50 Awesome Home Upgrades On Amazon That Seem Expensive But Are Actually Cheap As Hell

Top-rated products for every room in your home — all for under $30.

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If you want your home to look and feel more luxurious, you don’t have to shell out major cash to make it feel like a penthouse suite. There are a ton of awesome home upgrades on Amazon that seem expensive but are actually cheap as hell. This list contains highly rated products that’ll take your space from blah to bougie — and best of all, they can be had for less than $30 (with many costing $15 or less). With items for every room in your home from your kitchen to your bedroom and bathroom, and everything in between, soon your entire space will feel like the luxurious oasis you deserve.


These Practical Motion Sensor Lights That Also Add Ambiance

Use these motion sensor lights to illuminate dimly lit areas around your home — Amazon reviewers find them particularly useful in a pantry, closet, bathroom, or even on the stairs. The lights put out a warm white glow for added ambiance, and the motion sensor automatically detects movement up to 10 feet away. Installation is simple; use the included screws or heavy-duty adhesive tape.


A Small Tray to Tidy Up the Area Around Your Kitchen Sink

Keep the area around your kitchen sink clean and orderly with this practical draining organizer tray. It can hold several tools (like a sponge, drain stopper, scrubby brush, and more), and it features a double-layer design that allows everything to dry out quickly in order to avoid mildew — all for less than $10.


This Set of 4 Apothecary Jars for Just $10

These apothecary jars are a stylish storage solution for many different spaces — they can hold small items like paper clips or tacks in your office, hair ties or cotton pads in your bathroom, and toothpicks or candy in your kitchen. The jars are made from BPA-free, food-grade plastic that won’t shatter when dropped. And the lids are 100% bamboo with a round bead handle.


Some Transparent Bins to Get Your Refrigerator in Order

Scoop up these organizer bins to give everything a designated spot in your refrigerator. They’re made from a clear plastic material for visibility, and they each have a built-in handle that’ll allow you to pull them out easily. Amazon reviewers use these for a wide variety of items, including fruits and veggies, canned soda, condiments, and more. And because there are several sets and quantities to choose from within the listing, you’ll be able to find the right combination for your fridge.


Some Cheap Refrigerator Mats for Easier Cleanup

Spills in the fridge can be a hassle to clean up. Place these liner mats in the drawers and on the shelves to keep them protected — when messes inevitably occur, you can pull them out to wipe them clean. The liners are made from a cushiony foam material that can be trimmed to the exact dimensions needed. Choose from a colorful set that’ll stand out in your fridge or a white option that’ll blend right in.


A Versatile Rack for the Kitchen with More Than 9,000 5-Star Reviews

This multi-purpose rack serves as a drying rack over your sink, a trivet for hot pans, a spot for prep work, and more. It’s made of BPA-free, food-safe silicone, and rust-resistant stainless steel. It can support up to 70 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about it bending or warping with use. When you’re finished with the rack, it rolls up to save space in your kitchen.


This Expensive-Looking Utensil Holder That’s Less Than $15

This brushed stainless steel utensil holder screams “chef’s kitchen” — and it costs less than $15. At seven inches tall and seven across, the holder is big enough to store spatulas, ladles, whisks, and other cooking utensils. It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


These Glass Pitchers to Serve Drinks in Style

Upgrade flimsy plastic pitchers to these glass carafes. They’re great for serving juices, wine, cocktails, and more in style — pull them out for parties or use them daily to keep pre-mixed cocktails, mocktails, and coffee beverages on hand. Each pitcher has a narrow neck design for easy holding and mess-free pouring. And the set includes matching airtight lids to keep your drinks fresh for longer.


A Mini Trash Can That’s Petite Enough to Fit on Your Counters

This mini trash can is conveniently sized for the counters in your kitchen or bathroom — it’s just 6.5 inches tall and 4.7 inches across and it weighs less than a pound. Toss small items (like tissues, tea bags, cotton swabs, and food wrappers) in it throughout the day to keep your space tidy. It’s made from stylish brushed stainless steel with a swing-top lid.


