These Tech Backpacks Are Best for Commuters

Everything is smart these days. We have smart phones, lights, thermostats, and a whole bunch of devices that are as interesting as they are unnecessary to a satisfying existence. Smart backpacks are also a “thing” today, but until we get to a level of Levi and Google’s Jacquard -like tech into bags, they are for the most part, fairly simple. It’s not all bad, though. Take a look at some of our favorite options out there today.

TYLT Power Bag

Tylt Power BagAmazon

You may have heard the name Tylt if you’ve ever looked for a power bank or wireless charger (It’s funky VU wireless charger is one of our favorites), as that’s what it’s primarily known for. The company also creates power bags so commuters can stay juiced up on the go.

Coming in four different designs focused for use-case, Tylt covers the bases with options for Active, Executive, Lifestyle, and Traveler, capable of holding a 15-inch laptop. What makes the bag “smart” is simply the inclusion of a built-in 5,200 mAh power bank that can, “can provide up to 2 full charges to your smartphone, or 1.5 charges to a tablet” according to its description. With larger battery capacities becoming more of the norm, Tylt’s option leaves something to be desired. Still, the overall package provided by Tylt is solid enough to deserve a spot here.

Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack

Kopack Slim Business Laptop BackpackAmazon

Now, this particular isn’t much of a smart backpack until you build it, much like a desktop computer case is just a case until your throw in a motherboard, PSU, and so forth. The Kopack Slim Business Laptop backpack on its own is a good looking commuter back that’s water and tear resistant, offers ample room for storage, including an anti-theft laptop sleeve and other nifty features.

When it comes to smarts, it offers a built-in USB port so you can charge your devices. Unfortunately, for a decent backpack at this price, you shouldn’t have expected a power bank to be included, but even though you have to purchase it separately, you at least get to choose the size of the power bank you throw in it.

Available in two sizes for 15.6 and 17-inch laptops, and multiple color options, Kopack’s option is one of the better “build it yourself” smart backpacks around.

Lifepack Solar-Powered Backpack

Lifepack Solar-Powered Backpack Amazon

If you happen to live in an often sunny location or are just a super nerd who wants to stay charged up while on the go, Lifepack’s solar-powered backpack could be in order for you.

From a bag perspective, it’s your standard affair. It’s a commuter back promising comfort and storage. Hardly something to swoon over, but you get the idea. Two primary compartments for storage called “life” and “work” zones, with accommodating storage and pockets for each. However, the real standout feature is that there’s a solar-powered power bank built right into the bag, and that’s not all. Energy absorbed can be saved into power bank for later use, and the description promises up to 6 full iPhone recharges. The cherry on top is that the this “solarbank” is also a Bluetooth speaker, which is an unnecessary but welcomed addition.

Ghostek 15.6 Inch Laptop Bag

Ghostek 15.6 Inch Laptop BagAmazon

Ghostek’s offering is one of the more “thought-through” on the list, offering feature many competing portable charging backpacks lack. Capable of holding any 15.6 inch laptop and made from a water-resistant polyester, the 40-liter capacity bag is great for both school or work.

Things are a touch more interesting on the tech side of things, but not by much. Shipping with not one, not two, but three different USB ports (two inside and one external), this bag is versatile when it comes to charging your devices and lets you charge more than one at the same time on its built-in, impressively large 16,000 mAh power bank. To make things even better, said power bank even has a built-in LED indicator so you can see how much juice it has left before it needs to be recharged.

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