10 Gadgets to Take Your Home to the Next Level

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Having a smart home isn’t all getting the news from your washer-dryer or yelling at your fridge to make a dentist appointment; there are smaller and, dare I say it, more significant ways technology can help you life your best life. And they don’t all cost a bunch of money, either. Even a modest smart home is well within the means of most people now, and it’d be silly not to make your life easier, and your home a better place to be, with just a few small, easy upgrades.

Even the smallest smart devices can change the whole game: You can turn your AC on or off with the touch of a button on your smartphone; you can watch high-definition live TV without shelling out for cable; you can even check, from the comfort of your office, how many things the dog has peed on today. We searched Amazon for the perfect smart home gadgets for everyone from the beginner to the pro.

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