Amazon Has Some Absolutely Wild Deals Going on Right Now

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Unsplash / Fabian Grohs

It can be tricky keeping up to date with the best deals and trends on Amazon. Sometimes there’s a great sale on bedsheets, other times you have to settle for, like, five percent off a $1,000 dehumidifier that it seems like no sane person would have a use for?

There’s a lot of crap when you’re buying stuff online, is what I’m saying, so we try to make it easier to find the best, coolest things to buy every week, and we try to find the best possible prices too.

This week, our sleuthing on Amazon has unearthed a seriously cheap, powerful vacuum cleaner that will put your Dyson to shame, yet another ingenious phone charging solution, and the one knife you’ll ever need for cooking again. Yep, you only need one knife. Here are the best deals available on Amazon this week, along with why you should get excited for them.

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