A 6-Pack of Transparent Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids

Eliminate mismatched food packaging in your pantry — put everything in these storage containers instead. The organizers are made from transparent plastic, allowing you to quickly identify the contents, and you can use the included labels to create a cohesive look. Thanks to a silicone seal, the lids are completely airtight, keeping everything as fresh as the day you opened it.


These Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with 14,000+ 5-Star Reviews

With five bowls in sizes ranging from 3/4 of a quart to five quarts, you’ll constantly find yourself reaching for this stainless steel mixing set. Each of the nesting bowls has a flat bottom for stability as you mix, whisk, and stir. And the wide, flat rim makes for easy pouring. Once you’re done whipping up your culinary creation, everything can be tossed in the dishwasher.


This Wildly Soft Throw Blanket to Make Any Space Cozier

This waffle-textured blanket brings a cozy feeling to any space. It’s made from soft fleece and there are many different color options to choose from, including neutrals like charcoal and champagne, or vibrant picks like pink, spearmint, and golden yellow. It comes in several sizes in the listing, including an extra-large 108-by-90-inch option.


A 3-Pack of Cutting Boards That Won’t Slide Around

These plastic cutting boards feature a non-slip finish on the handles to prevent them from slipping and sliding as you cut up fruit, slice chicken, dice veggies, and more. The set includes three reversible boards (in small, medium, and large sizes) for all of your meal prep needs. When cooking is complete, place the cutting boards in the dishwasher without fear of them getting warped.


This 11-Piece Utensil Set to Replace Your Worn, Mismatched Tools

If your cooking utensils have seen better days, it’s time to make the upgrade to this high-quality, budget-friendly 11-piece set — included are a skimmer, soup ladle, spatula, pasta server, tongs, and whisk, as well as various turners and spoons. Each of the pieces is made from a combination of non-stick silicone (heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit) and stainless steel for durability. They’re all conveniently dishwasher-safe.


These Luxe Amber-Color Soap Dispensers with Major Spa Vibes

These amber-colored soap dispensers will add a spa-like touch to your bathroom. Each one can be filled with up to 15 ounces of your favorite soap or other products like shampoo or body wash. They’re made from a durable plastic material with a plastic pump, so they won’t shatter or crack if accidentally dropped. They’re also available in three other colors within the listing.


A Set of Stainless Steel Knives with a Protective Coating

These kitchen knives are a chef’s dream: The stainless steel blades cut effortlessly, and they have a titanium coating that won’t scratch, rust, or corrode — even when placed in the dishwasher. The set comes with six knives for specific purposes; the paring knife is perfect for peeling skin from fruits or veggies, while the santoku knife is ideal for mincing, dicing, and slicing. Choose from blue, orange, or purple options in the listing.


This Organizer to Corral All of Your Storage Container Lids

If the lids to all of your food storage containers are haphazardly tossed in a drawer or cabinet, you need this adjustable organizer in your life. It comes with five dividers that adjust the size of each compartment to accommodate different-sized lids. The built-in handle makes for easy carrying. There is also a smaller and larger model available within the listing.


These Fabric Dividers to Organize Overflowing Dresser Drawers

Organize lingerie, socks, underwear, scarves, and other small accessories in your dresser drawers with the help of these multi-cell fabric dividers. The organizers boast a 4.6-star rating overall on Amazon after 56,000-plus reviews, with one fan writing, “High quality, sturdy and they actually fit everything in my overflowing underwear/bra drawer! Life changing!”


This Cable Management Box to Minimize Cord Chaos

Cables and cords sticking out in all directions behind a computer, TV, or other devices can look messy. Luckily, this cable management box resolves the issue for less than $20. It’s large enough to stash a 12-inch power strip and multiple chargers, and when you place the faux wood cover on top, it’s like they never even existed.


