything else you need to make that perfect cuppa!


This Silicone Dish Mat That’s Easy To Clean

There’s no need for any heavy scrubbing when you’re cleaning this dish mat, as its silicone surface easily releases all sorts of grime when place under running water. The best part? It’s also heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can use it as a trivet for hot cookware in a pinch.


The Heavy-Duty Hangers That Save On Closet Space

With a weight capacity of up to 10 pounds, these hangers can easily hold all sorts of heavy garments without any warping or breakage. Each one is coated with soft velvet, helping keep your clothes from sliding off — and their ultra-slim frames can even help open up space on cramped closet rods.


A Stainless Steel Sink Caddy That Organizes Clutter

Looking for ways to decrease clutter around your sink? Search no further than this sink caddy designed to hold sponges, soap dispensers, dish soap, and more. It’s made from durable stainless steel that looks sleek on any countertop. Plus, it comes with a removable drip tray to prevent soap scum and water from leaking.


These Stackable Shelves That Expand Your Pantry Storage

Utilize the extra overhead space in your pantry more efficiently with these organizing shelves. Made from durable wood and metal, each shelf holds up to 33 pounds — which is more than sturdy enough for all of your spice bottles, canned goods, and cereal boxes. In this set of two, you’ll receive different-sized shelves that can be placed side by side or stacked every which way to best accommodate your cabinets or even countertop space.


This Cheap Charging Station That Allows You To Charge Up To Six Devices Simultaneously

Get rid of cables all over the place and charge all your devices neatly in this one charging station that can accommodate up to six at the same time. It’s compatible with most USB devices, from phones to watches and cameras, and has movable dividers if you need to charge a larger item like a tablet. There are LED indicators that notify you when a device is fully charged, and the energy efficient station protects against overcharge to ensure safety. Get this handy charger for under $40 and you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your desk will be from here on out.


These Rug Grippers That Make Rugs Look Better

Unlike some rug grippers that rely on sticky adhesive to stay in place, these ones use a hook-and-loop system to keep your rugs from curling up. The result? You can easily lift the rug up whenever you need to clean underneath — without having to worry about them losing any adhesion. “Used it on an area rug in a busy walking area of my home and the rug stays in place,” wrote one reviewer. “Nice that you can remove the rug to clean underneath without the worry of sticky residue coming from the adhesive.”


These Sliding Drawers For Under The Sink

Although the storage under your sink usually stays out of sight, all of that clutter can make it hard to find that exact cleaner or spray you need. Instead, use these tiered organizing drawers that conveniently slide out. “Totally transformed my tiny under-the-sink bathroom cabinet,” one shopper wrote. “Now hard-to-access products that got stuck in the back of the cabinet are not a problem anymore and it's a game changer!”


These Rust-Resistant Mixing Bowls That Nest Together To Save Space

Not only are these mixing bowls made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but they also nest together to help you save space inside your cabinets. Their wide, rolled rims make it easy to pour liquids without any drips — and the flat bases help keep them stable when you’re stirring up ingredients.


This Double-Sided Deshedding Comb That’s Way Cheaper Than Constant Grooming

Brush your pet with this double-sided comb to combat the constant shedding and lumps of hair all over your floor and couch. One side has a comb that removes all the loose hair and gently massages your pet’s coat while the other side features a deshedding blade that removes the loose undercoat hair. The tool won’t hurt your pet at all but instead helps improve blood circulation and will leave their coat nice and shiny.


This Wireless Picture Light That Looks Like It Cost Way More Than It Does

This battery-operated picture light will add so much sophistication and elegance to your room, all for the budget price of $31. Good lighting can run hundreds and even thousands of dollars, which is why this beautiful fixture is a total steal and incredible find. Reviewers totally agree, which is why it has gained over 3,000 five-star reviews. The picture light is dimmable and has a timer, and also comes in a black and silver finish.


A Wood Polish & Conditioner Reviewers Say Brings Wood Furniture Back To Life

Give new life to old, faded, and scratched wood furniture in your home with this polish and conditioner that uses beeswax to form a protective coat and restore shine. The product is made with conditioning orange oils that enhance the depth of wood grain and fight to fade. Instead of throwing out that old dresser, save money and use this polish on it and watch it come back to life. Shoppers say a little bit of it goes a long way to make items look brand new again.


This Dispenser That Keeps Plastic Bags Neatly Contained

Every kitchen has that one cabinet that’s overflowing with plastic grocery bags, so why not open up some space by transferring them into this dispenser? The wide opening in the front makes it easy to grab a bag whenever you need one, while the brushed stainless steel exterior helps keep fingerprints to a minimum. You also have two options when mounting it: use double-sided adhesive, or screws — both come included.


These Kitchen Towels That Help Cut Down On Waste

Using paper towels on spills can be incredibly wasteful, so why not make the switch to these kitchen towels? They’re made from 100% cotton, making them ultra-absorbent when it comes to cleaning up mess. And unlike some towels, these ones won’t shrink after you wash them.


This Lazy Susan That Helps Maximize Cabinet Space

If you’re running out of cabinet space, consider using this lazy Susan to open some up. Two tiers give you tons of room for everything from spices to condiments, while a raised lip around the edge works to keep everything from falling off. Plus, the stainless steel frame is even resistant to rust.


An Attachable Shelf That Creates Table Space For Under $10

You might not have to invest in an expensive side table after all. Instead, install this simple outlet shelf to create a spot for your phone while charging, keys, or even a smart speaker like the one pictured above. “Such a simple product but oh so useful!” one shopper wrote. “We use them in the bathroom and stand our Sonicare toothbrushes and chargers on them.”


These Best-Selling Organizer Bins With Adjustable Dividers

With more than 29,000 five-star ratings, these best-selling two-tiered organization baskets are the perfect solution for your storage needs. They work fantastically under sinks, inside cabinets and pantries, or even on cluttered desks. The baskets are removable and feature two adjustable dividers. There’s even room on the front to label each basket with a dry-erase marker.


A Simple & Sleek Toothbrush Holder That Drains Excess Water

Your toothbrush deserves a proper placeholder in the bathroom. This toothbrush caddy has three compartments — perfect for two brushes, toothpaste, and maybe even some floss. More impressively, the detachable water features a hole for draining excess water. Its simple and sleek design looks great in any bathroom.

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