Climate Crisis

just breathe

This essential mental hack fights Covid-19 lockdown blues — and climate change

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“Although it takes a lot of work and energy of a certain kind, ultimately meditation is a non-doing.”

Climate solutions

ePlane? Electric planes may come sooner than you think

New batteries are being developed, but they aren’t yet ready for aircraft.


These lab-engineered bacteria can take in solar energy and spit out clean electricity

Plus: Cyborg cockroaches.


This revolutionary new technology pulls clean fuel from the air

If all goes well, it could create sustainable energy anywhere on Earth.


Climate scientists propose 2 outlandish ways to cool the Arctic

While the region is warming faster than previously thought, we shouldn’t lose all hope.


Want more umami? This is the science-backed seasoning you need

Forget sneaking in vegetables — sneak insects into your food instead.


Study reveals how to rid some of the worst "forever chemicals" from the environment

A quick chemical reaction could do the trick for certain toxic substances, but skeptics say it isn’t an all-encompassing solution.


Need a better AC? This new design can keep both Earth and humans cool

Plus: How to (theoretically) grow food on Mars.


Scientists create fake leaves that generate a clean fuel source

All you need is sun, water, and some creativity.


Want to buy an EV? Here’s what you need to know about the Inflation Reduction Act

Opinion: At first glance, the revised EV tax credits seem like a smart move.


Will Miami exist in 2050? 4 strategies could keep U.S. coastal cities afloat

Looking into the past could hold the key to future resilience.


This genetically modified rice could transform the global food supply

Copying one key gene could help feed hundreds of millions of people worldwide facing nutritional deficiencies.


Carbon capture technology could turn trains into giant greenhouse-gas vacuums

All aboard the CO2-choo train!

Reel Science

The most epic fantasy movie on HBO Max reveals a dark truth about real life

Princess Mononoke’s story reveals a nuance of how humans treat the climate crisis.


Buildings can take inspiration from nature to become efficient — and beautiful

Plus: NASA turns its attention to dust.

Another scorcher!

Summer really is getting hotter — how to prepare and stay cool

Heat waves can be deadly — don't be caught off-guard. Here are a few simple ways you can prepare.

Global Disaster

1.8 billion people face once-in-a-century flooding, study reveals

A shocking number of people globally are at risk of floods.