A 16-Pack of Furniture Leg Covers to Protect Your Floors

Protect your floor from scuffs, scratches, and other damage by placing these leg covers (which feature smooth and soft wool felt on the bottoms) on all of your furniture. There are several color and size options available within the listing, and the flexible silicone material can adapt to fit different-shaped legs — including round and square ones — for a secure fit.


A Non-Slip Pad to Keep Your Rug From Bunching & Sliding

Rugs that slide around when you walk on them are both dangerous and an eyesore in the home. For an easy fix, place this gripper pad underneath to ensure your rug stays put — and as an added perk, it’ll make it a bit more cushiony. There are loads of size options available in the listing, and the pad is trimmable for a perfect fit.


This Fabric Hanging Organizer Reviewers Call a Perfect Solution

This hanging organizer features five fabric shelves and six mesh pockets on the side, all of which can be used for clothes and accessories. The stainless steel hooks at the top are sturdy enough to hold up to 15 pounds. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “This hanging organizer is the perfect solution for anyone looking to maximize their closet space and keep their clothes and accessories organized.” It’s also available in three other colors within the listing.


These Shower Door Seals to Keep Your Bathroom Floors Dry

These shower door seals ensure that the water stays inside your shower. Made from durable vinyl, the product can be utilized on shower doors up to 3/8 inches wide. Installation is a breeze — simply pull off the old seal and slide this one on. Push up until it clips into place (it can be trimmed with scissors if needed).


A Spoon Rest to Keep Kitchen Counters Clean

This spoon rest will look nice displayed in your kitchen, however, it serves a functional purpose, too — place spoons on it as you cook so no drips end up on your countertops. Made of heat-resistant ceramic, it’s large enough to accommodate a variety of kitchen tools, including ladles, whisks, and more. Place it in the dishwasher for cleaning.


A 6-Pack of Collapsable Fabric Storage Cubes to Tackle Clutter

Grab a set of these lightweight storage cubes to organize items ranging from clothing to toys and linens. The cubes are made from a fabric material with a sewn-in handle. They collapse down flat for compact storage and are available in several colors, including gray, black, white, and even a fun striped pattern.


This Over-The-Toilet Organizer That’s Ideal for Small Bathrooms

Take advantage of the space over your toilet by adding extra storage with this metal organizer. The shelf is made from iron — making it sturdy — and it’s sizable enough to hold numerous items like an extra roll of toilet paper, perfume or lotion bottles, cleaning supplies, or even decorative accents. Plus, it has two side hooks to hang brushes, washcloths, and more. Amazon reviewers confirm that assembly and installation are straightforward with the included adhesive strips.


These Draft Stoppers That’ll Cut Down on Energy Costs

These draft stoppers are useful in all homes — they’ll keep your space at an ideal temperature year-round (saving energy and money) — plus help with noise reduction for less than $10. The stoppers can fit on most interior and exterior doors because they can be trimmed with scissors, and the adhesive makes installation simple.


This Popular Toothbrush Holder That’s Simple to Clean

With a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon after 21,000 reviews, this toothbrush holder is a favorite on the site due to its modern design and functional storage. The three compartments can hold brushes, toothpaste, and other accessories. The holder can easily be taken apart to make cleaning simple, and the non-slip feet ensure the organizer stays firmly in place. A larger option is available in the listing for even more storage.


A Sleek Canister That Hides 3 Rolls of Toilet Paper

This sleek organizer can stash up to three rolls of toilet paper at a time. Made from durable plastic, the round canister stands on its own (so you can tuck it near or behind the toilet, depending on the available space in your bathroom), and it has a lid to keep the contents inside concealed. Choose from colors including neutrals like light gray, white, or black, and even pops of color such as navy or terracotta.


