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Out west

Westworld Season 4 trailer undoes the best part of Season 3

Should we be worried?

Reel Science

The smartest sci-fi movie on Netflix reveals a dark truth about future technology

How close are we to achieving personal relationships with artificial intelligence? An AI expert breaks down the science of the movie 'Her,' now streaming on Netflix.


Scientists just taught a robot to complete this deceptively simple task

A team of researchers successfully programmed a robot to dress a mannequin.


Scientists are tantalizingly close to cracking any ancient texts wide open

This is autofill for antiquity.

The Inverse Interview

Public Enemy's Chuck D talks Marvel vs. DC and creating his own comic

Public Enemy’s legendary frontman might have mellowed slightly in recent years, but his creative output is still reaching impressionable new minds.

Inverse Recommends

Netflix’s most underrated sci-fi movie is a gender-swapped Her

This 2022 movie puts the “AI” in “Thai cinema.”

Reel Science

The most underrated sci-fi action movie on HBO Max reveals a controversial robotics debate

I, Robot may be more relevant now than ever before.

Fast AI

AI thrashes Gran Turismo pros in promising study for driverless cars

AI, you can drive my car.

The Inverse Review

A24's After Yang is the first great sci-fi film of 2022

Elevated by Colin Farrell's aching performance, Kogonada’s second feature is another transcendent marvel of insight.

Friendly Robot Overlords

Star Trek canon just radically changed one huge starship AI rule

Discovery just flipped the script on an Original Series classic.


Can you guess these 10 video games from their AI-generated cover art?

This is what video games will look like when the machines take over.

speak up

Google’s “Project Relate” wants to transform how computers understand you

Hopefully for the better.

mummy puppy

How do you unwrap a mummy? New technique doesn't need human hands

New technology virtually unwraps mummies.


This scarily smart technology just revealed 301 new planets

Machine learning could help humanity discover more than ever.

Reel Science

The best post-apocalypse movie of 2021 reveals one vital reason we need A.I.

In Finch, Tom Hanks relies on a robot that predicts superstorms. IRL scientists are working on similar technology.


Matrix 4 poster reveals a return to one iconic location

The official poster for 'Matrix 4' is here and it is glorious. But the biggest clue to the plot of 'Resurrection' could be hiding in the film's new tagline.