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Multiversus R&D
Multiversus game character splash screen

My uncle made Multiversus and he says these characters are being added

Whole lotta leg

Watch a 14-legged cell waltz around without a brain

How cells move is a longstanding mystery — but new research has some clues.

float on

Look: A deep-sea expedition just captured these incredible views of life underwater

This week in science

New Hubble Space Telescope capture and more: Understand the world through 7 images

It's called fashion

19 images that prove Splatoon 3 is the Switch's most stylish game

The greatest victory is loving your outfit.


Watch sea sponges sneeze out stringy mucus in slow motion


Everything Goes On

League of Legends Star Guardian concept art is an emotional trip

Star Guardian is back to make you feel everything.

DC Dreams

The Sandman: 11 characters pulled from DC comics history

Not all of The Sandman’s characters were dreamed up by Neil Gaiman.

Card Story

Look: 10 essential Steam Deck verified games to play ASAP

PC gaming on the go.

Farming Fantasy

Harvestella in 13 gorgeous images: Final Fantasy meets Stardew Valley

The real magic is how good that cake looks.


Look: Chunky, prehistoric "hippo" lived before the dinosaurs

Meet Lalieudorhynchus, a distant relative of today’s mammals.

This week in science

Webb Telescope spots Cartwheel Galaxy and more: Understand the world through 8 images

Sunny Savings

10 new games to grab ASAP from the PlayStation Summer Sale 2022

Hope you saved some cash for round two.

Card Story

Heads Up! 8 glorious images of Vantage from Apex Legends

A rundown of the Sniper Savant’s abilities, lore, and more key details.


Look: 9 stunning images reveal a retired satellite's dynamic views of Earth

R.I.P Copernicus Sentinel-1B.

Paldea Pals

11 characters and monsters you’ll meet in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Meet your new Paldean neighbors.