10 Crazy Conversations You'll Have in 2017

"2015 was two years ago."

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It’s almost time for new calendars, a couple weeks of accidentally writing down the wrong year, and imbibing enough alcohol in one night to ensure 2017 arrives with the same dull throb 2016 pounded into our skulls over 12 months. This new year promises to be filled with endless possibilities — and some of them might even be good instead of totally disastrous or merely ambivalent! But technology is changing so fast that some of the conversations we’ll be having in the near future would make absolutely no sense. Imagine trying to talk about Tinder to someone in 2008? Or explaining how to call an Uber to someone who’s never seen a smartphone? Either way, as our culture continues to advance, the we’ll be talking about some pretty strange things, including an unprecedented new President and some serious advances in self-driving car technology. Here are 10 conversations you’ll have in 2017 that would make absolutely no sense in 2016.

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Have you experienced this VR thing?

This was the year virtual reality became a viable source of entertainment. Countless products debuted, with everyone from Facebook to Sony introducing their own VR headsets, and companies tripped over themselves to show that VR could be used for gaming, education, and everything in between. They’ll probably build on their successes in 2017 to convince people VR is finally here.

Who do you know who has a Tesla Model 3?

People have been able to order Tesla’s next electric vehicle for a while. But little is known about the next generation car: Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the company is “anti-selling” the product and pushing customers towards existing models. The Model 3 will get another reveal in spring 2017; hopefully it will debut shortly after.

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Could you please take off your Spectacles?

The company formerly known as Snapchat released a hardware product called Spectacles in the end of the year. They record videos and stream them via the Snapchat app on demand — but don’t worry, they aren’t snitches, and people are quite literally lining up to buy them. Perhaps when 2017 rolls around more people will finally be able to buy ‘em.

Did your fridge help take down Twitter?

The Internet of Things is fun. You know what isn’t fun? Those connected devices being used to take down sites because manufacturers don’t care enough about security. The next time one of your favorite sites is taken offline, ask the Internet of Things enthusiast you know if they are to blame.

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What states don’t let people smoke pot?

More states are legalizing marijuana. This can have unintended consequences, but it’s mostly welcome news. Expect more states to follow suit, if only to get those dank tax revenues and more people to light up in 2017.

Have you played Nintendo’s latest mobile game?

Nintendo broke down and released a smartphone game, Super Mario Run, earlier this year. It’s pretty great. More important, it’s a good sign for mobile gamers, because Nintendo is likely to repeat the trick with more smartphone games in the future. Nintendo could go from ignoring phones to being one of the best mobile game makers out there.

Did you see that autonomous car yesterday?

Self-driving vehicles used to belong to the realm of science fiction. Now they’re being tested in Pittsburgh, Michigan’s encouraging more studies into them, and many companies are working to make autonomous cars a reality. You’re doubtless going to see more and more self-driving vehicles on the roads throughout 2017.

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What do you mean you lost your job to a robot?

Automatons are coming for your job. They’ll head into factories, replace truckers, and then head for other industries. The next person you see headed to the unemployment office might’ve been sent there because a robot took their job.

How many Netflix shows have you downloaded?

Remember when Netflix used to mail people DVDs? You won’t, because it has so many shows planned for 2017 that your head will spin, especially now that you can download them to your phone. That’s going to change the way you use your smartphone and will lead to some interesting conversations.

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Yeah, I’m used to the idea of President Trump.

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Right now many people are busy unfriending Trump supporters on Facebook and wondering if Trump is Vladimir Putin’s puppet. Perhaps by the end of 2017 uttering the words “President Trump” won’t leave the ashy taste of chewing on cigarette butts while the world burns in our mouths. It’s a brand new year; anything could happen.

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