Become the Boss With These Essential Entrepreneur Courses

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Unsplash / Joshua Earle

I see, conservatively, maybe 500 articles online every minute of my life about how to become your own boss. It’s an attractive prospect, but I can’t help feeling like It’s the hot new thing, since working for other people/big companies is hell on earth.

Where to even start, though? We’ve partnered with CreativeLive, a free online classes site that provides expert courses and bundles on just about any and every skill imaginable. Whether you’re looking to start your own home business from scratch or, y’know, just want to figure out how to spend a little less money every month, CreativeLive has a course that will help you wise up both professionally and financially. Let’s dig in to some of the best stuff, from how to nail your crowdfunding campaign, perfect the art of targeted advertising, and instilling some good old-fashioned confidence into your daily routine:

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