2018 Cooking Gifts: Holiday Gift Guide for People Who Love to Cook

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For anyone who knows anyone who loves to cook, it can seem like the cook in your life already has everything they need. But as a person who loves to cook, I can tell you the difference between handbeating egg whites to stiff peaks and doing the same thing with an electric mixer is about 10 minutes and a whole hand cramp.

So, even if you know someone who already makes the best angel food cake you’ve ever had, if they don’t have a hand mixer, it’s the essential tool to gift. Many kitchen tools and wares come from the same life priority pile as socks. They’re used constantly, but almost never upgraded or repurchased for oneself. Pot holders and dish towels get relegated to hidden drawers where they seldom get washed or re-evaluated for quality.

On this gift guide, you’ll find a delicately curated collection of perfect gifts for the person who seldom leaves their kitchen.

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