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Why Microsoft thinks ChatGPT (and not the metaverse) is its future

Amidst massive cuts to AR and VR development, Microsoft is making an equally big bet on artificial intelligence.

This week in science

NASA ends Geotail mission and more: Understand the world through 7 images

Reel Science

Did Minority Report predict our current reality?

In this Tom Cruise classic, police use sophisticated tech to stop crime before it happens.

Bulletproof Nothing to Lose

Is the artificial intelligence in M3GAN a real threat?

She is titanium.

heist society

Netflix's Kaleidoscope is creating a new way to watch television

The stars of Netflix’s new heist series talk about how the show makes the viewing experience personal.

Reel Science

The best James Cameron sci-fi movie on HBO Max reveals a modern threat to society

Are Terminator 2’s killer robots inching ever closer to our lived reality?

It's Hammer Time!

An angry janitor saves the future in this new sci-fi miniseries

Marvin Mosely is a man with a mission and a mighty hammer to tackle the Tech Gods

Tree Time

Can we map every tree in the world? This novel tech could help get us there

Scientists believe deep learning is the future of tree conservation — here's why.


How new tools like DALL-E could spread misinformation online

“The continued erosion of trust has serious consequences.”


Opinion: Artemis should be the last NASA mission to send astronauts to the Moon

NASA’s Moon mission may not be the heroic endeavor it hopes for.


How a startup full of ex-iPhone talent is trying to make phones obsolete

Humane, founded by ex-Apple talent, might be working on a laser projection system to that replaces our phones and tablets

Potty physics

Farts say more about your health than you think — now, scientists are listening

Meet the S.H.A.R.T. machine, a device helping AI analyze toilet activities.


Machine learning could translate thoughts to speech in near real-time

This groundbreaking research could help people with disabilities talk again.

The Brains

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon chip brings PC-level graphics to smartphone games

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 supports Wi-Fi 7, has improved AI performance, and has dedicated AI camera processors for improved smartphone photography.


How the author of DALL-E Mini created the ultimate meme maker — and a new era for AI

“This is crazy that it works at all.”


The White House’s plan to curb racist technology is totally useless

While the document offers guidelines to address bias in machine learning, it’s not enforceable.