These Versatile Storage Baskets That Cost Just a Few Dollars Each

Once you buy these plastic storage baskets, you’ll wind up grabbing a few more sets because the budget-friendly price point is hard to beat, and because they’re so versatile; organize your pantry, office, living room, closet, and more. They can nest within each other between uses and the built-in handles make them easy to grab. Each bin measures 9 by 7.5 by 4 inches, and there are three neutral color options to select from.


This Compact Holder to Get Your Paper Towels Off Your Counter

This stainless steel paper towel holder is a best seller on Amazon due to its sleek design that’ll add a modern touch to your kitchen. It’s available in various finishes (including silver, gold, and black) to match your existing finishes. It can be installed in two different ways: Stick it up using adhesive tape or drill it directly into a cabinet or the wall.


A Bath Mat That Amazon Reviewers Describe As Cloud-Like

This bath mat is “so soft & cushy between your toes, [it’s] like walking in clouds!” according to one Amazon reviewer. The bath mat features a thick memory foam interior and a smooth velvety cover. And the PVC dots on the bottom prevent the mat from sliding around. Choose from various sizes and color options to match your bathroom.


A Pair of Glass Oil & Vinegar Dispensers with Airtight Lids

Forgo the clunky plastic bottle that your olive oil came in and instead precisely dispense from these stylish glass bottles. Their flip-top lids pour in a smooth, controlled manner with minimal dripping. Use the sealed caps for storage — they’re airtight to ensure your oils stay fresh and delicious.


These No-Slip Hangers with 70,000+ 5-Star Reviews

More than 81,000 people have reviewed these velvet hangers on Amazon that boast a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating. The hangers run slim (while maintaining sturdiness) to save space in your closet. And the non-slip velvet material combined with the notched shoulders ensures your clothing won’t fall off. Each hanger can support up to 10 pounds, and there are several colors and multi-packs to select from in the listing.


These Easy-Access Organizers That Maximize the Space Under Your Bed

The area under your bed can be a gold mine for storage — and these organizers are specifically designed to fit in this often under-utilized spot. Use them to stash seasonal clothing, extra linens, pillows, and more. The under-bed organizers have reinforced side handles, and are made from a breathable polypropylene material with a clear cover for visibility.


A Pack of Pillar Candles for Instant Ambiance

Candles are a low-cost way to add a warm ambiance to any room in your home — and each of the hand-poured pillar candles in this set can burn for up to 55 hours. The four-inch-tall candles are made from paraffin wax with clean-burning cotton wicks, and there are six-inch versions within the listing. They’re unscented and a variety of color options are available as well.


These Glass Food Containers with Locking Lids

This set of five food storage containers is incredibly useful. The varying sizes can serve different purposes (think: leftovers, meal prep, food storage, and more), and the durable borosilicate is dishwasher-, freezer-, microwave-, and even oven-safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The airtight locking lids ensure the contents inside stay fresh for longer.


A Bamboo Drawer Organizer That Adjusts to Fit Almost Any Drawer

This bamboo drawer organizer will take your utensil drawer from unkempt to beautifully arranged almost instantly. It features an adjustable width (from 13 to 20 inches) to fit in nearly any drawer; this expandability means you will have anywhere from three to five sections to stash your cutlery depending on how far it is expanded. The organizer is water resistant and it has non-slip grips on the bottom to ensure it stays in place.


A Double-Tier Egg Cooker for Omelets, Hard Boiled Eggs, & More

This double-tier egg cooker can be used to effortlessly cook 12 eggs at once (soft, medium, or hard-boiled). It can even poach eggs or make an omelet. The main components are dishwasher-safe for your convenience, and the entire device is so compact, it won’t take up much space in your kitchen.


These Cotton Kitchen Towels Reviewers Say Are Worth the Money

This is officially your sign to recycle your old kitchen towels to cleaning rags and replace them with these cotton ones that are durable, absorbent, and soft. One reviewer wrote that they have tons of uses including that “they are amazing for covering bread dough while it’s proofing” and that they are “so very worth the money.” The set comes with six towels (each one is 9.5 by 12 inches) and there are several colors to choose from to match the color scheme in your kitchen.


This Cold Brew Coffee Maker for Cafe-Quality Drinks at Home

Use this cold-brew coffee maker to brew four cups of your favorite morning pick-me-up with minimal hands-on time. Simply pour in coffee grounds and water, and let it sit in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours before enjoying. Made from borosilicate glass, the pitcher is highly durable and a non-slip base provides extra security. The dual silicone rings and a tight-fitting cap form an airtight seal for freshness.


This 3-Tier Organizer to Reorganize Any Room Or Cabinet

Create functional organization throughout your home with this plastic three-tier organizer — it’s ideal for spices in the pantry, beauty products in the bathroom, supplies in the office, or anywhere else you’d like to arrange a variety of items for easy viewing. Each shelf is 2.75 inches deep (and there is a grippy lining to keep your stuff from sliding off), and there are 10- and 15-inch widths to choose from. They’re available in several colors within the listing as well.


A Pair of Towel Hooks in Several Luxe Finishes

Elevate your bathroom with these stylish hooks. They’re made from solid stainless steel with a brushed gold finish (though other options like walnut wood, chrome, and black are available in the listing), and each one can support up to 50 pounds. Screws are included for installation — Amazon reviewers confirm it’s straightforward to do.


A Customizable Wireless Doorbell That Is Easy to Install

Setting up a DIY doorbell is easier than you think, and this wireless doorbell set comes with everything you need. Install the weatherproof transmitter next to your front door (using the included double-sided tape or screws), then plug the receiver into an outlet in your home. The doorbell easily pairs with the wireless receiver, and you’ll be able to customize it with 50 chime options and four volume settings. The signal range is up to 1,000 feet and the included battery lasts three years.


This Stainless Steel Turntable with a Raised Rim

This two-tier turntable spins smoothly, allowing you to reach everything with ease. It’s made from brushed stainless steel, features a non-slip base to keep it in place, and the raised rims keep items from sliding off. Amazon reviewers use this pick throughout their homes — it’s handy for short cans or spices in the kitchen, cleaning supplies in a cabinet, beauty items in a bathroom, and more.


A Set of Geometric Floating Shelves for Less Than $20

The geometric metal design of these floating shelves is positively chic and the wood base offers a touch of warmth. Each one can support up to 13 pounds — which is impressive considering its delicate-looking design. Fill them with plants, photos, and other personal touches. The set includes assembly and mounting hardware.


This Kitchen Scrubber Brush with a Built-in Soap Dispenser

This leakproof scrubber brush will speed cleaning — simply push the button to dispense soap onto the brush head (which features an antibacterial coating to fight germs) — then get to work. Use the scraper tool to remove stubborn stuck-on food. Refill the soap dispenser as needed using the twist-off cap on the bottom; replacement heads are also available in the same listing.


These Energy-Saving Blackout Curtains That Come in 27 Colors

Install these blackout curtains to block up to 99% of light in any room; they even provide insulation against extreme outdoor temperatures to save money on your energy bill. The listing has 16 different width and length options, as well as 27 colors to match your decor. This pick is also machine washable.


A Modern Holder & Dispenser for Plastic Grocery Bags

Rather than cramming plastic grocery bags into a drawer, use this sleek bag dispenser to keep them stashed but available. The wide-mouth opening on top allows you to quickly store bags while dispensing bags through an opening in the front. It’s available in a satin nickel or bronze finish and fits over most cabinet doors.


A Space-Saving Egg Holder to Streamline Your Fridge

Store up to 32 eggs in this egg holder. It’ll save space in your refrigerator — goodbye bulky plastic cartons — while also providing protection for your eggs, ensuring they don’t accidentally break. The sliding drawers allow for easy access, and multiple holders can even be stacked on top of one another.

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